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36. I think she really is conservative now.
Tue Mar 2, 2021, 11:14 PM
Mar 2021

Many whites (including white women) drifted rightward after 9-11 and then after Obama was elected.

I'm not from AZ but did follow her election out of curiosity. She ran almost as a center-right independent, without any visible indication in her ads of being a Dem.

To your other post above, Sinema did grow up working class and it was a selling point in her campaign. Which makes her opposition to raising the minimum wage and other conservative positions all the more disappointing.

A mainstream liberal Dem (ie one ideologically like Biden, such as Hobbs or Gallego as I mentioned above) can easily defeat Sinema in a primary, and would have a better chance in the general election than she would. She has no real appeal to any particular segment of the electorate, and being viewed as obstructionist when her state needs help is not desirable to voters.

Manchin & Sinema [View all] PA_jen Mar 2021 OP
Bookmarking. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2021 #1
Cause being in the the minority sucks. dem4decades Mar 2021 #2
I don't know about Sinema but in Manchins WV 63% of West Virginians support raising the minimum wage Autumn Mar 2021 #3
Lose one of them and say hello to Majority Leader McConnell. Hoyt Mar 2021 #4
Manchin holds the keys to the majority leader's office. tritsofme Mar 2021 #5
the real test will come when the 11 usd (it wont be 15usd) is added to a Defence appropriation bill Celerity Mar 2021 #6
The people that vote for them don't care what the DNC or Schumer do or say JI7 Mar 2021 #7
+1 ChazII Mar 2021 #8
I've met Manchin, and I'll give your rant all the consideration it deserves... brooklynite Mar 2021 #9
a compromise is in order, 11/hr for WV and 15 for everyone else nt msongs Mar 2021 #10
Well, you keep him. I feel he is weakens the party. I feel a strong democrat can PA_jen Mar 2021 #12
I don't rely on "feelings"...I rely on facts and data brooklynite Mar 2021 #14
Manchin won re-election in 2018 by 3%/19,000 votes. Fiendish Thingy Mar 2021 #21
What about the fact he wants unemployment part of the bill lowered to $300 instead of $400 and wants PA_jen Mar 2021 #31
He weakens the party? Without him McConnell would be in charge...think about it...I would love to Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #20
Manchin rso Mar 2021 #11
okay but I see these 2 weakening the Democratic agenda and I worry we lose PA_jen Mar 2021 #13
Manchin rso Mar 2021 #15
There won't be a Democratic agenda without them. And if the left can't see that we need more Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #19
Sometime, some here may actually feel the full impact of the need for empedocles Mar 2021 #16
Have you considered that Manchin & Sinema might know their constituents much better than... Tarheel_Dem Mar 2021 #17
So they can screw people in PA? I know people that got laid off and didn't get PA_jen Mar 2021 #32
How do I know? Did I not just say that Manchin knows his constituents better than you or I? Tarheel_Dem Mar 2021 #35
And Manchin and possibly Sinema would become Republicans and Mcconnell would be back in charge. Demsrule86 Mar 2021 #18
What gives you that impression? You make the claim, a lot. Gore1FL Mar 2021 #23
Simena started out in politics as a very left Green. Blue_true Mar 2021 #28
Why not try the LBJ approach? PhylliPretzel Mar 2021 #22
It's not that Dem Leadership isn't trying hard enough tritsofme Mar 2021 #27
He had that leeway. The processes for handing out goodies was Blue_true Mar 2021 #29
Manchin's not stupid enough to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. meadowlander Mar 2021 #33
More than that... WarGamer Mar 2021 #24
Sinema should be primaried radius777 Mar 2021 #25
I am surprised by Simena. Blue_true Mar 2021 #30
I think she really is conservative now. radius777 Mar 2021 #36
Like I wrote. I believe that she is miscalculating. Blue_true Mar 2021 #37
We need to focus on picking up seats. gldstwmn Mar 2021 #26
Look people, these two think keeping their jobs is more important than making new laws and helping ZonkerHarris Mar 2021 #34
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