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19. Jan 6th, 2025.
Wed Aug 18, 2021, 07:29 AM
Aug 2021

I have friends in two camps.

One camp of friends say that Dems need to wait until this Afghanistan stuff dies down, but other friends say that the GQP won't let this Afghanistan 'thing' die down and are hopeful that they can get as far away from Jan. 6th as they can--change direction as far away from the insurrection/sedition on Capital Hill that racist, election-stealing tReasonous tRump and his fellow racist, election-stealing crazy cult lovers caused.

I think they will scream about it Bettie Aug 2021 #1
The Trump embeds are deep. Just wonder if there was anything going on to make Biden look joetheman Aug 2021 #39
Benghazi on steroids GPV Aug 2021 #2
But Obama still won. Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #20
Because Hillary took the blame ansible Aug 2021 #34
I think it will, but by then the situation will probably have calmed down a lot. MoonRiver Aug 2021 #3
I hope you're right orangecrush Aug 2021 #4
3.5 years is a lifetime in politics. PLUS its what Americans wanted onetexan Aug 2021 #21
Only if Republicans take over the House in 2022. OAITW r.2.0 Aug 2021 #5
Ding Ding Ding exboyfil Aug 2021 #8
+1 Hugin Aug 2021 #26
But what will their angle be? Mad_Machine76 Aug 2021 #37
Afghanistan rso Aug 2021 #6
It shouldn't be at all. a kennedy Aug 2021 #7
Maybe - but did TFG get hit with Syria withdrawal and abandoning the Kurds? haele Aug 2021 #9
Maybe he did. TFG did lose, after all. bluewater Aug 2021 #10
Don't remember it being a campaign issue. haele Aug 2021 #11
Covid cost Trump tbe presidency...his bungling of it. The GOP went to the mat with Benghazi Demsrule86 Aug 2021 #22
No, people took revenge on him for his COVID genocide. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #15
Scared to answer honestly greenjar_01 Aug 2021 #12
It won't be an important issue. BlueCheeseAgain Aug 2021 #13
WHEN are Dems going to start investigations into the Jan. 6th insurrection started by tRump? LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #14
Jan 6th, 2025. lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #16
Jan 6th, 2025. LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #19
We have to keep pointing out that this was Trump's deal (and Junior Bush's creation) lagomorph777 Aug 2021 #24
We have to keep pointing out that this was Trump's deal (and Junior Bush's creation). LenaBaby61 Aug 2021 #38
I doubt it. Elessar Zappa Aug 2021 #17
no, but R's will call democrats soft because that is what they do RANDYWILDMAN Aug 2021 #18
It will be because Republicans have nothing else. Democrats need to remind them Vinca Aug 2021 #23
People will forget this shit in a few months Thrill Aug 2021 #25
2024, Afghanistan, what's Afghanistan? marie999 Aug 2021 #27
Yes, but not a very effective one. Happy Hoosier Aug 2021 #28
The GQP is desperate to find something, anything to use against President Biden. BlueIdaho Aug 2021 #29
It's entirely too early to tell inwiththenew Aug 2021 #30
the economy will be bigger issue Demovictory9 Aug 2021 #31
I say it depends forthemiddle Aug 2021 #32
No, I don't expect the Republican nominee to be a neo-con Polybius Aug 2021 #33
Not sure yet. Republicans would like to turn it into Benghazi, of course. GoodRaisin Aug 2021 #35
This goes beyond Biden, Afghanistan will be an issue for decades to come ansible Aug 2021 #36
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