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18. Urbanization (and habitat destruction), subsistence agriculture and animal markets
Mon Jun 29, 2020, 05:44 PM
Jun 2020

People and animals in close quarters under conditions that make it easier for viruses to jump from one host species to another.


[Rapid urbanization] on that scale means forest land is destroyed to create residential areas. Wild animals, forced to move closer to cities and towns, inevitably encounter domestic animals and the human population. Wild animals often harbor viruses; bats, for instance, can carry hundreds of them. And viruses, jumping species to species, can ultimately infect people.


On both continents, many families depend on subsistence farming and a minuscule supply of livestock. Disease control, feed supplementation and housing for those animals is extremely limited. Cattle, chickens and pigs, which can carry endemic disease, are often in close contact with each other, a variety of nondomestic animals and humans.

And not just on the farms: Live animal markets, commonplace throughout Asia and Africa, feature crowded conditions and the intimate mixing of multiple species, including humans. This too plays a key role in how a killer pathogen could emerge and spread between species.


So is traditional Chinese medicine, which purports to provide remedies for a host of conditions like arthritis, epilepsy and erectile dysfunction. Although no scientific evidence exists to support most of the claims, Asia is an enormous consumer of traditional Chinese medicine products. Tigers, bears, rhinos, pangolins and other animal species are poached so their body parts can be mixed into these questionable medications. This, too, is a major contributor to increasing animal-human interactions. What's more, demand is likely to go up, as online marketing soars along with Asia's relentless economic growth.
Lovely! 2naSalit Jun 2020 #1
What is the reason many viruses originate in China? at140 Jun 2020 #2
Aren't most Indians EllieBC Jun 2020 #3
That is a good clue, 70-80% of Indians are vegetarians. nt at140 Jun 2020 #16
This, respect for livestock as well. Chinese will eat anything, indians much more respectful. sunonmars Jun 2020 #17
It's my understanding spinbaby Jun 2020 #8
But is that the only country where people live close to their livestock? Sugarcoated Jun 2020 #11
It's a combination of the livestock situation, sanitary conditions, DetroitLegalBeagle Jun 2020 #39
I don't believe a lot of pork is eaten, nor bat. Maybe the difference AJT Jun 2020 #10
China probably has much more livestock than India. Mariana Jun 2020 #12
Urbanization (and habitat destruction), subsistence agriculture and animal markets JHB Jun 2020 #18
Indians don't eat weird animals. greymattermom Jun 2020 #21
I believe it's due to China's live meat markets, which are none too clean. Animals are sold in them Karadeniz Jun 2020 #23
I heard they eat this animal in China at140 Jun 2020 #27
I agree rockfordfile Jun 2020 #44
I saw a fascinating video recently about the origins of flu and other sicknesses Doremus Jun 2020 #35
They raise ducks, chicken, and pigs together, PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2020 #45
This is just sad news. cayugafalls Jun 2020 #4
This is where the cooperation regime that Bush set up and Obama improved comes in valuable. Blue_true Jun 2020 #25
Oh great. LisaL Jun 2020 #5
Dear gawd, what is going on? This is triple scary. Frustratedlady Jun 2020 #6
I get the feeling nature is trying to get rid of us. LisaL Jun 2020 #9
Can you blame it? We're making a big mess of things. Merlot Jun 2020 #43
Just what we fucking need! sakabatou Jun 2020 #7
For the full happiness. LisaL Jun 2020 #13
Well, Blue_true Jun 2020 #14
Proliferation of wet markets,... magicarpet Jun 2020 #15
THIS sunonmars Jun 2020 #19
self delete.... at140 Jun 2020 #20
Your post has nothing to do with the context of the OP. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #29
Agree, I will delete it then. But it was about China. at140 Jun 2020 #33
Maybe you can start another OP about counterfeit gold. Blue_true Jun 2020 #34
What next? Rabid, flying monkeys? louis-t Jun 2020 #22
Not now. That will be in the second stanza, just before the Rapture. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #30
Given a choice, I prefer locusts. KY_EnviroGuy Jun 2020 #24
Oh, god damn..... cmon China Afromania Jun 2020 #26
They are trying to get ahead of this one before it jumps to humans. Blue_true Jun 2020 #31
Well, now that trumpf and his CDC, FDA, etc. are prepared,,, we're doomed erronis Jun 2020 #28
Welcome to the twenty-first century. hunter Jun 2020 #32
Now there's the 1918 redux. roamer65 Jun 2020 #36
My guess is that if China is bamagal62 Jun 2020 #37
As I recall, they were debating whether covid can be transmitted from humans to humans. LisaL Jun 2020 #38
I agree. EllieBC Jun 2020 #41
I know I probably won't be around at the beginning of 22nd century, marie999 Jun 2020 #40
Time to invest in more masks soothsayer Jun 2020 #42
Boy photokath Jun 2020 #46
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