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At least it was closed pfitz59 Mar 26 #1
I'm speechless...how can this happen? CTyankee Mar 26 #3
Where did you see that it was closed? Nevilledog Mar 26 #4
HOLY CRAP!!! elleng Mar 26 #2
Higher quality video. Looks like there were vehicles on the bridge Nevilledog Mar 26 #5
Merciful God Hekate Mar 26 #18
Holy shit! BigmanPigman Mar 26 #22
There are people needing rescue as multiple cars fell off the bridge according to news reports wishstar Mar 26 #6
From the video I saw three trucks and two cars that got all the way across before the collapse. Kablooie Mar 26 #20
Parked vehicles with flashing lights, about 4 of them. DontBelieveEastisEas Mar 26 #25
Map of where bridge was: riversedge Mar 26 #7
I hope everyone is Safe! Cha Mar 26 #8
My god- How could this happen? The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) media will have a field day with this. NBachers Mar 26 #9
Because a container ship hit the bridge? Nevilledog Mar 26 #10
"See how dangerous and poor the us is. China is the best because we don't have that here." AZLD4Candidate Mar 26 #12
I've been seeing the RW demonize anything China related. Not seeing it...yet. Nevilledog Mar 26 #14
Again, lived in China 15 years. Speak the language. I know Winnie the Flu's anti-American propaganda style AZLD4Candidate Mar 26 #19
Video link Duncan Grant Mar 26 #11
Fire Dept reported divers trying to rescue at least 7 people (ABC News) wishstar Mar 26 #13
I wonder who was in command of the ship PJMcK Mar 26 #15
The NYT report says 2 pilots were on board muriel_volestrangler Mar 26 #29
Read All About It DontBelieveEastisEas Mar 26 #16
Agenda-Free TV ItsjustMe Mar 26 #17
That ship is enormous! BigmanPigman Mar 26 #26
As horrific as this incident is, avebury Mar 26 #21
............... 🙏 sarchasm Mar 26 #23
Reporting saying "many dead". James48 Mar 26 #24
The crew and two pilots survived uninjured GoneOffShore Mar 26 #28
Beyond horrifying... PCIntern Mar 26 #27
Cannot understand why bridge wasn't closed. Dem2theMax Mar 26 #30
it looked like it fell at the same time it was hit. NutmegYankee Mar 26 #31
Then that makes sense. Dem2theMax Mar 26 #34
USA Today bucolic_frolic Mar 26 #32
slo mo of collision and collapse BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 26 #33
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 26 #35
11:54: Lost power just before it hit, 6 still missing scipan Mar 26 #36
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