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Intern Killer demands Obama curl into the fetal position ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2012 #1
You nailed it malaise Oct 2012 #2
Chucky Toad tried to cheer him up by telling him the fundamentals of the race had changed. demgrrrll Oct 2012 #3
Ignore Fuckie Todd malaise Oct 2012 #4
His buddy, Mutt Lauer lead with "Mitt is the 'frontrunner'" this morning. GoCubsGo Oct 2012 #5
CBS news was doing the same shit too. Hubert Flottz Oct 2012 #12
There is a pattern here..and it is the same as 2000 and 2004 INdemo Oct 2012 #14
Something Scab said scared me ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2012 #34
It is just pointing in that direction.All these right wing hacks INdemo Oct 2012 #38
Yep, and with Mitt Romney's "momentum" (sic), if he doesn't leave the President in a LaydeeBug Oct 2012 #26
Yes but would you agree ..with an Obama clear win the media will still praise INdemo Oct 2012 #39
Oh, they're going to anyway, which is why WE say we expect Romney to PULVERIZE him LaydeeBug Oct 2012 #40
I don't think he will (or should) simply because that's not really characteristic of him. NYC Liberal Oct 2012 #6
It's just setting up a frame Denzil_DC Oct 2012 #7
Yes indeed malaise Oct 2012 #15
Terrified? No, I think they are hoping he will laugh. Tennessee Gal Oct 2012 #8
And Obama has a wonderful laugh C_U_L8R Oct 2012 #9
Agreed malaise Oct 2012 #16
That's a Joe Biden thing. Obama would look stupid to mimic Joe Biden LynneSin Oct 2012 #10
They are going to slam the President no matter what he does. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #23
I think we should all be laughing at republicans right now. porphyrian Oct 2012 #11
That's my take as well malaise Oct 2012 #13
Really. If we had privatized Social Security under Bush, half of the Boomers would collect nothing. porphyrian Oct 2012 #17
Yet, many of these boomers will vote for Romney. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #24
I hope most of them know better than that. porphyrian Oct 2012 #27
When you are blinded by racism, you don't care if you vote against your own best interest. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #28
I didn't know that many Boomers were blinded by racism, but I suppose some are. porphyrian Oct 2012 #31
Many are. ywcachieve Oct 2012 #33
They do but we know otherwise malaise Oct 2012 #29
Ha! Yeah. n/t porphyrian Oct 2012 #30
There's no pleasing some people. eShirl Oct 2012 #18
? mgardener Oct 2012 #19
Like Joe Biden, President Obama has a beautiful smile rhiannon55 Oct 2012 #20
the funny thing rtracey Oct 2012 #21
I'm hoping Obama throws in a good "spit take". Taking a drink of his water as brewens Oct 2012 #22
Obama should call out every lie. DaveJ Oct 2012 #25
The Republicans are a defunct party rock Oct 2012 #32
here's the thing...Obama has an awesome, genuine smile/laugh...Mitt just sound creepy. Sheepshank Oct 2012 #35
I hope he laughs malaise Oct 2012 #36
He probably will-- a gentle ironic laugh andym Oct 2012 #37
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