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110. We the People have very little representation....
Sun Dec 9, 2012, 06:22 PM
Dec 2012

All we have is "I'm better than this cartoon reality RW loon".

US Democracy is a cruel joke. Has been for a LONG time.

See Lincoln the Movie. Compromise is how the USA was founded and has worked since graham4anything Dec 2012 #1
Please don't insult my intelligence by telling me to see a movie in order to learn anything, MadHound Dec 2012 #4
Noone was talking to you. I was responding to anyone reading in. graham4anything Dec 2012 #6
Well excuuuuuuuse me for daring to think that your post, a reply to mine, is actually meant for me MadHound Dec 2012 #11
there is no way to answer a post except to hit respond to post graham4anything Dec 2012 #13
New Rule? When NOT responding to OP preface response TO EVERYONE BUT THE OP: gateley Dec 2012 #91
Are we to understand your comment here reeds2012 Dec 2012 #72
He's been trying to shill this film for over a week. Just another "my team right or wrong" Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #90
The absolute 100% or don't agree is working real well for us- WHEN THE REPUBS DO IT!!! graham4anything Dec 2012 #96
Wow, someone is twitchy Katashi_itto Dec 2012 #159
Did you even read the OP before responding? AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #58
behind closed doors? maindawg Dec 2012 #81
I don't think you understand how America has worked 1776-present graham4anything Dec 2012 #87
A New Constitution would be fun AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #107
From a strictly political science view, MadHound Dec 2012 #112
the tea party is a great example of both absoulutism and anarchy as one graham4anything Dec 2012 #113
No, it isn't, MadHound Dec 2012 #117
You are using #5 of 5 of the meanings. I am using #1,2,3,4 graham4anything Dec 2012 #119
Two questions, MadHound Dec 2012 #121
Both graham4anything Dec 2012 #125
First of all, please don't make assumptions about what I am doing, OK, thanks. MadHound Dec 2012 #130
Looks like you were talking to Madhound to me. Hissyspit Dec 2012 #154
there are only two sides. Never a third shall be,unless the repubs leave the ballpark like the Whigs graham4anything Dec 2012 #157
Right. If not responding to the OP and not responding to anyone else in the thread, Dark n Stormy Knight Dec 2012 #158
you got it Mel Dec 2012 #32
Thank you tavalon Dec 2012 #37
oh no Mel Dec 2012 #41
Nope y'all are NOT alone...... socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #124
I totally agree with you, Tavalon and keep wondering, "Has nobody explained this to Obama yet?" We People Dec 2012 #77
I feel sure that they know about it.......... socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #126
See the movie jpak Dec 2012 #76
Why? Hissyspit Dec 2012 #169
Granted, it is a film. janx Dec 2012 #174
The Civil War was a result of failed attempts at foul compromise. Bluenorthwest Dec 2012 #7
Puts on HAZMAT suit AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #102
Compromise is how this country works according to you and a movie and I don't disagree. Cleita Dec 2012 #25
+1 villager Dec 2012 #47
What Cleita said. nt Nay Dec 2012 #84
Cleita, I would go so far as to use a different "C" word. dotymed Dec 2012 #168
Yes, collusion too. Very good to remind me. Thanks. Cleita Dec 2012 #170
You attitude is a good example of why we are where we are today. We been settling for 10% until rhett o rick Dec 2012 #26
How's compromise been working for you for the last 20 years? Doctor_J Dec 2012 #86
LBJ is the greatest and worked well to get all those social acts/civil rights/voting rights acts graham4anything Dec 2012 #120
Yeah, the greatest, except for all that killing of innocents in Vietnam, MadHound Dec 2012 #123
JFK authorized Bobby to wiretap Dr. Martin Luther King. and renewed it. graham4anything Dec 2012 #128
And what does that have to do with LBJ escalating a war under false premises, MadHound Dec 2012 #131
Thomas Jefferson said all were equal while keeping slaves graham4anything Dec 2012 #133
Well, now that I've seen what a poor grasp you have of both history and reality, MadHound Dec 2012 #134
LBJ staked his presidency on the War On Poverty and the VRA Doctor_J Dec 2012 #132
And that's what we want. We want the REPUBLICANS to compromise for a change. . sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #106
no, actually, war is how the US was founded & maintained, the very opposite of compromise. HiPointDem Dec 2012 #156
In the movie, Lincoln was going for permanent emancipation. merrily Dec 2012 #165
