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Oh, SNAP!! Lunabell Sep 2022 #1
OH!!!!!! Donnie ain't gonna' be happy with THAT!! MyOwnPeace Sep 2022 #2
I kinda wonder the same thing. FoxNewsSucks Sep 2022 #20
They stupidly thought Dearie would be an FBI skeptic and would be biased against the FBI. SunSeeker Sep 2022 #43
That's what happens when you live in a fantasy world where you think you make the rules. Midnight Writer Sep 2022 #57
Yup. nt SunSeeker Sep 2022 #58
True. Chellee Sep 2022 #64
Hahahahahahahaha tavernier Sep 2022 #3
Flying buckets of ketchup, Batman! yardwork Sep 2022 #4
😆😆👍👍 underpants Sep 2022 #8
Sorry, underpants...... MyOwnPeace Sep 2022 #26
😆 underpants Sep 2022 #34
This brings me joy MustLoveBeagles Sep 2022 #5
Me too! rubbersole Sep 2022 #11
Oh, I hadn't heard that. Thanks! Hermit-The-Prog Sep 2022 #6
500.00 per hour to dot the I's and cross the T's Historic NY Sep 2022 #44
Damn, Skippy The Magistrate Sep 2022 #7
No more Malarkey WheelWalker Sep 2022 #36
No malarkey in that judge's courtroom, Sir... Hekate Sep 2022 #41
Kick dalton99a Sep 2022 #9
Baaaahahahaaaaaaaaa! TY Judge Dearie (& iluvtennis) electric_blue68 Sep 2022 #10
The Judges question was professional and responsible BOSSHOG Sep 2022 #12
SO good! elleng Sep 2022 #13
K&R UTUSN Sep 2022 #14
Suck it Donny you fat piece of shit Blue Owl Sep 2022 #15
Dignifed. Polite. Factual. And a major FU BURN! Golden Raisin Sep 2022 #16
Yes! A real judge is in charge. Martin68 Sep 2022 #17
only because he was appointed raising2moredems Sep 2022 #30
For those of us luddites wirhout IG, please? nt intrepidity Sep 2022 #18
Here: Elessar Zappa Sep 2022 #19
Ah, hahah nice, thanks nt intrepidity Sep 2022 #21
Dearie has probably been disgusted like most of us and will bring to Trump world a dose of reality. Pepsidog Sep 2022 #22
You would like to 'believe' that those who make a living in the 'legal system' MyOwnPeace Sep 2022 #31
As an attorney in NJ I couldn't get away with TFG lawyers in and out of court antics without a trip Pepsidog Sep 2022 #50
Well said....... MyOwnPeace Sep 2022 #52
The Democrats could not have recommended a better judge Stinky The Clown Sep 2022 #23
Posted this comment on September 5th Mme. Defarge Sep 2022 #24
Yeah. I'm tired of that shit, too. dchill Sep 2022 #25
I am sick of people on the so-called "news channels" referring to him as president trump SouthernDem4ever Sep 2022 #27
Always tempted to refer to "President Carter" GopherGal Sep 2022 #54
Turns out having a "special master" is kind of fun Ohioboy Sep 2022 #28
"Yes my Master!" Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #33
THIS orangecrush Sep 2022 #39
Love this Joinfortmill Sep 2022 #29
Our Dear judge Dearie Has Had Just About Enough of the Treasonous Assault on Democracy Beetwasher. Sep 2022 #32
Any Judge who at least pays attention to the orange jeezus's public behavior Justice matters. Sep 2022 #37
I'm confused . . . AverageOldGuy Sep 2022 #35
I think orangecrush Sep 2022 #38
Judge Dearie orangecrush Sep 2022 #40
Well done, Judge Dearie! ShazzieB Sep 2022 #42
Burned like a bug in a zapper. Zitttt. twodogsbarking Sep 2022 #45
Hmmm empedocles Sep 2022 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author empedocles Sep 2022 #47
Now we know why he is called a Special Master Botany Sep 2022 #48
I can stop yelling it at the TV now wryter2000 Sep 2022 #49
The TFG clarification Zambero Sep 2022 #51
Judge Deary is the gift that keeps on giving Heather MC Sep 2022 #53
Oh dearie, Disaffected Sep 2022 #55
"My house, my rules." sarge43 Sep 2022 #56
Perfect! Wake UP Trusty it's Cha Sep 2022 #59
what did the masochist say to the judge? getagrip_already Sep 2022 #60
"Reality" bites red don's legal team not fooled Sep 2022 #61
That was awesome! Catherine Vincent Sep 2022 #62
Pop goes the weasel. GreenWave Sep 2022 #63
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