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35. That's an excellent description.
Sat Feb 19, 2022, 11:07 AM
Feb 2022

I've been thinking of it as "adaptable to change" vs. "cannot tolerate change".

As soon as it became apparent that Covid was spread through the air and masks would help, I started wearing masks every day. Sewed my own at first and switched to N95s when they became available. I felt like that was a trivial change to make, considering how much protection it affords. The switch to curbside grocery pickup and only getting takeout from restaurants is not a problem either, although I do look forward to a time when that's no longer necessary.

It's stunned me how many people cannot stand the idea of doing any of that. They don't want to get vaccinated, they don't want to wear masks, they don't want to stop having parties or going out to eat or doing any of the things they used to do. They want life to go on as it was before Covid, without doing any of the things that will protect them from Covid. I guess the mountain of lies they believe is necessary to maintain their bubble of delusion. They simply cannot tolerate making the changes that would keep them healthy and alive.

I also wonder how much of it is introversion vs extroversion. I am strongly introverted, so giving up going to shows, movies and get-togethers with friends for a while is not a big deal for me. I guess it would feel like torture for someone who is strongly extroverted.

It makes perfect sense really jimfields33 Feb 2022 #1
This section is beyond maddening: Celerity Feb 2022 #2
Yep. Desert_Leslie Feb 2022 #15
"Every wo(man) for themselves." shrike3 Feb 2022 #34
America is dividing into tomorrow and yesterday sanatanadharma Feb 2022 #3
Hit the nail on the head Desert_Leslie Feb 2022 #16
One group will be moving forward and other backwards . . . Lovie777 Feb 2022 #23
That's an excellent description. tanyev Feb 2022 #35
Not just Musk. Ellison of Oracle also. Diablo del sol Feb 2022 #54
I live in an NC county that went 80.2% Biden mnhtnbb Feb 2022 #4
My wife and I are considering retiring to NC Martin Eden Feb 2022 #19
NC is more purple mnhtnbb Feb 2022 #21
Thanks for that info Martin Eden Feb 2022 #24
We are very close Thtwudbeme Feb 2022 #29
I lived in Charlotte until the mid-90's. llmart Feb 2022 #42
So, you don't want to move to a "Red" Country but you want a "Red" policy of lower taxes? brooklynite Feb 2022 #49
We've paid high taxes all our working lives and were OK with it. Martin Eden Feb 2022 #53
Blue States? RetiredRNIowa Feb 2022 #5
California if you have 1.2M for a medium sized home Demovictory9 Feb 2022 #6
Depends on where, though... Silver Gaia Feb 2022 #25
I've been saying that since the 1980s Retrograde Feb 2022 #51
We live in the Sacramento area. We got an excellent deal on our home Silver Gaia Feb 2022 #56
Come to NC and help turn us blue! mnhtnbb Feb 2022 #7
highly educated population Demovictory9 Feb 2022 #8
Yes. UNC Chapel Hill and Duke 20 minutes from me mnhtnbb Feb 2022 #9
I had thought of NC years ago, but retired now Sherman A1 Feb 2022 #11
I lived in St Joseph for 6 years mnhtnbb Feb 2022 #13
You need to get out a little! :) Come on up to Thtwudbeme Feb 2022 #30
Southern Maine mainer Feb 2022 #14
I move fairly often, every 5 to 10 years. multigraincracker Feb 2022 #10
RE Texas...Liberals are moving there as well...it's purple now, thus the draconian Election laws ashredux Feb 2022 #12
It's become a running joke here in TN that so many folks from California are moving here Docreed2003 Feb 2022 #17
We tend to export the RWers Diablo del sol Feb 2022 #55
I wish more of us would move to red area's. Emile Feb 2022 #18
A once-friend our son grew up with before their ways parted Hortensis Feb 2022 #20
its almost as if Rightwingers expect red areas to be utopias. and some of the "sorting" in 80s/90s Demovictory9 Feb 2022 #22
:) The last time "I drove into Texas" and stopped at a giant new gas station Hortensis Feb 2022 #36
Thats a sad story. Silver Gaia Feb 2022 #27
:) Florida's not my favorite state, but I know too many who Hortensis Feb 2022 #44
I lived in both Coco Beach and Gainesville in the mid-1970s, Silver Gaia Feb 2022 #58
Same in many places before population explosion and development Hortensis Feb 2022 #59
Gosh, it's almost like he took his confusion and discomfort with him . . . hatrack Feb 2022 #28
"Wherever you go, there you are." nt Nay Feb 2022 #31
Exactly. And there he is. Hortensis Feb 2022 #47
Three families have moved from my small little SoCal enclave. Diablo del sol Feb 2022 #57
Repubs: "we don't have to wear masks!" Dems: "they put broken glass in our mailbox" muriel_volestrangler Feb 2022 #26
God, that sucks! ananda Feb 2022 #32
I live in a blue area in Indiana shrike3 Feb 2022 #33
You live in Indy or in Bloomington. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #39
Nope, I live close to Chicago. shrike3 Feb 2022 #40
Ah. Hadn't considered that area, but it makes sense. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #43
Yes, we used to be ignored and it was rather nice. shrike3 Feb 2022 #45
I don't know if I'd call Fort Wayne blue. shrike3 Feb 2022 #41
Oh, right. Liberal Catholicism. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #46
Social Justice Catholicism is not dead here. shrike3 Feb 2022 #48
I never get that split maxsolomon Feb 2022 #52
In the American church, the conservatives pushed back shrike3 Feb 2022 #60
You could not pay me to move to a red state or even a purple one. Raftergirl Feb 2022 #37
This has been happening for decades. maxsolomon Feb 2022 #38
These trumpers ought to be careful where they move in Texas. Liberal In Texas Feb 2022 #50
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