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25. Describe any facet of this "multi-pronged approach...
Tue Jul 27, 2021, 05:03 PM
Jul 2021

that both sides of the aisle can embrace”.

Not necessarily in fine grained detail, just gimme an idea of what you envision.

When vaccinated people's children start dying from COVID en masse, there is going to be violence. roamer65 Jul 2021 #1
During a national crisis, TFG followers not only refused to help the rest of us, they sabotaged brewens Jul 2021 #2
Yup! They don't have to take the vaccine but they have no right to infect others. They can die .. Botany Jul 2021 #3
Is Vaxed America Running Out of Patience? LetMyPeopleVote Jul 2021 #4
Every death after March 2021 is on the heads of anti-vaxxers and TFG's supporters NightWatcher Jul 2021 #5
A novel thought.. SayitAintSo Jul 2021 #6
I have been saying much of the same thing since the CDC statements on (un)masking went out. Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #17
I have not quit wearing a mask after my vaccines, I still social distance. 2Gingersnaps Jul 2021 #21
Describe any facet of this "multi-pronged approach... ret5hd Jul 2021 #25
Treatment options #1 SayitAintSo Jul 2021 #43
Oohhh...this quack: ret5hd Jul 2021 #44
Or this one.. SayitAintSo Jul 2021 #45
Wait. We are angry with people who don't trust the experts... vanlassie Jul 2021 #26
"Do not have to wear" is not the same as "should not wear" Salviati Jul 2021 #31
But the suggestion was that the vaccinated vanlassie Jul 2021 #36
The Biden administration is pursuing best science. mjvpi Jul 2021 #30
Unlikely that the vaccinated would incubate new variants. myccrider Jul 2021 #42
Maybe this helps... SayitAintSo Jul 2021 #46
Damn right, we're tired of this shit and it will still be on our minds come next election. rickyhall Jul 2021 #7
Exactly. Anger motivates voters. Ask any GOP strategist. Midnight Writer Jul 2021 #19
Traitor Greene will be re-elected in a landslide. AZ8theist Jul 2021 #23
Vaxxed probably also mad learning about breakthroughs leftstreet Jul 2021 #8
I'm pretty pissed about it. My family went for over a year without celebrating birthdays and Arkansas Granny Jul 2021 #9
Above the fold on homegirl Jul 2021 #18
I remember polio and went to school with a couple of kids that had survived. Arkansas Granny Jul 2021 #34
Damn right I'm pissed off! Initech Jul 2021 #10
What would FDR do? radius777 Jul 2021 #11
Anti-vaccers are entitled to nothing but disdain. Paladin Jul 2021 #12
+1 ffr Jul 2021 #14
It's a tiny tiny needle! I could barely feel it at all! lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #29
I would like to see unvaccinated people barred from all public spaces SoonerPride Jul 2021 #13
Here's my input: RainCaster Jul 2021 #15
U.S. Confirmed Cases: 34,256,255 -- U.S. Deaths: 605,780 Larissa Jul 2021 #16
have to read this later. thanks for posting nt orleans Jul 2021 #20
yes demtenjeep Jul 2021 #22
K&R for, I'm *there*! UTUSN Jul 2021 #24
Come on, FDA! At least let people protect their kids! lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #27
Sent a letter this afternoon MontanaMama Jul 2021 #32
They could do it for teachers, not yet for students. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #39
Carrots have done as much as they will do, it's time for the goddamn stick. Salviati Jul 2021 #28
And the ignorant will die YoshidaYui Jul 2021 #33
Damn right! Jail the bastard and his cronies. lagomorph777 Jul 2021 #40
Staff at Florida hospital hear panic, fear and regret from unvaccinated patients Larissa Jul 2021 #35
I'm really angry - but not just at the unvaccinated - also at the CDC, and the vaccinated who can't Ms. Toad Jul 2021 #37
I have two granddaughters. Texaswitchy Jul 2021 #38
"Society will just have to wait for us." Oh, really? shrike3 Jul 2021 #41
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