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33. get the shingles vaccine - my brother almost went blind from shingles his eyes were a real mess
Thu Sep 7, 2023, 05:53 AM
Sep 2023


I got the RSV vaccine today. [View all] TNNurse Sep 2023 OP
You and I have a lot in common. Diamond_Dog Sep 2023 #1
My left arm as well. TNNurse Sep 2023 #3
I'm getting the rsv Vax tomorrow..... getagrip_already Sep 2023 #2
Any after effects? I am planning on getting flu and covid at same time later this month and just wondering. walkingman Sep 2023 #4
I got flu and covid on same day last year..... getagrip_already Sep 2023 #21
I got the flu & covid vaccines on the same day last year dflprincess Sep 2023 #24
Who should get the RSV shot? TSExile Sep 2023 #5
The ads that I see... 2naSalit Sep 2023 #6
I would ask your doctor. TNNurse Sep 2023 #9
Please, tell me about Maru Kitteh Sep 2023 #7
My husband and I were both hospital RNs TNNurse Sep 2023 #11
Have a Rebl2 Sep 2023 #15
I plan to do all of them. barbtries Sep 2023 #8
You might want to double-check with your doctor about the arm restriction Ms. Toad Sep 2023 #10
I have lymphedema in my right arm TNNurse Sep 2023 #12
I have it in my left! Lars39 Sep 2023 #16
That would make the difference. Ms. Toad Sep 2023 #17
I had RSV last December & we both got COVID this August. We can hardly wait for the jabs this Fall Hekate Sep 2023 #13
I got my rsv and flu shot last Friday. TurboDem Sep 2023 #14
I am one of those people who hears the word vaccine and says where yellowdogintexas Sep 2023 #18
That was brave of you! flamingdem Sep 2023 #28
well, I am getting paid. The payments have been very handy when I want to yellowdogintexas Sep 2023 #47
I had the flu shot today, COVID and RSV next. The pharmacist recommended both at the same time R Merm Sep 2023 #19
Not your question but I don't make shots anymore after mahina Sep 2023 #38
Any thoughts about shingles vaccine? housecat Sep 2023 #20
Had mine a couple of years ago. dhol82 Sep 2023 #25
thanks housecat Sep 2023 #40
Ask anyone who has had shingles. 3catwoman3 Sep 2023 #31
thanks housecat Sep 2023 #41
get the shingles vaccine - my brother almost went blind from shingles his eyes were a real mess Ysabel Sep 2023 #33
hope he is okay. thanks housecat Sep 2023 #42
Do it, just do it. TNNurse Sep 2023 #35
ok thanks housecat Sep 2023 #43
Shingles is miserably painful and can leave chronic complications. TNNurse Sep 2023 #44
Glad there is a vaccine. Thanks again! housecat Sep 2023 #45
made an appointment for husband and me to get it Saturday housecat Sep 2023 #48
Got mine yesterday. kairos12 Sep 2023 #22
I caught RSV last fall Grasswire2 Sep 2023 #23
RSV cost SharonClark Sep 2023 #26
Yay science! flamingdem Sep 2023 #27
Got RSV vax last Mon. 8/28 Pinback Sep 2023 #29
I got both RSV and Flu shot this morning. I have both asthma and COPD. justhanginon Sep 2023 #30
when you get both, it is in different arms? Skittles Sep 2023 #32
I know people who got the flu and Covid shot last year, TNNurse Sep 2023 #36
I am a left side sleeper so I got both in my right arm. Just slightly sore this morning. justhanginon Sep 2023 #37
I will be getting the RSV vaccine soon LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2023 #34
I also asked if it would be yearly.... getagrip_already Sep 2023 #39
I just got my RSV vaccination today LetMyPeopleVote Sep 2023 #46
Got mine yesterday! Sore arm mainer Sep 2023 #49
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