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17. PART of it, at least.
Fri Nov 26, 2021, 01:12 AM
Nov 2021
It's mostly driven by the pseudochristian cults. Jews are always their target. Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #1
And if that isn't the complete explanation... Septua Nov 2021 #8
Yes. nt Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #9
Facebook. Initech Nov 2021 #2
I would if I knew. Same reason as hatred of anyone not just like them? I don't think they would be LoisB Nov 2021 #3
They love Israel because MurrayDelph Nov 2021 #26
Confuse a Christian by asking them what parts of the Bible they follow if it is the word of God LonePirate Nov 2021 #32
Not sure I Delphinus Nov 2021 #4
Here's some good reading about anti-semitism since you never heard about it emulatorloo Nov 2021 #12
Us vs Them elleng Nov 2021 #18
thanks for your comprehensive research. i tried google and others with AllaN01Bear Nov 2021 #34
interisting link AllaN01Bear Nov 2021 #35
More correctly, that's ISRAEL's treatment of Palestinians. elleng Nov 2021 #13
True. Delphinus Nov 2021 #33
Are there any Jews around in your area... electric_blue68 Nov 2021 #29
Here's some info... Progressive Jones Nov 2021 #5
What the hell? DURHAM D Nov 2021 #7
Antisemitism has been around for hundreds of years. Ron Green Nov 2021 #6
Thanks elleng Nov 2021 #15
It's been going on in the world for thousands of years. jalan48 Nov 2021 #10
Yes it has. elleng Nov 2021 #16
Cause this country is stupid as shit Cosmocat Nov 2021 #11
A lot of it is because the Catholic church banned usury, and Jews became synonymous with usury. sop Nov 2021 #14
PART of it, at least. elleng Nov 2021 #17
One of the right's favorite anti-Semitic tropes is that of the "money-grubbing, Jewish Banker." sop Nov 2021 #20
Anti-Semitism at its worst. Aristus Nov 2021 #28
White xtian supremacy, fragility and jealousy. radius777 Nov 2021 #19
not 'BUT also' dangerous, elleng Nov 2021 #21
No, the far-right views Nordic whites as most intelligent, radius777 Nov 2021 #23
I feel 'devious or parasitic intelligence' directly related to 'usury' issue mentioned elsewhere, elleng Nov 2021 #24
Yes, I agree, it goes back that far and probably before that. radius777 Nov 2021 #25
Are you sure it's xtian supremacy and only that? jcmaine72 Nov 2021 #30
as a people, they are studious, hard working and intelligent with close knit families Shellback Squid Nov 2021 #22
Where are you seeing it? n/t left-of-center2012 Nov 2021 #27
Maybe they stumbled across a Louis Farrakhan speech on YouTube. jcmaine72 Nov 2021 #31
The current antisemitism is tapping into an ancient well peggysue2 Nov 2021 #36
I wish I knew myself. ForgedCrank Nov 2021 #37
Poor white trash think Jews have money traitorsgalore Nov 2021 #38
Goes back to pagan Roman days. Emperor Hadrian did hs best to exterminate the Jews. Kaleva Nov 2021 #39
Jews ritually sacrifice Christian children at Passover to obtain blood for unleavened bread. Brother Buzz Nov 2021 #40
It has always been here...we refused to help stop the atrocities in Germany during WWII... Demsrule86 Nov 2021 #41
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