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28. I feel everyone misses
Thu Feb 8, 2024, 11:31 PM
Feb 2024

That HW Bush and his CABAL was in the back ground directing everything.....Same group when HW was in office, Same group when his dimwit son, W, was in office for eight years.......Twenty years of HW working behind the scenes with his same henchmen.....

Biden was sharp as a tack just now [View all] Sugarcoated Feb 2024 OP
He had that one moment of incandescent rage. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #1
I didn't see the press conference but . . . peggysue2 Feb 2024 #7
The level of disrespect FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #12
I suspect most americans feel the same Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #16
It had me seeing red and swearing on volume #11. BigmanPigman Feb 2024 #27
video released by The White House Celerity Feb 2024 #29
One slip. pfitz59 Feb 2024 #32
He said Mexico when he meant Egypt. But it can happen to anyone. boston bean Feb 2024 #2
If I had a bunch of people screaming at me videohead5 Feb 2024 #5
He got right back on track though. chowder66 Feb 2024 #8
They will run that on a 24/7 loop on FUX News. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #13
It already is Diraven Feb 2024 #33
Yes, and everyone knew he meant Egypt because he said "Sisi"- which is the name of Egypt's President. SunSeeker Feb 2024 #22
Apparently a real shitty one chicoescuela Feb 2024 #3
This Mudslinging bdamomma Feb 2024 #4
Let them try that shit with TFG Kennah Feb 2024 #6
You know what amazed me about his presser? He was able to zero in on reporters over all that cross shouting. chowder66 Feb 2024 #9
An absolute pro Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #10
He is a very measured man and it shows. chowder66 Feb 2024 #11
Yes PatSeg Feb 2024 #19
the press was a bunch of jackals... JFC LymphocyteLover Feb 2024 #14
Thanks so much for the hearts! 😘 Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #15
Did they show this much concern when Reagan was president? catchnrelease Feb 2024 #17
Ronnie read his script like a professional actor. jaxexpat Feb 2024 #18
Here's a link to a good website about Reagan Lasher Feb 2024 #20
Thanks! catchnrelease Feb 2024 #21
Yes, there's some real treasures in there. Lasher Feb 2024 #23
I feel everyone misses DENVERPOPS Feb 2024 #28
Just sayin': Joes gonna blow his reelection by ad-libbing way too much and regularly mixing-up foreign leaders.... machoneman Feb 2024 #24
I wish he'd stop taking questions after walking away from podium. Funtatlaguy Feb 2024 #26
President Biden did a good job at this press conference LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #25
If you don't call someone "nasty," are you even presidenting? Orrex Feb 2024 #30
Joe was like the playground monitor GenThePerservering Feb 2024 #31
After I watched that I was wishing President Biden FemDemERA Feb 2024 #34
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