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35. There have been plenty of clues that professional people are stupid
Sun Jan 16, 2022, 04:05 PM
Jan 2022

throughout history. And I agree it goes with being graady, and I would add arrogant.

But you don't have to know all of human history to grasp how stupid and arrogant they are.

All you need to do is go through the history of the United States in the 20th and 21st (so far) centuries and set side be side tax provision, regulatory provisions, and corparate earnings (adjusted for inflation). It's not all that hard to see that businessed overall are must successful under Democratic leadership. And that is also true of themiddle class - it is stringest uneder Democratic leadership as well.But, you know, stupidity - and arrogance especially - people think they know better.

Small claims court ? make him show up Tetrachloride Jan 2022 #1
Would this fall under health care worker cilla4progress Jan 2022 #2
Possibly. GB_RN Jan 2022 #24
why the hell does a nursing home allowed unmasked employees? Takket Jan 2022 #3
My dad was living in a very upscale assisted living residence vanlassie Jan 2022 #5
You should look at the crowd of owners DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #17
This one apparently is Catholic Church owned. nolabear Jan 2022 #40
One would think that the catholics DENVERPOPS Jan 2022 #43
Who knows who's making the rules. The place doesn't seem neglectful. nolabear Jan 2022 #45
Our local diocese hosts vaccination clinics. shrike3 Jan 2022 #60
Only in that bishops in red areas tend to be red. shrike3 Jan 2022 #61
John Oliver's episode on this is one for the ages mdelaguna Jan 2022 #31
I know many people with elderly in nursing homes. shrike3 Jan 2022 #62
I don't know the details of MS, but some areas are allowing positive vaccinated to work cadoman Jan 2022 #6
I don't know either but it's a nightmare. And it hit them. nolabear Jan 2022 #15
And they're short handed because they pay shitty wages TexasBushwhacker Jan 2022 #28
Because management doesn't wnylib Jan 2022 #23
I am so sorry mdelaguna Jan 2022 #32
That kind of work is done largely by women without a college degree. It does not Maru Kitteh Jan 2022 #63
A lot depends on the atmosphere wnylib Jan 2022 #64
The combo of ignorance and arrogance yorkster Jan 2022 #4
Why are workers sitting "for hours"? BlackSkimmer Jan 2022 #7
Security. Checking people in and out of the facility. nolabear Jan 2022 #11
Your statement below weighs heavy on me too. onecaliberal Jan 2022 #8
No kidding, my friend. calimary Jan 2022 #20
Part of it is the work culture in the US for mixing "sick days" and "personal days". Claustrum Jan 2022 #9
It's true. We shame the sick, and don't provide for them at all. nolabear Jan 2022 #13
Yes, there is a work culture that punishes people for taking sick days. Claustrum Jan 2022 #19
Very true. In some people's minds all possible absents are rolled up and used for vacation captain queeg Jan 2022 #30
And there are employers who ACTIVELY discourage taking sick days, which imo, is an outrage. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #47
And the root of the problem comes from the policies and stance of republicans. Claustrum Jan 2022 #50
Absolutely correct. ShazzieB Jan 2022 #55
Same way this culture views/treats the poor misanthrope Jan 2022 #66
I would have refused to let her in. wnylib Jan 2022 #25
I was at my parents house and our culture (I am an immigrant) don't let me to talk or make decisions Claustrum Jan 2022 #29
I can understand that kind of pressure. wnylib Jan 2022 #36
Thank you for sharing your story. Claustrum Jan 2022 #39
Glad that it had a good outcome for your dad. wnylib Jan 2022 #41
I wouldn't call it culture. multigraincracker Jan 2022 #33
I don't know. I don't see the same phenomena in other countries who also has free market capitalism. Claustrum Jan 2022 #34
That would be Somalia. multigraincracker Jan 2022 #38
It has less to do with capitalism but that I would be a gem/virus spreader that I am. Claustrum Jan 2022 #42
Sue him for what? And how do you prove he made anyone else sick? My MIL was in a senior Doodley Jan 2022 #10
Not him. The place. For letting him stay there nolabear Jan 2022 #12
You might get some satisfaction wnylib Jan 2022 #26
Honestly, anonymity is the only reason I posted it here. nolabear Jan 2022 #44
I hadn't thought about repercussions wnylib Jan 2022 #48
Disappointing how it got through mask and vaccine and she got very sick IronLionZion Jan 2022 #14
To avoid being infected by a maskhole, one needs to wear an N95 and the mask has to fit well, LisaL Jan 2022 #16
Exactly. All we can do is protect ourselves. radius777 Jan 2022 #67
We have to start telling people around us to put on masks. LisaL Jan 2022 #18
Damn! The facility should fire the culprit... a danger to their clients and staff. Karadeniz Jan 2022 #21
It's not that business owners are stupid... Chicago1980 Jan 2022 #22
Last paragraph...spot on. Sad. eom LittleGirl Jan 2022 #27
There have been plenty of clues that professional people are stupid soldierant Jan 2022 #35
Arrogance especially. No truer words. nolabear Jan 2022 #46
You are right that business do well under democratic leadership. Claustrum Jan 2022 #56
Unfortunately there's a half thread saying we are all going to get it and some will die progree Jan 2022 #37
Ugh. Pinback Jan 2022 #54
In California this would be illegal. It should be everywhere. Liberty Belle Jan 2022 #49
I think the rules are that, officially. Clearly they didn't enforce them. nolabear Jan 2022 #51
There should be liability here - these companies need to protect their workers and residents FakeNoose Jan 2022 #53
Right to work (sick)? IzzaNuDay Jan 2022 #52
That's what boggles my mind! nolabear Jan 2022 #58
More patients are getting COVID-19 during hospital stays. ... because infected healthcare workers progree Jan 2022 #57
As someone who gets help from a Catholic agency... electric_blue68 Jan 2022 #59
I am glad that your sister got monoclonal antibodies LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2022 #65
I thought it was the law that healthcare workers have to be vaccinated? Emile Jan 2022 #68
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