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135. "Well at least you admitted something.."
Thu Dec 3, 2020, 02:40 PM
Dec 2020
that in the heat of the moment your kumbaya concern for the person attacking you or a loved one was fantasy...thank you
I'm not sure why you frame that as an "admission" or as if it's some kind of gotcha, but okay.

...and since you have lived in all the listed places, as have I....I can tell you how many communities across the spectrum would want to abolish the entire police department...ZERO...
I'm not bothered. Police abolition is an important part of the conversation around "reform," and many ideas we embrace and defend today were unpopular several years ago and dismissed as pipe dreams and fantasies before that.

and how many elections would be won on a platform of disbanding the entire police force...ZERO...I would be willing to bet that the district you are in right now wouldnt want that either....I know mine wouldnt.
Again, I'm unbothered. Activism work sometimes works hand-in-hand with electoral politics, and sometimes it works parallel to it. I'll continue to work toward a world without police with the tools I have.
The Squad needs to take a lesson from Obama. Nt mcar Dec 2020 #1
And recognize that they are being destructive when they keep taking pot-shots The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2020 #2
I think clap back has used its usefulness jimfields33 Dec 2020 #20
I rarely see them attacking Republicans mcar Dec 2020 #52
I think that's what bothers me the most PatSeg Dec 2020 #57
+1 treestar Dec 2020 #95
If you have to explain what "defund the police" means. . . DinahMoeHum Dec 2020 #3
Exactly Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2020 #71
Yes indeed. People forget how Obama got his start - as a community organizer. From where I sit... George II Dec 2020 #102
Yep PatSeg Dec 2020 #54
Obama lost downticket badly during his years, and radius777 Dec 2020 #91
Ms. Porter Grills Rs ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #101
Yes, he learned from experience PatSeg Dec 2020 #106
Yes. Because Obama's two terms would have been SO much more successful stopdiggin Dec 2020 #113
Obama didn't lose "downticket". He won every one of his own races, both statewide & nationally. Tarheel_Dem Dec 2020 #138
The poster was talking about the "thumping" wellst0nev0ter Dec 2020 #147
Aw Jeez! I know "The Squad" has a fan club here, but like another failed presidential candidate, Tarheel_Dem Dec 2020 #158
"This is despite taking cues from Lieberman and the rest of the non-radicals." betsuni Dec 2020 #159
Urban districts like those represented by the Squad are why Biden won. radius777 Dec 2020 #157
This. cwydro Dec 2020 #75
Why couldn't the slogan have been "Reform the Police" exboyfil Dec 2020 #4
"Reform the Police" has been failing for decades. Jirel Dec 2020 #14
Sorry Nope... caber09 Dec 2020 #66
It depends on what your goal is. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #70
Yes it does.. caber09 Dec 2020 #72
. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #74
You continue to move forward, not cost us and help us move backward.. caber09 Dec 2020 #79
People like George Floyd cannot afford baby steps. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #83
You want the police to be abolished? are you serious? caber09 Dec 2020 #84
Yes. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #85
The Republicans thank you for your help..chaos is not a winning strategy. caber09 Dec 2020 #86
Yeah, it's not really an issue that lends itself well to electoral politics. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #124
You are so full of it...you need a plumber... caber09 Dec 2020 #130
We can develop all sorts of emergency responses that have nothing to do with the control-and-punish WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #131
Sorry you are full of it... caber09 Dec 2020 #132
I mean, if a guy is attacking me, you're right -- in the moment, I'm worrying about my own WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #133
Well at least you admitted something.. caber09 Dec 2020 #134
"Well at least you admitted something.." WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #135
"Again, I'm unbothered. Activism work sometimes works hand-in-hand with electoral politics.." caber09 Dec 2020 #136
Police kill people no matter who is mayor, governor or president, or which party has the majority WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #137