If there is a deep spending cut, we may be looking at another major recession. Selatius Dec 2012 #2
Well, I'm John2 Dec 2012 #68
+1000 heaven05 Dec 2012 #78
Post removed Post removed Dec 2012 #82
No, we really ProSense Dec 2012 #3
Well Said! sheshe2 Dec 2012 #20
I keep hoping to see Democrats stand up for Democratic principles... Octafish Dec 2012 #5
+1 LeftInTX Dec 2012 #12
"instead ... we get ... Trickle Down and Voodoo Reaganomics." What's worse, we are now in the AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #62
We (Democrats) need to take an initial position that is so extreme that any movement bluethruandthru Dec 2012 #8
+1 abelenkpe Dec 2012 #9
+1 Start with 'Confiscate The Assets of the Rich' leftstreet Dec 2012 #17
Nationalize some industries that are vital for our defense. Like the defense industry and oil. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #28
...add banks, healthcare, energy leftstreet Dec 2012 #34
Yup! nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #42
That would work for me. AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #64
Exactly. rudycantfail Dec 2012 #30
Excellent! yewnix Dec 2012 #173
Welcome to DU. Enjoy your short stay. yourout Dec 2012 #176
More anti-Democratic Party shit stirring jpak Dec 2012 #10
The Democratic Party is doing a fine job of that on its own leftstreet Dec 2012 #14
And what arguments are you bringing to the table? Real Democrats realize that shit stirring is good. rhett o rick Dec 2012 #33
Obama won - get over it jpak Dec 2012 #38
I get it. Pres Obama won so you can go back to watching American Idol. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #39
Obama hate fail jpak Dec 2012 #50
Intelligence fail. nm rhett o rick Dec 2012 #175
I keep looking for a legitimate proposal - one that isn't rumor or speculation bigtree Dec 2012 #15
I am really flippin' tired of the negativity from this poster. babylonsister Dec 2012 #21
It's easier than doing the work, babylonsister. Talk is cheap. Cynicism is cool. freshwest Dec 2012 #151
but, but??!!! heaven05 Dec 2012 #31
I don't feel 'burned' by our side bigtree Dec 2012 #43
a lot heaven05 Dec 2012 #53
as for 'precedent' show me where this President has made cuts to the social safety net bigtree Dec 2012 #59
longer view heaven05 Dec 2012 #74
Didn't he appoint Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles to a committee???????? socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #129
You don't own a Time Machine as the OP does. Ikonoklast Dec 2012 #57
That was excellent, MadHound......... plethoro Dec 2012 #16
+1000 heaven05 Dec 2012 #24
President Obama won't give up anything that hurts a lot of people... Comrade_McKenzie Dec 2012 #18
And by then... Oilwellian Dec 2012 #118
Can we get ProSense Dec 2012 #19
I heaven05 Dec 2012 #22
We need to be expanding Medicare to cover all our citizens JEB Dec 2012 #23
It's Also A Political Trap ProfessorGAC Dec 2012 #27
I agree with you 100%. We, the people, are being sold down the river Cleita Dec 2012 #29
It's the American way since Trickie Dick and the false 'Gas Shortage ' orpupilofnature57 Dec 2012 #36
Until The People Civilly Disobey In Mass Numbers Nothing Will Change cantbeserious Dec 2012 #35
I am no longer sanguine that will work either... plethoro Dec 2012 #40
No guarantees, but........ socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #51
Okay, I agree with that. It has to be a message so plethoro Dec 2012 #60
Well that's the question isn't it........ socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #66
Great reply. We have met the enemy and it is plethoro Dec 2012 #70
Thanx and as I said above....... socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #73
well heaven05 Dec 2012 #75
I agree John2 Dec 2012 #85
i think emphasis riverbendviewgal Dec 2012 #44
Fortunately, Obama will veto any cuts to the safey net.....won't he? Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2012 #45
I'll bet serious money on or. Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #92
We... 99Forever Dec 2012 #46
One thing to remember. NO agreement........ socialist_n_TN Dec 2012 #48
+1 Egalitarian Thug Dec 2012 #94
The Corporate State controls the framing SHRED Dec 2012 #49
+1 rudycantfail Dec 2012 #55
I'll give it it's own thread...thanks SHRED Dec 2012 #63
Great post, MH, but I have a suggestion about raising taxes. Zorra Dec 2012 #52
+1 n/t Oilwellian Dec 2012 #127
I had no illusion. The only thing I felt fairly certain about was the Supreme Court. Everything still_one Dec 2012 #54
