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Martin Eden

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22. Hate "has to be constantly cultivated"
Thu Nov 24, 2022, 08:16 AM
Nov 2022

That cultivation can come from within, or from deliberate manipulation by outside sources.

Individuals suffering psychological pain and fear are capable of becoming serial killers or mass murderers as their mental pathologies grow from early trauma and a lack of the sustaining human relationships we all need. Where love is absent, a person can cultivate hatred and turn it loose on others through horrific acts of violence.

John Lennon was onto something with "All you need is Love." We also need food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, etc., but it takes a special kind of inner strength and mental discipline (such as Rubin had) to keep your shit together in the absence of direct and sustained contact with human kindness and love.

It is a tragedy and a failure when children and people of all ages are abused or denied the nurturing all human beings need.

It is evil and destructive to society when ambitious politicians deliberately cultivate hatred pursuant to their own wealth, fame, and power. They know how to manipulate the insecurity, ignorance, and prejudice in their target audience by turning kernels of truth into crops of lies then placing the blame on "others" who are not like them. Add to that the unfettered access to high powered firearms designed for rapid killing.

Thusly we can at least partially understand the horrific plague of mass shootings in our country. Human psychology and motivation haven't really changed, but today's mass media and the internet have increasingly isoloated us from each other while multiplying the tools used by those who divide us against each other.

What is the solution? I don't subscribe to religion, but if we all made an effort on a daily basis to truly embrace what Jesus tried to impart to us we would have a chance to replace the cultivated hate with something better.

In order to get the love and kindness we all need, we have to freely give it.

A Rubin Quote [View all] H2O Man Nov 2022 OP
Good quote, H2O Man! calimary Nov 2022 #1
Thank you! H2O Man Nov 2022 #3
And you DO indeed have those. calimary Nov 2022 #26
Thank you for your contributions to DU 🙏 dweller Nov 2022 #2
Thanks! H2O Man Nov 2022 #6
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my dear H20 Man! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2022 #4
Thanks, Peggy! H2O Man Nov 2022 #8
It does take a conscious effort to change, and that effort is an everyday thing. You're never done. Solly Mack Nov 2022 #5
Never done. H2O Man Nov 2022 #10
People could look at it like learning something new each day. Solly Mack Nov 2022 #18
i think the things we other ppl over r taught, but i think the tendency to divide ppl mopinko Nov 2022 #7
Great point! H2O Man Nov 2022 #11
there's a discussion here in chi mopinko Nov 2022 #23
Great quote indeed, H2O Man nightwing1240 Nov 2022 #9
Thank you! H2O Man Nov 2022 #12
Love ya, H2O Man, and am sorry I have so little to say in this moment. Each new incident... Hekate Nov 2022 #13
Oh, thank you! H2O Man Nov 2022 #15
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, H20 Man! 2naSalit Nov 2022 #14
Thanks! H2O Man Nov 2022 #16
Thank you for your thoughtful posts Wild blueberry Nov 2022 #17
Thank you! H2O Man Nov 2022 #27
Great quote from Rubin Carter. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #19
While I was H2O Man Nov 2022 #30
PS ...... H2O Man Nov 2022 #31
I caught the movie a few months ago. sheshe2 Nov 2022 #41
"If you can do one, you can do the others, because fantacism and ignorance is forever busy AZLD4Candidate Nov 2022 #20
Very good! H2O Man Nov 2022 #32
And to you and yours grantcart Nov 2022 #21
Great movie! H2O Man Nov 2022 #33
My understanding is that it was most accurate about Lesra Martin grantcart Nov 2022 #34
That's true. H2O Man Nov 2022 #35
Hate "has to be constantly cultivated" Martin Eden Nov 2022 #22
Very interesting take! H2O Man Nov 2022 #36
Change or self destruct malaise Nov 2022 #24
That is the two choices! H2O Man Nov 2022 #37
Happy Thanksgiving to you, H2O Man spanone Nov 2022 #25
Thank you! H2O Man Nov 2022 #38
Hate is a heavy load to carry, just lighten up. (present company accepted) Prairie_Seagull Nov 2022 #28
Thanks! H2O Man Nov 2022 #39
Hated, anger, and rage have to be cultivated. Just A Box Of Rain Nov 2022 #29
Right. H2O Man Nov 2022 #40
MIssed THe Original Posting Me. Nov 2022 #42
Thanks! H2O Man Nov 2022 #43
Thank you for posting this quote LetMyPeopleVote Nov 2022 #44
Thanks! H2O Man Nov 2022 #45
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