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Fri May 4, 2018, 05:29 PM May 2018

Wypipo Held a Protest for White Teacher Who Slapped, Kicked and Pulled Locs of Sleeping Student [View all]

A group of alabastard activists held an #EvilWhiteWomenLivesMatter march in South Carolina after a teacher was filmed standing on a student’s desk, rubbing her feet on him and pulling his dreadlocks as he slept in her classroom.


On Thursday, residents in Williamston, S.C., peacefully marched to support Lisa Houston, a Palmetto High School teacher who was caught on camera treating a black student like a combination of a rag doll and floor mat, putting her hands and feet on the sleeping student, even lightly kicking him in the face and slapping him as the other children in the classroom laughed at her Caucasian shenanigans.


After the incident went viral on social media, Beckyzilla decided that it was best for her to retire. But people in the community were so outraged, they decided to protest.

In one of the most amazing displays of unapologetic whiteness ever witnessed, students and community members marched from the school to the district office in a “prayer walk” (whatever the hell that is) to support Slappy White and to let the world know the positive impact she had on their lives.



This perceived superiority by white people needs to stop. Her actions were evil. Who treats a child like that? Who? Only a very sick individual, a teacher no less, acts like that. The fugg?
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What's a wypipo? Loki Liesmith May 2018 #1
White people... sheshe2 May 2018 #2
A race based pejorative for Caucasians. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #7
What does it stand for? Curious, since it is said by a man about a woman. Tipperary May 2018 #8
I'm not sure what you are asking. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #11
Pejorative? Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #16
Whiny wypipo are whiny. TheSmarterDog May 2018 #24
Do you think of positive things when you hear the word? Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #25
It doesn't sound rude to me. Demit May 2018 #27
It sounds ignorant to me. Tipperary May 2018 #88
Well sheshe2 May 2018 #32
I was answering a question. And others debated the word. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #34
No. sheshe2 May 2018 #37
Your retelling of the sequence of events is inaccurate. Bok_Tukalo May 2018 #42
And still no comment on the OP itself. sheshe2 May 2018 #45
I like how I can be personally attacked, insulted and NOTHING happens to that Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #103
Some are desperate to fire back with a certain word and know they can't. NCTraveler May 2018 #104
nice diversion heaven05 May 2018 #78
Logic and commonsense mythology May 2018 #106
okay heaven05 May 2018 #113
this one is heaven05 May 2018 #77
It's a bit of an irony that you're telling someone else to "save the 'umbrage.'' LanternWaste May 2018 #75
I agree with you: the bigger outrage is a white teacher doing.... marble falls May 2018 #44
I read it and chuckle heaven05 May 2018 #76
To understand heaven05 May 2018 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author ollie10 May 2018 #102
Whoever objects to it, that's who. Igel May 2018 #30
You may choose to be offended by it, but "wypipo" is not an epithet EffieBlack May 2018 #54
No it isn't heaven05 May 2018 #81
DOESN'T heaven05 May 2018 #74
It looks like a phonetic (in dialect) way of saying BumRushDaShow May 2018 #13
Yep. sheshe2 May 2018 #22
When I grew (and taught school) in Charleston, South Carolinians were called "sandlappers" Sancho May 2018 #79
This is a good example of a very interesting dynamic of race in America EffieBlack May 2018 #52
!!!! BumRushDaShow May 2018 #65
And white people used "party" as a verb while no self-respecting black person ever did ... EffieBlack May 2018 #66
Yup BumRushDaShow May 2018 #67
LOL! EffieBlack May 2018 #68
We used to go to BumRushDaShow May 2018 #71
yep heaven05 May 2018 #86
Becky is not always bad. AllyCat May 2018 #28
Say it out loud. MineralMan May 2018 #26
Thanks. nt sheshe2 May 2018 #33
Well, from an electromagnetic spectrum standpoint, Sailor65x1 May 2018 #31
+1 sheshe2 May 2018 #35
It may be related to a dialect that is spoken by some black peoples in Blue_true May 2018 #50
Someone who gets madder about the term "wypipo" than the white teacher's actions and supporters. WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #53
LOL! EffieBlack May 2018 #55
I mean... WhiskeyGrinder May 2018 #56
Sick teacher glad she is gone and sick supporters of what is child abuse. Demsrule86 May 2018 #3