With respect to the Supreme Court, what are you fairly certain about? AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #67
better than the federalist society judges. also judges who support right to still_one Dec 2012 #115
She's better than the RW Federalist Society judges? Does she want to be? Or be the same? AnotherMcIntosh Dec 2012 #147
We don't need new ideas or solutions, we only need history books. JaneyVee Dec 2012 #56
It was only and always about cutting our earned benefits! Slight of hand. Rocky888 Dec 2012 #61
And that became apparent the minute the anti-SS gang were appointed to the sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #138
With the GLARING monster bill that we give the military, nothing else needs saying. Gregorian Dec 2012 #65
Great post. nt raccoon Dec 2012 #98
All that military stuff ends up in a landfill eventually, just like all the junk we buy from China. Flatulo Dec 2012 #114
Only If We Give Up, Have We Lost Demeter Dec 2012 #69
Best post on here since the election in my opinion. go west young man Dec 2012 #71
Some eerie parallels between the immediate appearance of the "Fiscal Cliff" and the "Patriot Act" We People Dec 2012 #93
They are not naive. woo me with science Dec 2012 #103
Excellent post. The good part of all this is that the people are no longer as naive sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #116
I have reached sulphurdunn Dec 2012 #79
MadHound, you're right.... ReRe Dec 2012 #80
With so many realistic and optimistic DUers your talents may be wasted here. great white snark Dec 2012 #83
Yes, I see the femrap Dec 2012 #88
DURec! bvar22 Dec 2012 #89
Amazing isn't it? And we have yet to learn what they will give up in sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #104
Oh god, don't mention raising taxes on the non-rich here jmowreader Dec 2012 #95
The defense spending & the Bush tax cuts to the ultra-rich are the culprits. pacalo Dec 2012 #97
I was kind of looking forward to the fiscal cliff AldoLeopold Dec 2012 #101
The business world's cushy association with Reagan's presidency put a lot of people out of work. pacalo Dec 2012 #105
The Military "Jobs" Program is money down the toilet. bvar22 Dec 2012 #108
K&R woo me with science Dec 2012 #99
Jill, is that you? You lost! Get over it! Tarheel_Dem Dec 2012 #100
Yes. LWolf Dec 2012 #109
We the People have very little representation.... Junkdrawer Dec 2012 #110
Yep... K & R !!! WillyT Dec 2012 #111
But, but... we just reelected Obama!! Iggy Dec 2012 #122
Right! His triangulation and appeasement for four years Doctor_J Dec 2012 #136
We can pressure Congress, they have a future to think of. And we should do so sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #139
You're Joking, Right?? Iggy Dec 2012 #145
You are right. But I think we were still recovering from the Bush years and people sabrina 1 Dec 2012 #148
I Hope You're Right Iggy Dec 2012 #161
I Can't Wait..... Iggy Dec 2012 #144
I think ProSense Dec 2012 #146
Who knew... Bonobo Dec 2012 #135
Lots of people knew. Doctor_J Dec 2012 #137
You bet we have already lost. woo me with science Dec 2012 #140
Then people should have fought back harder against Ralph Nader & his lies. graham4anything Dec 2012 #141
And we have always been at war with Eastasia. woo me with science Dec 2012 #142
Now some want to fight China. Instead of embrace new customers and citizens of the world graham4anything Dec 2012 #143
Well said! Too bad that no one is on the side of the people any more. emsimon33 Dec 2012 #149
most amazing trick I never saw decayincl Dec 2012 #150
Tax cuts for the rich won't happen to the real rich zentrum Dec 2012 #152
It seems to me you are assuming things not yet proven. Dyedinthewoolliberal Dec 2012 #153
+100 HiPointDem Dec 2012 #155
both parties are negotiating TOGETHER against US.... tomp Dec 2012 #160
Agree completely, but make it the last *fifty* years that that lesson has been learned. eomer Dec 2012 #162
what is your source for this latest "they are selling us out" panic? arely staircase Dec 2012 #163
Hear, hear! k&r n/t Laelth Dec 2012 #164
Obama on "entititlements" and deficit reduction 2009-2010; Conyers on Obama, 2011 merrily Dec 2012 #166
MadHound has it right. olegramps Dec 2012 #167
+1 Whatever crumbs are ostentatiously handed to the 99 percent after this debacle, woo me with science Dec 2012 #171
If Repubs want to save money on Medicare just end the no negotiation kiranon Dec 2012 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author Fedaykin Dec 2012 #177
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