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26. Huh? There are Puerto Ricans of every color.
Thu Jan 10, 2019, 09:39 PM
Jan 2019

According to the 2015 Race and Hispanic Origin estimate (2011–2015 American Community Survey) published by the US Census Bureau, the data for Puerto Rico was as follows:[23]

White alone 2,495,997
Black or African American alone 301,519
American Indian and Alaska Native alone 11,775
Asian alone 10,159
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone 129
Some Other Race alone 431,443
Two or More Races 332,051
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 3,547,288
White alone, Not Hispanic or Latino 24,900
Just saw this on CNN. [View all] sheshe2 Jan 2019 OP
He is a grotesque facsimile of a human being lunatica Jan 2019 #1
This! sheshe2 Jan 2019 #4
I always thought he could be summed up in one word ailsagirl Jan 2019 #22
Well atreides1 Jan 2019 #29
Sadly. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #44
A grotesque fascismile. Too. dchill Jan 2019 #33
Rescind the fucking tax cuts Freethinker65 Jan 2019 #2
As long as the GOP has 50 senators and the VP, a non-starter maxsolomon Jan 2019 #20
The courts will stop him Palisade Jan 2019 #3
If I understand it correctly, the SCOTUS maxsolomon Jan 2019 #21
That is over regulations not however money Congress has already earmarked for other cstanleytech Jan 2019 #24
"in violation of the law" - as if that worried Trump for his own actions. keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #27
Violation of the law is a Trump specialty. dchill Jan 2019 #36
The courts have stopped Trump before. John Fante Jan 2019 #66
The people who own land True Blue American Jan 2019 #70
Lindsey's eyes. Traildogbob Jan 2019 #85
Congress has passed over 100 laws LTG Jan 2019 #94
It would be unwise of me to say out loud all the things I wish for him. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #5
With ya, Nurse Jackie. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #8
I am riding in that same boat with you. Solly Mack Jan 2019 #12
I loathe this feral thing!!!!!!!! jrthin Jan 2019 #34
+1000 nt littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #51
Same here, Nurse Jackie! True Blue American Jan 2019 #71
Did you see his tweet about cutting FEMA's wildfires' money malaise Jan 2019 #6
Saw that too. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #11
That word is "Trump." dchill Jan 2019 #37
Thinks he's CEO/King of the US. ginnyinWI Jan 2019 #7
He must worship some evil chaos deity (or Vladimir Putin) C_U_L8R Jan 2019 #9
He's a sociopath. Evil is good to the sociopath. To love is to hurt. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #52
Yes FiveGoodMen Jan 2019 #90
It will never happen. Lawrence Tribe gave reasons why... BigmanPigman Jan 2019 #10
This assumes #3 actually happens BumRushDaShow Jan 2019 #17
Everyone on DU keeps commenting on tRump's BigmanPigman Jan 2019 #23
Stroke? sheshe2 Jan 2019 #46
With his rages, who knows? True Blue American Jan 2019 #73
No Puerto Rican that I know is brown. virgogal Jan 2019 #13
Huh? There are Puerto Ricans of every color. pnwmom Jan 2019 #26
Thank you for sharing this! nt littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #54
That proved my point. virgogal Jan 2019 #67
How does that prove that no Puerto Rican you know is brown? pnwmom Jan 2019 #69
Because people simplistically keep labeling us as "brown" and we are Guy Whitey Corngood Jan 2019 #89
Been there,know that is true. True Blue American Jan 2019 #74
Uh, you'd be surprised at the number of wellst0nev0ter Jan 2019 #28
And stopping relief to California mcar Jan 2019 #14
I would think he did that because California is very blue. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #18
He is changing the landscape to blue mcar Jan 2019 #30
I love the color blue. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #45
My favorite mcar Jan 2019 #48
It is coming, mcar. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #49
We must all stay encouraged. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #55
.............. bdamomma Jan 2019 #82
EVERYDAY bluestarone Jan 2019 #15
Such a racist. Kath2 Jan 2019 #16
As close as Beto got, that could be just the Phoenix61 Jan 2019 #19
We have no president n/t wellst0nev0ter Jan 2019 #25
He's a thug bdamomma Jan 2019 #42
+1 littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #56
"take money" - and take some property from Texans. keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #31
This afternoon they were talking about him wanting to take FEMA funds from the California... George II Jan 2019 #32
You got it wrong hon. Glamrock Jan 2019 #35
If Trump looked on the outside how he is on the inside. spike jones Jan 2019 #38
Madame Speaker needs to hear from us..... DONT GIVE IN. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2019 #39
The Texas relief funds wouldn't be just for brown people. That's for the hurricane disaster. Honeycombe8 Jan 2019 #40
I stated minorities in Texas. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #47
So is NC, sheshe2. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #61
You all are awesome. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #62
Watching bdamomma Jan 2019 #41
Not going to happen. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #59
So, it's President Miller now? herding cats Jan 2019 #64
Stephen Miller bdamomma Jan 2019 #83
And he'll let California burn IronLionZion Jan 2019 #43
And STUPID. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #50
I so fucking hate him! smirkymonkey Jan 2019 #53
Fuck you Donald Trump Blue Owl Jan 2019 #57
He will get his bdamomma Jan 2019 #84
This will seriously impact local economies. herding cats Jan 2019 #58
Pretty sure it already has. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #60
Oh, I don't disagree! herding cats Jan 2019 #63
One day, herding cats. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #65
Hey trump lunasun Jan 2019 #68
He also wants to take money away from California fire disaster funds. Vinca Jan 2019 #72
MF45. nt oasis Jan 2019 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author BlueJac Jan 2019 #76
K&R to "evil and ugly". n/t SpankMe Jan 2019 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Factchekr Jan 2019 #78
25 45 alfredo Jan 2019 #79
Works for me! sheshe2 Jan 2019 #80
Anything that sends him away,works for me. alfredo Jan 2019 #81
Gop had 2 years Linda Ed Jan 2019 #86
Exactly right, Linda Ed! nt sheshe2 Jan 2019 #87
Everytime you think he's gone to the bottom he plumbs new depths. Ruerto Rico, yet ... marble falls Jan 2019 #88
This is just vicious NastyRiffraff Jan 2019 #91
And California homegirl Jan 2019 #92
Yes. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #93
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