99% of them protect & serve, please get your head on straight... caber09 Dec 2020 #139
"Of course we need to reform more and make them more accountable" WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #140
Make them accountable for their wrong doing, fire them if guilty... caber09 Dec 2020 #141
. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #143
You think you are living in a utopian universe that does not exist.. caber09 Dec 2020 #145
. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #146
that's pretty crazy stopdiggin Dec 2020 #114
I'm not concerned about where I stand when it comes to electoral politics. WhiskeyGrinder Dec 2020 #125
Historically both parties have been complicit in systemic racism and policing issues. radius777 Dec 2020 #96
"Reform" is popular because it is utterly meaningless Bettie Dec 2020 #103
You get it. The cops laugh at 'reform'. radius777 Dec 2020 #107
I'm also GenX and have been hearing Bettie Dec 2020 #109
Where do you guys live? I would love to know the districts you are in and see how it matches.. caber09 Dec 2020 #112
So, no one where you live believe that Bettie Dec 2020 #116
Thats a ridiculous answer.. caber09 Dec 2020 #119
AGREED. Basement Beat Dec 2020 #73
Exactly. FTP is the slogan I would use. But seriously radius777 Dec 2020 #93
They won't be helped by an ineffective slogan treestar Dec 2020 #97
Exactly, some people who should be on our side seem not to mind more Rs in office apparently caber09 Dec 2020 #111
They won't be helped by an ineffective slogan treestar Dec 2020 #98
Because we've been "reforming the police" for decades Mariana Dec 2020 #16
Apparently, we're supposed to ignore that Bettie Dec 2020 #105
I 100% agree!! nt USALiberal Dec 2020 #63
From the article -- Klaralven Dec 2020 #5
So who do they call when someone exboyfil Dec 2020 #6
They'll probably call someone who will show up six hours later, deucemagnet Dec 2020 #123
Will the police ever solve that crime? wellst0nev0ter Dec 2020 #148
I've seen at least one of "the squad" actually say this summer "abolish the police"..... George II Dec 2020 #7
It was attributed to Omar in June FBaggins Dec 2020 #19
Yes, I believe that was what PatSeg Dec 2020 #58
If their goal is to actually abolish the police, jrthin Dec 2020 #9
There was a very sobering report on The Newshour last week (I think) about... LAS14 Dec 2020 #10
Yeah, I agree. It is a knotty problem and both sides are right. KPN Dec 2020 #24
He wasn't criticizing the protests, LAS14 Dec 2020 #43
We have different perspectives. KPN Dec 2020 #45
That is an interesting way to say 'maybe I was wrong about that." SlogginThroughIt Dec 2020 #69
It is awfully presumptive... tonedevil Dec 2020 #77
I didn't presume that. SlogginThroughIt Dec 2020 #87
Guess you were just saying. /nt tonedevil Dec 2020 #88
We have different perspectives on that. There are those who can extrapolate ... KPN Dec 2020 #89
It is not a slogan, but also not great communication. Caliman73 Dec 2020 #53
They're right. Jirel Dec 2020 #8
That's why there's a problem with the slogan. It's that racists can successfully twist it and turn. LAS14 Dec 2020 #11
Racists successfully can twist ANY phrase. Jirel Dec 2020 #18
Bingo. The Rs run around nakedly violating every KPN Dec 2020 #27
Some pack more of a punch when twisted. Defund the Police, while accurately... LAS14 Dec 2020 #41
The phrasing is not the main problem treestar Dec 2020 #99
have to disagree stopdiggin Dec 2020 #115
I agree. I think I was thinking of the idea treestar Dec 2020 #128
Any problem isn't any slogan, it's what the slogan represents and how people interpret it... George II Dec 2020 #13
Ah, short memories. Jirel Dec 2020 #21
No its not... caber09 Dec 2020 #68
And that is why seasoned politicians PatSeg Dec 2020 #59
LOL BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #17
No, it is just a really bad slogan dansolo Dec 2020 #39
The purpose of a slogan is to successfully market Phoenix61 Dec 2020 #42
Hmmm. Sounds very similar to what I heard a few years ago on another topic gratuitous Dec 2020 #12
Sorry, I disagree - not even close. George II Dec 2020 #15
You're totally right gratuitous Dec 2020 #22
Reform the police has broad support on both sides of the aisle AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #31
Oooh, if only we used the right word gratuitous Dec 2020 #51
Maybe seven votes out of 400K exboyfil Dec 2020 #65
No one is questioning that police reforms are Phoenix61 Dec 2020 #47
