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20. Like Joe Biden, President Obama has a beautiful smile
Mon Oct 15, 2012, 09:26 AM
Oct 2012

Many, many people (at least the sane ones) will be delighted by his smile.

Smile on, Mr President!

Intern Killer demands Obama curl into the fetal position ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2012 #1
You nailed it malaise Oct 2012 #2
Chucky Toad tried to cheer him up by telling him the fundamentals of the race had changed. demgrrrll Oct 2012 #3
Ignore Fuckie Todd malaise Oct 2012 #4
His buddy, Mutt Lauer lead with "Mitt is the 'frontrunner'" this morning. GoCubsGo Oct 2012 #5
CBS news was doing the same shit too. Hubert Flottz Oct 2012 #12
There is a pattern here..and it is the same as 2000 and 2004 INdemo Oct 2012 #14
Something Scab said scared me ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2012 #34
It is just pointing in that direction.All these right wing hacks INdemo Oct 2012 #38
Yep, and with Mitt Romney's "momentum" (sic), if he doesn't leave the President in a LaydeeBug Oct 2012 #26
Yes but would you agree ..with an Obama clear win the media will still praise INdemo Oct 2012 #39
Oh, they're going to anyway, which is why WE say we expect Romney to PULVERIZE him LaydeeBug Oct 2012 #40
I don't think he will (or should) simply because that's not really characteristic of him. NYC Liberal Oct 2012 #6
It's just setting up a frame Denzil_DC Oct 2012 #7
Yes indeed malaise Oct 2012 #15
Terrified? No, I think they are hoping he will laugh. Tennessee Gal Oct 2012 #8
And Obama has a wonderful laugh C_U_L8R Oct 2012 #9
Agreed malaise Oct 2012 #16
That's a Joe Biden thing. Obama would look stupid to mimic Joe Biden LynneSin Oct 2012 #10
They are going to slam the President no matter what he does. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #23
I think we should all be laughing at republicans right now. porphyrian Oct 2012 #11
That's my take as well malaise Oct 2012 #13
Really. If we had privatized Social Security under Bush, half of the Boomers would collect nothing. porphyrian Oct 2012 #17
Yet, many of these boomers will vote for Romney. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #24
I hope most of them know better than that. porphyrian Oct 2012 #27
When you are blinded by racism, you don't care if you vote against your own best interest. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #28
I didn't know that many Boomers were blinded by racism, but I suppose some are. porphyrian Oct 2012 #31
Many are. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #33
They do but we know otherwise malaise Oct 2012 #29
Ha! Yeah. n/t porphyrian Oct 2012 #30
There's no pleasing some people. eShirl Oct 2012 #18
? mgardener Oct 2012 #19
Like Joe Biden, President Obama has a beautiful smile rhiannon55 Oct 2012 #20
the funny thing rtracey Oct 2012 #21
I'm hoping Obama throws in a good "spit take". Taking a drink of his water as brewens Oct 2012 #22
Obama should call out every lie. DaveJ Oct 2012 #25
The Republicans are a defunct party rock Oct 2012 #32
here's the thing...Obama has an awesome, genuine smile/laugh...Mitt just sound creepy. Sheepshank Oct 2012 #35
I hope he laughs malaise Oct 2012 #36
He probably will-- a gentle ironic laugh andym Oct 2012 #37
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