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Manchin & Sinema [View all] PA_jen Mar 2021 OP
Bookmarking. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2021 #1
Cause being in the the minority sucks. dem4decades Mar 2021 #2
I don't know about Sinema but in Manchins WV 63% of West Virginians support raising the minimum wage Autumn Mar 2021 #3
Lose one of them and say hello to Majority Leader McConnell. Hoyt Mar 2021 #4
Manchin holds the keys to the majority leader's office. tritsofme Mar 2021 #5
the real test will come when the 11 usd (it wont be 15usd) is added to a Defence appropriation bill Celerity Mar 2021 #6
The people that vote for them don't care what the DNC or Schumer do or say JI7 Mar 2021 #7
+1 ChazII Mar 2021 #8
I've met Manchin, and I'll give your rant all the consideration it deserves... brooklynite Mar 2021 #9
a compromise is in order, 11/hr for WV and 15 for everyone else nt msongs Mar 2021 #10
Well, you keep him. I feel he is weakens the party. I feel a strong democrat can PA_jen Mar 2021 #12
I don't rely on "feelings"...I rely on facts and data brooklynite Mar 2021 #14
Manchin won re-election in 2018 by 3%/19,000 votes. Fiendish Thingy Mar 2021 #21
What about the fact he wants unemployment part of the bill lowered to $300 instead of $400 and wants PA_jen Mar 2021 #31
He weakens the party? Without him McConnell would be in charge...think about it...I would love to Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #20
Manchin rso Mar 2021 #11
okay but I see these 2 weakening the Democratic agenda and I worry we lose PA_jen Mar 2021 #13
Manchin rso Mar 2021 #15
There won't be a Democratic agenda without them. And if the left can't see that we need more Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #19
Sometime, some here may actually feel the full impact of the need for empedocles Mar 2021 #16
Have you considered that Manchin & Sinema might know their constituents much better than... Tarheel_Dem Mar 2021 #17
So they can screw people in PA? I know people that got laid off and didn't get PA_jen Mar 2021 #32
How do I know? Did I not just say that Manchin knows his constituents better than you or I? Tarheel_Dem Mar 2021 #35
And Manchin and possibly Sinema would become Republicans and Mcconnell would be back in charge. Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #18
What gives you that impression? You make the claim, a lot. Gore1FL Mar 2021 #23
Simena started out in politics as a very left Green. Blue_true Mar 2021 #28
Why not try the LBJ approach? PhylliPretzel Mar 2021 #22
It's not that Dem Leadership isn't trying hard enough tritsofme Mar 2021 #27
He had that leeway. The processes for handing out goodies was Blue_true Mar 2021 #29
Manchin's not stupid enough to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. meadowlander Mar 2021 #33
More than that... WarGamer Mar 2021 #24
Sinema should be primaried radius777 Mar 2021 #25
I am surprised by Simena. Blue_true Mar 2021 #30
I think she really is conservative now. radius777 Mar 2021 #36
Like I wrote. I believe that she is miscalculating. Blue_true Mar 2021 #37
We need to focus on picking up seats. gldstwmn Mar 2021 #26
Look people, these two think keeping their jobs is more important than making new laws and helping ZonkerHarris Mar 2021 #34
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