Police reforms are toothless wellst0nev0ter Dec 2020 #149
And what exactly does "shape up" mean. Phoenix61 Dec 2020 #150
Wow so complicated wellst0nev0ter Dec 2020 #151
Apparently too complicated for you to say what Phoenix61 Dec 2020 #152
I know when something is not worth my time wellst0nev0ter Dec 2020 #154
Like I said, short of a bad slogan you don't Phoenix61 Dec 2020 #155
Straw man treestar Dec 2020 #100
Those who are too comfortable with the status quo keep making the same mistakes. Jirel Dec 2020 #25
Baby step progress is not status quo. AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #34
Stop with this BS...this is nonsense.. caber09 Dec 2020 #81
+1 betsuni Dec 2020 #120
We literally lost this seat over Defund the Police. Gothmog Dec 2020 #35
Sort of OT BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #23
She is not volatile and incendiary enough? AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #29
You may be right BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #36
If Katie could bottle up her passion and give it to every Democratic congressperson out there mtnsnake Dec 2020 #56
Porter is plenty inciendary, just she's a cherubic white woman, radius777 Dec 2020 #129
Because She Remembers Who The Enemy Is? ProfessorGAC Dec 2020 #104
Yes, I appreciate the all business approach. BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #108
I Think I Would Take Political Advice from the Greatest Politician of Our Generation Skraxx Dec 2020 #26
This is akin to smaller animals in the jungle kvetching at a lion. AmericanCanuck Dec 2020 #28
I am starting to wonder if they are republicans in disguise? GemDigger Dec 2020 #30
They're not Republicans BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #40
I know they aren't. People are stupid and to them "defund the police" means get rid of the PD in GemDigger Dec 2020 #46
Yep BannonsLiver Dec 2020 #49
Obama Says 'Defund The Police' Alienates Voters, Drawing Sharp Rebuke From The Left Gothmog Dec 2020 #32
I remember in the 60s the slogan was "If you don't like the cops, call a hippie.". marie999 Dec 2020 #33
"and if you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao ..." stopdiggin Dec 2020 #117
Obama is 100% AlexSFCA Dec 2020 #37
Ya know, if police are murdering Americans, KPN Dec 2020 #38
I see the "they oughta wanna" syndrome here. LAS14 Dec 2020 #44
Worst slogan in modern politcal history. tman Dec 2020 #48
I lulz'd KG Dec 2020 #50
The Squad needs to learn not to be so pig headed. You shouldn't continue to defend a term Vinca Dec 2020 #55
How many people are actually in the 'squad'? Any new members? Demsrule86 Dec 2020 #61
The problem is right here peggysue2 Dec 2020 #60
That was the message that was picked up by the Minneapolis City Council. Someone introduced.... George II Dec 2020 #82
Ya think? peggysue2 Dec 2020 #90
Defund the police sounded like we wanted complete anarchy in the streets Jamesyu Dec 2020 #62
Obama is correct. Defund the police has "lose" all over it. TheCowsCameHome Dec 2020 #64
Obama is right WA-03 Democrat Dec 2020 #67
It is the worst slogan in modern political history AnyFunctioningAdult Dec 2020 #76
Amen, right on, 10000% Agreed...defund the PD is a great path to Republican majority rule, no thanks caber09 Dec 2020 #80
Bleh Dem2 Dec 2020 #78
I'm happy to see that progressives on the ground in Georgia seem to understand Obama's point. LAS14 Dec 2020 #92
A few more paragraphs, it's a very good article. Both Warnock and Ossoff know what wins in GA: George II Dec 2020 #94
real adults, doing real politics! who knew? (nt) stopdiggin Dec 2020 #118
Why 'Defund The Police' Attacks Were So Potent Against Democrats Gothmog Dec 2020 #110
Unbelievable that we are arguing (the party is) over branding... JCMach1 Dec 2020 #121
They seem really really attached to certain slogans. As if the slogan was more important than the betsuni Dec 2020 #122
"Clap back".. lol. President Obama is Cha Dec 2020 #126
Yep, and they're using that bullshit against Warnock and Ossoff in the GA run-offs. GoCubsGo Dec 2020 #142
Of course the maggots are using this Cha Dec 2020 #144
Everyone in this thread saying reform hasn't worked BGBD Dec 2020 #127
You are 100% correct! It has been working and will still be working, and reform will continue.... George II Dec 2020 #156
Obama is right. I can't believe this is even a debate. Blasphemer Dec 2020 #153
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