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In reply to the discussion: Ivanka's got a gun! [View all]
Ivanka's got a gun! [View all] Nevilledog Jun 2020 OP
LOL SouthernCal_Dem Jun 2020 #1
The caption is right on. She could have easily killed someone with her carelessness. nt Blue_true Jun 2020 #2
Look out. Honey Boo Boo's Mama June got a gun. Marie Marie Jun 2020 #3
+1 2naSalit Jun 2020 #11
What is that, a .380 Cal.? n/t marie999 Jun 2020 #4
Probably. It looks like a Walther PPK. rsdsharp Jun 2020 #14
Chrome James Bond gun. captain queeg Jun 2020 #22
That or a Bersa PPK clone. Straw Man Jul 2020 #38
Maybe she was just trying to drum up some business... FM123 Jun 2020 #5
Who also handles ethics complaints with the State Bar. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #6
You can't even make this stuff up.... FM123 Jun 2020 #7
Checking the link before I read something has become automatic. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #9
So there WAS a corn dog? n/t 7wo7rees Jul 2020 #40
I'm thinking her career in law may be coming to an abrupt end. Laffy Kat Jun 2020 #12
Being trump lovers they'll use the video in TV ads. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #13
Their ratio of prank calls to genuinely interested clients will be about 50:1 AdamGG Jun 2020 #23
Mebbe not. Missouri has a defend your castle law. 3Hotdogs Jun 2020 #18
Gotta be a threat still. People standing and filming you being an ass is not. Nevilledog Jun 2020 #25
Ivanka's her name!!! LeftInTX Jun 2020 #8
Funny JDC Jun 2020 #10
Hope she's a better shot than Cheney bucolic_frolic Jun 2020 #15
oh, for a sec there i thought you were going to go dweller Jun 2020 #16
That was the song I was thinking of....lol Nevilledog Jun 2020 #17
I wonder... SergeStorms Jun 2020 #21
I'm surprised there isn't foam in the corner of her mouth. BigmanPigman Jun 2020 #19
Good catch on the mustard! Catherine Vincent Jun 2020 #20
I can't see the pic. smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #24
Can you see it now? Nevilledog Jun 2020 #27
No, unfortunaely. I think my company blocks certain websites like imgur. smirkymonkey Jun 2020 #30
Ahhhhh...so we're fucking off, wasting time at work, looking at DU, are we? A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #41
No, even if I do it off the clock, the images are blocked. smirkymonkey Jul 2020 #43
Found these on twitter xd dustyscamp Jun 2020 #26
Hahaha! Nevilledog Jun 2020 #28
LMFAO! ZZenith Jul 2020 #35
LMAO! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2020 #42
The face of desperation. ffr Jun 2020 #29
Tamir Rice died for holding a toy gun in a park IronLionZion Jun 2020 #31
Excellent point flibbitygiblets Jun 2020 #32
And he prison outfit is backwards. Chicago1980 Jun 2020 #33
Wow, Crazy. And absolutely no training in the use of firearms. GulfCoast66 Jun 2020 #34
That would be fine. ZZenith Jul 2020 #36
I would not lose any sleep. GulfCoast66 Jul 2020 #37
Question On Her Hand Position ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #44
Maybe. But it does not look a very big caliber so I doubt it. GulfCoast66 Jul 2020 #45
Thanks ProfessorGAC Jul 2020 #46
The behavior says she doesn't believe her own lies about the dangerous left. Hortensis Jul 2020 #39
LOL Niagara Jul 2020 #47
My dog has better gun handling skills than this woman. Vinnie From Indy Jul 2020 #48
You're assuming the aim was accidental? Nevilledog Jul 2020 #49
Something's gone terribly, terribly wrong in her life StarfishSaver Jul 2020 #50
"Did somebody, did somebody break your heart?" aikoaiko Jul 2020 #51
And their bare feet? obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #52
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