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78. What this place needs is a Trump Music Thread, so I started one...
Thu Mar 29, 2018, 09:33 PM
Mar 2018

Stormy Weather and Bad Moon Rising are definitely a good start.

This is looking like two Cat5s malaise Mar 2018 #1
Three if you include hurricane Donald... gotta love karma!! And Rachel!! InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2018 #6
LOL malaise Mar 2018 #7
Maybe he should have kept a couple of those rolls of paper towels Marie Marie Mar 2018 #68
+1,000 malaise Mar 2018 #71
I'm with Malcolm Nance: madaboutharry Mar 2018 #2
Yes AwakeAtLast Mar 2018 #43
And then...... SergeStorms Mar 2018 #70
Didn't he just hire Matlock? SallyHemmings Mar 2018 #3
He also hired OJ Simpson to search for the real conspirators YessirAtsaFact Mar 2018 #36
Wish Mueller would drop an indictment or two just to stir things up. Vinca Mar 2018 #4
Also worth watching this video. BSdetect Mar 2018 #5
omg.. john bolton super pac Deb Mar 2018 #8
Sad - but they will get away with this crap! Laf.La.Dem. Mar 2018 #9
No I believe the GOP will stop protecting him FakeNoose Mar 2018 #31
Over 80% of republicans still support 45 Cosmocat Mar 2018 #57
What? jayschool2013 Mar 2018 #62
This is more than just A hurricane Mr. Ected Mar 2018 #10
...dont know why... theres no sun up in the sky... STORMY WEATHER... calimary Mar 2018 #37
Here's my favorite song to go with the pending Trump shitstorm: PatrickforO Mar 2018 #65
That's a good one, too! calimary Mar 2018 #66
Here.... pbmus Mar 2018 #79
Ahhh, those were the days... calimary Mar 2018 #83
What this place needs is a Trump Music Thread, so I started one... Hekate Mar 2018 #78
Good colorful depiction. triron Mar 2018 #48
'This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water' geardaddy Mar 2018 #53
There's a another song I think of. ChazInAz Mar 2018 #58
Edmund Fitzgerald. nt GeorgeHayduke Mar 2018 #74
And may it be a Category 5 Blow-Away-the-Shitstorm-Storm. Thoughts and prayers for Spanky. VOX Mar 2018 #11
Trump is fucked whatever way he looks at it, this will be an avalanche of shit. sunonmars Mar 2018 #12
K&R from Florida... BlueJac Mar 2018 #13
The only thing on which I disagree is her calling this administration "young." Ilsa Mar 2018 #14
my thoughts exactly orangecrush Mar 2018 #24
And some of those positions have been filled more than once. Grammy23 Mar 2018 #40
thank you yonder Mar 2018 #64
A sane man would abdicate and flee the country while he still can bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #15
I suspect that is exactly what Manafort is considering right now. calimary Mar 2018 #38
With special thanks to Warren Zevon...... raven mad Mar 2018 #45
"I went home with a waitress, like I always do" SonofDonald Mar 2018 #61
Kick! UCmeNdc Mar 2018 #16
Getting very worried... TommyCelt Mar 2018 #17
We should all be alarmist. Sometimes it is merited and this is one of those times. nt erronis Mar 2018 #19
I see him stepping down orangecrush Mar 2018 #25
Too late for that PJMcK Mar 2018 #35
I agree orangecrush Mar 2018 #75
I hear that he is playing some type of long game from his fans. I hope that isnt the case and Trump dustyscamp Mar 2018 #29
One thing becoming pretty clear is that no matter what comes out ooky Mar 2018 #46
YEP Cosmocat Mar 2018 #59
My biggest fear is your spot on with that opinion, No matter what nothing sticks to him......... Old Vet Mar 2018 #49
I am sorry to say murielm99 Mar 2018 #56
Your fears are WELL founded - this country is dumb as shit Cosmocat Mar 2018 #60
Mariscal Estagarribia Turbineguy Mar 2018 #18
The F'n MORON will SayItLoud Mar 2018 #20
Condensing my thoughts and prayers for them bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #21
Good. The sooner he's gone the better! ananda Mar 2018 #22
"campaign manager and deputy campaign manager " - who, by name? thesquanderer Mar 2018 #23
t-rump will not go quietly . . . Iliyah Mar 2018 #26
Think he'll hold out until after midterms bigbrother05 Mar 2018 #34
She tied it all up with a nice bow last night. When is trump's birthday? George II Mar 2018 #27
K&R Gothmog Mar 2018 #28
Yeah yeah. Whatever. progressoid Mar 2018 #30
I wish I could get knocked out until this whole thing is over Victor_c3 Mar 2018 #32
May It Be a Perfect Storm! MineralMan Mar 2018 #33
My dream scenario is that this all becomes public suddenly YessirAtsaFact Mar 2018 #39
Let's hope so, but I have my doubts Loge23 Mar 2018 #41
Don't see how you ride this out on your corporate PR department bucolic_frolic Mar 2018 #42
K&R! nt Mountain Mule Mar 2018 #44
The scariest part is: how many of our "passwords" does Russia now know. Trump probably C Moon Mar 2018 #47
kick for visibility triron Mar 2018 #50
It's time Democrats started using the word Traitor LiberalLovinLug Mar 2018 #51
What are the odds Dump was unaware awesomerwb1 Mar 2018 #52
Very unlikely. Given the timing of some of his announcements during the campaign triron Mar 2018 #54
I agree. awesomerwb1 Mar 2018 #55
I suspected as much but decided to comment nevertheless. triron Mar 2018 #67
I have zero confidence in any type of Rachel Maddow prediction Awsi Dooger Mar 2018 #63
You've certainly provided quite a bit of objective evidence to support your creative allegations. LanternWaste Mar 2018 #69
Donald Rump is so going down. IMPEACH HIM NOW. trueblue2007 Mar 2018 #72
K&R n/t lordsummerisle Mar 2018 #73
"Collusion" may not be a crime, but Conspiracy to Commit Treason sure is... Hekate Mar 2018 #76
People have been predicting Trump's downfall ever since the day he took office. bearsfootball516 Mar 2018 #77
I don't think Trump or his team deserve a warning. Beartracks Mar 2018 #80
K&R burrowowl Mar 2018 #81
This can't be right. sellitman Mar 2018 #82
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