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Tue Mar 24, 2020, 06:28 PM Mar 2020

I LOST it with my doctor today. [View all]

I'm fortunate to live in a very liberal/lefty/Democratic community. Both the town and county are very blue, politically speaking. The county to the south, however, are a bunch of gun-loving right wingers.

These are mountain communities, and we have only one doctor for twelve miles in any direction. He's a really good doctor, but he lives south of here, and is as Trump-loving as they get. I know that sounds contradictory (a good doctor who loves Trump), and it feels a bit surreal sometimes...like today.

I had to go by to pick up a prescription. I tend to not chat politics with him because he can be so maddening, but as I commented on the "strange times" we're in, he piped up with, "Well, Trump says it should only be two or three more weeks."

I lost it.

"Well, Trump is an idiot," I blurted.

I think it surprised him, because he stammered a little, "Well, yeah, he doesn't know about this stuff, so he has to rely on his experts."

"But he's NOT, Michael, that's the problem!" I was kind of feeling it. "He's saying stupid shit, and he's getting people killed!"

He quite literally mumbled something I couldn't hear, and I said my goodbyes and left.

I really don't like to make things awkward between him and me. He has been very good to my family, but for crying out loud! He's a fucking doctor, and he's still listening to the virus in chief for guidance!

Thanks for letting me vent.

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You would think as a doctor he would know Phoenix61 Mar 2020 #1
"...people just don't want this be what it is." dchill Mar 2020 #45
That's it exactly. I sure wish it wasn't what it is. But as my Dad would say, SammyWinstonJack Mar 2020 #48
I like your dad. nt Phoenix61 Mar 2020 #49
I'd find another doctor if possible because I won't use a doctor I can't trust. rickyhall Mar 2020 #64
I worked with medical doctors at my university's... Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2020 #2
Ben Carson for example. gibraltar72 Mar 2020 #6
Yep. Buckeye_Democrat Mar 2020 #12
Ron Paul, another example. Unfortunately, we imbue jrthin Mar 2020 #55
Was just going to say that. It explains a lot..n/t monmouth4 Mar 2020 #59
that is the kind of learners that I call regurgitators. demigoddess Mar 2020 #15
That's sad. I'd take a Ilsa Mar 2020 #21
I was a chemistry major and used to tutor pre-meds Poiuyt Mar 2020 #70
On the plus side RVN VET71 Mar 2020 #77
I've noticed that a LOT of doctors are RWers. LuvNewcastle Mar 2020 #82
Did he take your blood pressure Ohiogal Mar 2020 #3
An age-old medical profession truism: Aristus Mar 2020 #4
That's a good one. kag Mar 2020 #5
I had to pull hospital call during my clinical rotations with a right-wing doctor. Aristus Mar 2020 #10
Yikes. kag Mar 2020 #11
OMG! How could you tolerate him? smirkymonkey Mar 2020 #18
To get a good report sent to my hospitalist preceptor. Aristus Mar 2020 #20
There's a big difference The Wizard Mar 2020 #29
True, I agree. smirkymonkey Mar 2020 #33
Yes and analytical thinking hasn't been in vogue for a long time burrowowl Mar 2020 #50
Yeah, and all of those nazis concentration camp monsters escaped to Ilsa Mar 2020 #24
"...either a hoax or morally justified." dchill Mar 2020 #47
Yeah, that's what pissed me off. Aristus Mar 2020 #67
Too bad my dad isn't around anymore.... paleotn Mar 2020 #60
Never heard that before. And it being specific to medical school class. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #26
You know what you call the person that graduates last in their medical school class? Vinnie From Indy Mar 2020 #28
Yeah, but everybody else in the class knows who it is, and they are not impressed. Aristus Mar 2020 #30
What do they call the guy with the D average??? jcgoldie Mar 2020 #39
Goddamn. BigDemVoter Mar 2020 #7
I won't see him for some things. kag Mar 2020 #9
There are many good doctors who were morally and politically ignorant. You got one. The Wielding Truth Mar 2020 #8
I have always DENVERPOPS Mar 2020 #37
The even scarier thing is that the "experts" that he surrounds himself with... Initech Mar 2020 #13
That is the only way to change their views of tRUMP, epecially with his campaign tv rallies blocking WyattKansas Mar 2020 #14
The world inches a bit more liberal each day. warmfeet Mar 2020 #16
I would change the doctor immediately AlexSFCA Mar 2020 #17
Maddening MLAA Mar 2020 #19
Your post made me feel very fortunate that I not only have access to a wide selection of smirkymonkey Mar 2020 #22
Damn, I hope you don't start political arguments with your dentist, sharp instruments, lol Baclava Mar 2020 #23
My dentist is amazing. kag Mar 2020 #27
I worked in a dental school and at a hospital near Chicago Beringia Mar 2020 #25
Amen! Old Curler Mar 2020 #35
Got it, country club Republican doctors, business people and appalachiablue Mar 2020 #40
I had a similar conversation about an hour ago DonaldsRump Mar 2020 #31
Good work! C Moon Mar 2020 #34
Terrific accomplishment but how many far rt. people never encounter appalachiablue Mar 2020 #42
I totally agree DonaldsRump Mar 2020 #43
Not surprised. Fox News spent all day pushing this same talking point. ooky Mar 2020 #61
I would never trust a Dr. that was a Trump Supporter. BlueIdaho Mar 2020 #32
the country is divided catsudon Mar 2020 #36
It's mind boggling Joinfortmill Mar 2020 #38
That's it: they are selfish people. Duppers Mar 2020 #44
Many of them are terrified of "Socialist Medicine" not fooled Mar 2020 #63
Oh yes. In my Medicare claims processing days I got a full load of that yellowdogintexas Mar 2020 #83
Perhaps you could invite him to crawl out of the right-wing bubble. KY_EnviroGuy Mar 2020 #41
Thanks, KY_EnviroGuy. kag Mar 2020 #51
"VIRUS IN Chief"... magicarpet Mar 2020 #57
I once got a lecture from a doctor bucolic_frolic Mar 2020 #46
he should know better... samnsara Mar 2020 #52
In my experience, many doctors (and lawyers) are incompetent outside their profession. TomSlick Mar 2020 #53
At least you can still see your doctor now AdamGG Mar 2020 #54
Q) What do you call the guy that graduated last in their class in Med School? Evolve Dammit Mar 2020 #56
Virus in Chief BadGimp Mar 2020 #58
From what he said, it sounds like he was referring to work stoppage - not the virus itself. MisterProton Mar 2020 #62
Fuck him RhodeIslandOne Mar 2020 #65
Doctors are like anyone else, they walk on water one step at a time ... marble falls Mar 2020 #66
Professionals Should Know Better Webrider Mar 2020 #68
You did the right thing Meowmee Mar 2020 #69
Good on you, kag! I know that must have Cha Mar 2020 #71
Thanks, Cha. kag Mar 2020 #79
I remember people said something similar about W subana Mar 2020 #72
Virus in chief sellitman Mar 2020 #73
And he's parroting that dangerous stuff to patients... Trueblue Texan Mar 2020 #74
Good for you... N_E_1 for Tennis Mar 2020 #75
Sounds like the doctor was being sarcastic. Doodley Mar 2020 #76
The mumbling means he knows you are right Generic Other Mar 2020 #78
I admire your tact. I'm afraid I might have been quite a bit more rude in that situation. Nitram Mar 2020 #80
I swear, someone should be taking names. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2020 #81
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