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16. Verbal abuse is also unacceptable. Period.
Mon Mar 28, 2022, 06:36 PM
Mar 2022

I don't see anyone excusing physical violence. I do see a disappointing number of people who are dismissing and downplaying what was done to Jada Pinkett Smith.

The old "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" is outdated thinking. Words CAN and DO cause real harm.

Why has Chris Rock still not apologized for his actions?

Violence is unacceptable. Period. [View all] liberalmediaaddict Mar 2022 OP
Yes SoCalDavidS Mar 2022 #1
The Academy supposedly has a zero tolerance JenniferJuniper Mar 2022 #2
If a stranger had made their way in and punched Rock...n/t leftstreet Mar 2022 #4
Obviously, the Academy DOES NOT HAVE a zero tolerance policy against violence. Raster Mar 2022 #5
Smith is having an emotional / mental breakdown. That should factor. nt LexVegas Mar 2022 #3
Is he? I hadn't heard that... dixiechiken1 Mar 2022 #7
Sure seems like it. If you watch him during and immediately after the joke, he was laughing BlackSkimmer Mar 2022 #10
Thats why I have mixed feelings about the incident. TheRealNorth Mar 2022 #13
If he was that unstable, he should have stayed home. tinrobot Mar 2022 #14
Or possibly just plain drunk Mr.Bill Mar 2022 #19
So is he going to be placed in a conservatorship SoonerPride Mar 2022 #26
Nah Lunabell Mar 2022 #6
Nah. You can't even hit a NAZI, but I would be hard pressed to harshly criticize someone who did. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2022 #9
Well, there is the phrase, "the only good nazi is a dead Nazi". That was from WWII, but madinmaryland Mar 2022 #21
I firmly believe in this. The Grand Illuminist Mar 2022 #8
It's also illegal last time I checked liberalmediaaddict Mar 2022 #12
He was arrested for aggravated assault in 1989 The Grand Illuminist Mar 2022 #15
Yeah, Smith had 40 lbs on Rock. Don't believe for a second Smith slaps Dave Chapple who is swolte uponit7771 Mar 2022 #24
I thought this OP might be about the war in Ukraine, panader0 Mar 2022 #11
Indeed. The placement and investment of passion can be telling Torchlight Mar 2022 #17
Verbal abuse is also unacceptable. Period. pinkstarburst Mar 2022 #16
Comparing Jada to an athletic badass Demi More is "verbal abuse" ?! I'm not getting this at all .. uponit7771 Mar 2022 #22
I disagree. NutmegYankee Mar 2022 #18
To me what's insane is the media referring to it as a "slap". Initech Mar 2022 #20
+1, we all saw Smith LAUGHING too !! Now people are trying to gas light and say he didn't get the uponit7771 Mar 2022 #23
If that's a blanket statement its absurd, violence is perfectly acceptable under some circumstances. Dial H For Hero Mar 2022 #25
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