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21. It is much more frightening to those of us who are considered POC.
Tue Apr 9, 2019, 11:14 AM
Apr 2019

Associates of Steven Miller have described him as a monster who hates brown people. This vile person has no problem putting little children in pens at the direction of tRump. Years ago an old friend mentioned he was convinced tRump was using the playbook from 1933 Nazi Germany. Steven Miller is the embodiment of that book.

The GOP should be ashamed of themselves. Initech Apr 2019 #1
Yes, they should be Butterflylady Apr 2019 #7
Trump is selling hate to his uneducated base. Botany Apr 2019 #2
Let's hold ourselves to a higher standard Shanti Mama Apr 2019 #3
Explaining away racism isn't a higher standard DirtEdonE Apr 2019 #6
This was a year ago. Shanti Mama Apr 2019 #11
And trump has only gotten worse in that year DirtEdonE Apr 2019 #12
agreed on everything except Shanti Mama Apr 2019 #18
Agree with Shanti Mama, we need to be better Perseus Apr 2019 #26
The fact is Trump talked about people coming across the border,pretending to be afraid as True Blue American Apr 2019 #28
The fact is that Trump did not speak these words "today, 2019" Shanti Mama Apr 2019 #31
I heard what Trump said this last week. True Blue American Apr 2019 #33
I'm all for concentrating on all his ugly words. Shanti Mama Apr 2019 #37
Call Trump a racist, then. But let's be accurate with quotes. Gidney N Cloyd Apr 2019 #32
Nit picking True Blue American Apr 2019 #39
Really? Sowing discord with fake news, Russians at it again, or by one of their many proxy nations. Fred Sandman Apr 2019 #22
now moot Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2019 #41
You're right. I changed the title. nt DirtEdonE Apr 2019 #42
We cannot be like Republicans, let's keep quotes in context. Pepsidog Apr 2019 #46
Stephen Miller: This is what the US Nazis will do when they realize you are Jewish. TheBlackAdder Apr 2019 #4
Many people refuse to see what is happening. It is hard to believe what is going on. BSdetect Apr 2019 #5
I can only believe his supporters are blind by choice. world wide wally Apr 2019 #10
You ceratainly do not fight them by arguing over when some one said something! True Blue American Apr 2019 #34
Just a reminder, in case .. ananda Apr 2019 #8
My family foght Nazis. True Blue American Apr 2019 #35
Which committee can put Steven Miller into the public spotlight? Ford_Prefect Apr 2019 #9
Let's make Trump, Miller's stooge like Bannon before him. Trump will turn on him. Pepsidog Apr 2019 #47
Interesting strategy. But I doubt Donny B. S. will dump Steven unless he turns state's evidence, Ford_Prefect Apr 2019 #48
Stephen Miller is a self-hating Jew. I'm Jewish, and wouldn't SCRUBDASHRUB Apr 2019 #13
+1 dalton99a Apr 2019 #14
Stephen Miller would have tried to blend in with the other Germans IronLionZion Apr 2019 #16
This quote is from Miller's uncle Perseus Apr 2019 #27
Someone else said this. spike jones Apr 2019 #15
You do have to consider there was no mass media back then. True Blue American Apr 2019 #36
You are right about today but spike jones Apr 2019 #43
Yes,they did! True Blue American Apr 2019 #44
Well, isn't The Asset the same guy who is known to have kept a copy of Mein Kampf calimary Apr 2019 #17
K&R Kurt V. Apr 2019 #19
Context is missing evilhime Apr 2019 #20
Context from TODAY: kpete Apr 2019 #29
+1 Martin Eden Apr 2019 #38
It is much more frightening to those of us who are considered POC. Enoki33 Apr 2019 #21
And I bet all the people in their government were opining about how terrible the leaders were pdsimdars Apr 2019 #23
Yes,and it is time to act now! True Blue American Apr 2019 #45
To those concerned about "context" I ask this: what do you do control animals? Hekate Apr 2019 #24
Yes! True Blue American Apr 2019 #30
OK SO-- everybody get out there.... pangaia Apr 2019 #25
https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-animals-hitler/ debsy Apr 2019 #40
The point is he said it and kacekwl Apr 2019 #49
I don't believe Will Bunch tweeted this KayF Apr 2019 #50
HA! Two nights ago I told my sister that Miller is Goebbels BigmanPigman Apr 2019 #51
K&R ck4829 Apr 2019 #52
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