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9. We have them stashed all over the place.
Fri Oct 8, 2021, 01:28 PM
Oct 2021

From the basic to the most protective, each car has a collection. The linen closet has bags of them. My purse always has about 4 of them but when I do not take the entire thing with me the car is supplied.

When I take it off I am usually outside and getting to the car so I just carry it.

I had my very first reaction since at the store yesterday for the first time I felt like we were the only people wearing masks. One lady (I thought of her as an old lady but that isn't fair as I have somehow become one of those myself!) without a mask rolled her eyes dramatically and obviously at me and mouthed the word idiot. I pictured her in a coffin and that was enough for that episode. I was quite proud because I wanted to "wrassle" her to the floor and punch her.

Sorry I went too far. I carry it.

Sits in the front seat of my car. jimfields33 Oct 2021 #1
Yep. Me too. CTyankee Oct 2021 #4
Same here lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #13
I put mine on the dashboard of my car, since sunlight is good for masks. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Oct 2021 #2
Same here. A couple days in the sun in a hot car should kill any virus. Klaralven Oct 2021 #24
I have a bag by the garage door full AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2021 #3
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2021 #10
The bag by the door is reusable cloth ones AZSkiffyGeek Oct 2021 #12
Post removed Post removed Oct 2021 #17
I make ear buddies with a scrap of fabric stillcool Oct 2021 #5
Under my straw hat or baseball cap while out and about Backseat Driver Oct 2021 #6
In a ziploc bag Danmel Oct 2021 #7
I'm surprised mask quilts aren't a thing. nolabear Oct 2021 #22
on my person? Back pocket. Otherwise? Car cup holder Amishman Oct 2021 #8
We have them stashed all over the place. MuseRider Oct 2021 #9
When I'm heading into a building that doesn't appear very busy, I put it on my Vinca Oct 2021 #11
Yikes. lagomorph777 Oct 2021 #14
I guess it depends on where you live. I do business in the country's most vaccinated state Vinca Oct 2021 #16
Same obamanut2012 Oct 2021 #18
Folded in my purse. n/t Greybnk48 Oct 2021 #15
I mostly wear jeans, and there's a mask in the back pocket of each. There's some in my purse... Hekate Oct 2021 #19
When I wore them more, kept one in back pocket... VarryOn Oct 2021 #20
Looped over door handle or turn signal post of car. Wingus Dingus Oct 2021 #21
Mine also hang on the turn signal handle LeftInTX Oct 2021 #27
Always a set folded in my purse. My most reliable because always Hortensis Oct 2021 #23
No single place. Jirel Oct 2021 #25
Looped over my car's gear shifter chia Oct 2021 #26
Gearshift nt XanaDUer2 Oct 2021 #28
Car console Freddie Oct 2021 #29
I voted Other... Lars39 Oct 2021 #30
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