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They don't care about the point, orthoclad Jul 2023 #1
It's not working against Barbie though speak easy Jul 2023 #2
They don't care about the movie, orthoclad Jul 2023 #4
That graph is powerfully blunt, orthoclad. thatcrowwoman Jul 2023 #18
I'd like to find a version with orthoclad Jul 2023 #21
Read it is more in one day than all of DeSatan's political contributions. efhmc Jul 2023 #10
You beat me to it. grumpyduck Jul 2023 #3
The RW is not very bright. sheshe2 Jul 2023 #5
But... but... one of the Barbies is trans! Ocelot II Jul 2023 #6
hem. star trek discovery is too woke to them as well. AllaN01Bear Jul 2023 #14
The only issue that I have with ST Discovery is the one that plays Michael Burnham. canuckledragger Jul 2023 #17
In season 3 of TOS, orthoclad Jul 2023 #22
My guess is that the vast majority Chili Pepper Jul 2023 #7
Cruz says he has not. efhmc Jul 2023 #9
I may have to see this movie. usonian Jul 2023 #8
Funny that Pence, Josh Hawley, and MTG did not go out to greet those patriotic tourists with 'Love i keithbvadu2 Jul 2023 #11
these are the same people who devalued the power rangers and the tellytubbies . AllaN01Bear Jul 2023 #12
The right-wing doesn't do nuance. madaboutharry Jul 2023 #13
More likely, all, not some relayerbob Jul 2023 #16
Of course they don't relayerbob Jul 2023 #15
They see the downfall of the patriarchy in Barbieland. Kablooie Jul 2023 #19
Because RWers devalue mothers and women Johonny Jul 2023 #20
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