Sometimes I wish there was a button you could push to turn the world off for a bit and walk away. Afromania May 2018 #4
I know what you mean. smirkymonkey May 2018 #64
What is she teaching the other kids? Strange behavior to support via protest . Prayer walk? What's lunasun May 2018 #5
She taught them to laugh at what she did. sheshe2 May 2018 #6
KR Me. May 2018 #9
Thanks, me. sheshe2 May 2018 #12
I wonder why this story was ...i cant say i guess, i will pm Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #14
And obviously intimidated the student and father into not complaining jberryhill May 2018 #36
Well the parents/ community protesting and prayer walking too then I guess lunasun May 2018 #47
This is the twitter images I saw earlier today irisblue May 2018 #10
It is assault. sheshe2 May 2018 #15
I understand the assault is anyone who reports the story, but we both Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #18
I guess we do. sheshe2 May 2018 #19
TBH this story and the one where the two young black men were slaughtered Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #20
Including the black students who are supporting her? Ms. Toad May 2018 #21
Black people are not immune from racism EffieBlack May 2018 #38
The student and his father are examples of this jberryhill May 2018 #40
There's a reason slavemasters preferred having slaves as overseers EffieBlack May 2018 #41
I'm aware of that - Ms. Toad May 2018 #48
Are you SERIOUS? This was NOT an "unconventional teaching method." EffieBlack May 2018 #51
Have you read any reports of the incident beyond the one linked to in the OP? Ms. Toad May 2018 #57
Yes, yes - you always insist there's nor to the story EffieBlack May 2018 #58
Two different issues Ms. Toad May 2018 #61
Two different issues, but you keep taking the same approach EffieBlack May 2018 #63
exactly true heaven05 May 2018 #93
well heaven05 May 2018 #92
Please point me to links from people in her community Ms. Toad May 2018 #101
really? heaven05 May 2018 #90
I have no doubt that you know hate when it is directed at you by wypipo Ms. Toad May 2018 #105
okay heaven05 May 2018 #112
so that heaven05 May 2018 #87
It does not make it acceptable - Ms. Toad May 2018 #100
In the Starbucks case, you didn't care at all what any of the other people there thought EffieBlack May 2018 #109
You're comparing apples to hockey pucks Ms. Toad May 2018 #114
I love the trouble you trouble you always go through to justify racist behavior EffieBlack May 2018 #115
as a final statement on this teacher heaven05 May 2018 #111
Christ on a trailer hitch Hekate May 2018 #17
That reminds me wellst0nev0ter May 2018 #46
Wow! And nobody said anything. MineralMan May 2018 #29
The student and his father have both had things to say about it jberryhill May 2018 #39
Obviously the two of them are too close to the issue to be truly objective. Captain Stern May 2018 #62
You're being sarcastic, but that's often the argument used to DISCOUNT victims and witnesses when EffieBlack May 2018 #69
I think you're right. Captain Stern May 2018 #72
I hear what you're saying an generally agree, but there's an additional layer to consider EffieBlack May 2018 #73
+++ nt heaven05 May 2018 #94
This is very disturbing Gothmog May 2018 #70
Not acceptable at all Bettie May 2018 #99
K&R Gothmog May 2018 #23
White supremacy is the world's biggest hate group. Initech May 2018 #43
Time to inflict Houston's policies on her. muntrv May 2018 #49
She does not match, even loosely, my definition of a teacher. n/t raven mad May 2018 #59
Michael Harriot, author of: "Why I Could Never Vote For Hillary Clinton" oberliner May 2018 #60
oh he can't be heaven05 May 2018 #96
For people who were concerned about the "animal rights activist" part of the first "wypipo" thread gollygee May 2018 #80
Bizarre behavior from the teacher, but... IluvPitties May 2018 #82
Then she isn't fit to be a teacher gollygee May 2018 #84
I don't know, I am just befuddled by her behavior. IluvPitties May 2018 #97
It is strange gollygee May 2018 #98
"Was she just tired of dealing with an unruly student" BumRushDaShow May 2018 #95
+1 Billion. Thank you! Nt Anon-C May 2018 #107
My 7th grade homeroom teacher told my parents I was "disruptive" EffieBlack May 2018 #116
That's how they roll. BumRushDaShow May 2018 #117
Yup. EffieBlack May 2018 #118
That is appalling kcr May 2018 #85
Ok, this teacher acted inappropriately and should be disciplined. average_mo_dem May 2018 #89
Too bad I have to trash threads that are otherwise discussing important issues. Crunchy Frog May 2018 #91
If a kid is sleeping in your class it means you are a lousy teacher kimbutgar May 2018 #108
South Carolina? Doesn't surprise me... Blue_Tires May 2018 #110
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