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34. After I watched that I was wishing President Biden
Fri Feb 9, 2024, 12:38 AM
Feb 2024

had a DU account so I could him him a heart! Guess I will have to make do with a campaign donation. Hopefully he brings in a bunch of money!

Biden was sharp as a tack just now [View all] Sugarcoated Feb 2024 OP
He had that one moment of incandescent rage. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #1
I didn't see the press conference but . . . peggysue2 Feb 2024 #7
The level of disrespect FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #12
I suspect most americans feel the same Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #16
It had me seeing red and swearing on volume #11. BigmanPigman Feb 2024 #27
video released by The White House Celerity Feb 2024 #29
One slip. pfitz59 Feb 2024 #32
He said Mexico when he meant Egypt. But it can happen to anyone. boston bean Feb 2024 #2
If I had a bunch of people screaming at me videohead5 Feb 2024 #5
He got right back on track though. chowder66 Feb 2024 #8
They will run that on a 24/7 loop on FUX News. FalloutShelter Feb 2024 #13
It already is Diraven Feb 2024 #33
Yes, and everyone knew he meant Egypt because he said "Sisi"- which is the name of Egypt's President. SunSeeker Feb 2024 #22
Apparently a real shitty one chicoescuela Feb 2024 #3
This Mudslinging bdamomma Feb 2024 #4
Let them try that shit with TFG Kennah Feb 2024 #6
You know what amazed me about his presser? He was able to zero in on reporters over all that cross shouting. chowder66 Feb 2024 #9
An absolute pro Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #10
He is a very measured man and it shows. chowder66 Feb 2024 #11
Yes PatSeg Feb 2024 #19
the press was a bunch of jackals... JFC LymphocyteLover Feb 2024 #14
Thanks so much for the hearts! 😘 Sugarcoated Feb 2024 #15
Did they show this much concern when Reagan was president? catchnrelease Feb 2024 #17
Ronnie read his script like a professional actor. jaxexpat Feb 2024 #18
Here's a link to a good website about Reagan Lasher Feb 2024 #20
Thanks! catchnrelease Feb 2024 #21
Yes, there's some real treasures in there. Lasher Feb 2024 #23
I feel everyone misses DENVERPOPS Feb 2024 #28
Just sayin': Joes gonna blow his reelection by ad-libbing way too much and regularly mixing-up foreign leaders.... machoneman Feb 2024 #24
I wish he'd stop taking questions after walking away from podium. Funtatlaguy Feb 2024 #26
President Biden did a good job at this press conference LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #25
If you don't call someone "nasty," are you even presidenting? Orrex Feb 2024 #30
Joe was like the playground monitor GenThePerservering Feb 2024 #31
After I watched that I was wishing President Biden FemDemERA Feb 2024 #34
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