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Well... 2naSalit Jun 2020 #1
Joe Biden will be sworn in as the next POTUS vlyons Jun 2020 #2
Presuming he lives that long. Odoreida Jun 2020 #8
Agree, Vlyons. The next president is sworn in January 20 at noon. Hortensis Jun 2020 #36
What private police? Kaleva Jun 2020 #3
There are no private police DeminPennswoods Jun 2020 #4
I agree with you. Kaleva Jun 2020 #6
Heavily armed men who refuse to identify themselves G_j Jun 2020 #16
So, no private police then. Kaleva Jun 2020 #24
Speculation G_j Jun 2020 #29
If the election is stolen, crowds will fill the streets of DC. Hortensis Jun 2020 #5
When Biden wins (optimistically), how long will he wait before he takes down the fence. no_hypocrisy Jun 2020 #7
Trump won't give him the satisfaction, they will be taken down ahead of time Shermann Jun 2020 #14
I don;t buy into all the conspiracy theories, we still have laws and people who seriously beachbumbob Jun 2020 #9
Which Trump ignores and is allowed to ignore at every turn. The guy who ran a fake charity using uponit7771 Jun 2020 #11
I could less what trump thinks or do. He has gotten away because he was able to bribe and bully his beachbumbob Jun 2020 #12
K&R, I do NOT believe the number of people who think Trump can't *IN EFFECT* cancel the election uponit7771 Jun 2020 #10
Im not I any way saying he will cancel the election... cbdo2007 Jun 2020 #13
+1 uponit7771 Jun 2020 #15
Im pretty sure it wont just be 1000 BW thugs... Squidly Jun 2020 #17
How can he cancel the election marie999 Jun 2020 #18
Wow ... I even put asterisks around the phrase *in effect* and a strawman is still proffered. Damn uponit7771 Jun 2020 #21
I have mild cognitive impairment. marie999 Jun 2020 #22
In effect means by other means, he doesn't have to cancel the election just enact laws Barr will ... uponit7771 Jun 2020 #23
What laws do you think he could enact without congressional approval marie999 Jun 2020 #25
The one he just enacted on Washington but without the state governor's approval uponit7771 Jun 2020 #27
The Constitution marie999 Jun 2020 #28
Trump showed all that was meaningless the military did what he wanted uponit7771 Jun 2020 #30
The military did very little. marie999 Jun 2020 #31
They did something and that was enough uponit7771 Jun 2020 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author marie999 Jun 2020 #34
What did he order them to do that was unconstitutional. marie999 Jun 2020 #35
Actually, it's his prison now. ananda Jun 2020 #19
I envision that somewhere in his final exit from the White House there Baitball Blogger Jun 2020 #20
He likes to plan ahead. kentuck Jun 2020 #26
We literally elected the president of the Hunger Games. Initech Jun 2020 #33
Yep, it's terrifying. Especially if he gets thousands of MAGAts in there too that will make the cbdo2007 Jun 2020 #37
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