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Tree Lady

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62. I realized few months ago
Mon Mar 4, 2024, 01:33 AM
Mar 4

it was because my tires were almost bald, as soon as I got all season new tires gas mileage went down to 50.

To be honest I had no idea about why until I got instructed by hubby on traction.

Clarification. I own an EV in the form of a plug-in hybrid Silent3 Jul 2023 #1
Can you suggest the best way for me to title that in this poll? Thanks Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #3
Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) n/t Silent3 Jul 2023 #4
Added. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #6
Thanks! I changed my vote to match n/t Silent3 Jul 2023 #10
Would, but my current auto will last longer than me. marybourg Jul 2023 #2
I fully understand. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #11
Yep, I'm in that car pool too Attilatheblond Jul 2023 #13
Yep, me too. We have a 2021 Nissan Sentra Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #22
We have that car, also, and I just love it. Like you, we don't put lots of miles on it, being old CTyankee Jul 2023 #32
This is our third Sentra. Mr.Bill Jul 2023 #44
Category for ordered not yet delivered? NoMoreRepugs Jul 2023 #5
Added. That fills up all the options. thanks Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #9
Hopefully they work out the issues madville Jul 2023 #57
This message was self-deleted by its author Silent3 Jul 2023 #7
I have a Prius and been getting Tree Lady Jul 2023 #8
I'm thinking about getting a Prius after my current Honda dies. It has 280,000 miles Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #15
I am lucky my car is 5 yrs old Tree Lady Jul 2023 #19
I realized few months ago Tree Lady Mar 4 #62
Just crossed 220,000 miles on my dobleremolque Jul 2023 #20
Wow nice! I've heard they don't have a lot of issues. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #23
I'm driving my second Prius Yellowdog-1966 Mar 4 #61
BMW iX dmoyer Jul 2023 #12
I would want a plug-in hybrid. Igel Jul 2023 #14
Good info. nt Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #16
Hybrids are more convenient flamingdem Jul 2023 #17
I have a 2012 Leaf Cadfael Jul 2023 #18
Bought a used Tesla. bluestateboomer Jul 2023 #21
We owned 2 Honda Hybrids 2013ish time frame,,,, KarenS Jul 2023 #24
Passed since I didn't see an option that fit me DetroitLegalBeagle Jul 2023 #25
I won't buy one, at least not for now Zeitghost Jul 2023 #26
Giving my 2012 Prius to my daughter when she turns 16 NickB79 Jul 2023 #27
We just bought a brand new electric Audi. CaliforniaPeggy Jul 2023 #28
EVs would limit me too much jmowreader Jul 2023 #29
If I get a next car, it will be electric. marble falls Jul 2023 #30
I own two PHEVs powered from my rooftop. Thunderbeast Jul 2023 #31
I own a plug-in hybrid, but until the infrastructure becomes widely available, and the costs come JohnSJ Jul 2023 #33
Prices will have to come down Texasgal Jul 2023 #34
Waiting for solid state batteries Martin Eden Jul 2023 #35
Sounds like a good plan. I've heard solid state will be much, much better and better for the Quixote1818 Jul 2023 #47
I'm on my 2nd Tesla. beaglelover Jul 2023 #36
I'm done with car payments. roamer65 Jul 2023 #37
How about including this choice: Trailrider1951 Jul 2023 #38
Hoping the solid state battery Toyota is developing comes soon, today's tech way overpriced Shanti Shanti Shanti Jul 2023 #39
Been driving electric since 2011, never going back. tinrobot Jul 2023 #40
We have a Honda Civic hybrid from 2005 Bettie Jul 2023 #41
Bought a 2 year old Zero SR six weeks ago. yowzayowzayowza Jul 2023 #42
nice! Celerity Jul 2023 #45
Battery enuf for a week of commuting or ... yowzayowzayowza Jul 2023 #55
I just got a Lexus RX350h in May. I love it. Raftergirl Jul 2023 #43
nice looking car 🖤 Celerity Jul 2023 #46
That's the NX. They look alike except the RX is bigger and the interior is different. Raftergirl Jul 2023 #48
ah, correct, I did not see the RX on the website (it wasn't listed under electric) but now see why Celerity Jul 2023 #50
I won't ever buy one, period. Iggo Jul 2023 #49
2007 Prius, 2012 Volt, 2023 Tesla Model 3. CoopersDad Jul 2023 #51
Will Look Into RobinA Jul 2023 #52
Five Years NowISeetheLight Jul 2023 #53
Probably won't get a hybrid or EV as we just bought a 2018 Renault Clio GoneOffShore Jul 2023 #54
Unless finances change ... tapper Jul 2023 #56
I have a 2014 Toyota Camry madville Jul 2023 #58
I hate cars. All of them. hunter Jul 2023 #59
Me too. Unfortunately to advocate for public transit and sustainable planning... CoopersDad Aug 2023 #60
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