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Might want to throw in a few BlueGreenLady Jun 2022 #1
Fine with me momta Jun 2022 #2
The Halftime show... Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #3
Perfect! momta Jun 2022 #4
It's only Christians that want to make a public display of their faith. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #5
Really? Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #6
Well spotted. nt BlackSkimmer Jun 2022 #8
in this context. there are no hare krishna football coaches. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #11
No one is calling you a hypocrite. Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #19
OK. Thanks for the correction. maxsolomon Jun 2022 #24
Anything - even a hare krishna football coach - is a possibility Totally Tunsie Jun 2022 #25
Public displays of Christian piety. It's a performance. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #7
Obviously they need it. rubbersole Jun 2022 #9
You can say that again. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #12
Have you ever visited a country where there are (quite loud) calls to prayer on a regular basis? BlackSkimmer Jun 2022 #10
Yeah - and theirs is a different country, a different culture. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #13
Well, you seem to have moved the goal post there just a wee bit. BlackSkimmer Jun 2022 #16
Implicit agreement that we're talking about current events in the U.S. Duncan Grant Jun 2022 #21
Actually in a section of Brooklyn where I would shop not that far from my neighborhood there were... electric_blue68 Jun 2022 #27
Yes. I lived in Turkey for 15 months while in the USAF. MineralMan Jun 2022 #14
Yes, it sure is. BlackSkimmer Jun 2022 #18
Well, unlike many countries, we have a constitution that MineralMan Jun 2022 #20
I absolutely agree with your points there. BlackSkimmer Jun 2022 #22
Yes, I know. And you were right to do so. MineralMan Jun 2022 #23
People should start booing. roamer65 Jun 2022 #15
The next time Kaepernick or anyone else takes a knee, Sogo Jun 2022 #17
+1, uponit7771 Jun 2022 #26
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