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24. YES. As in - be careful what you stand on. It could turn out to be a pile of dogshit.
Fri Mar 1, 2013, 05:21 PM
Mar 2013

Because if you insist on taking stands like that, you risk making yourself look like an idiot.

Yep, crystal clear he was threatened! Uben Feb 2013 #1
Sounds to me like Sperling was more concerned about Woodward not making an ass out of himself Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2013 #2
Zactly, Carcetti. Cha Feb 2013 #17
YES. As in - be careful what you stand on. It could turn out to be a pile of dogshit. calimary Mar 2013 #24
Woodward knows he's wrong Enrique Feb 2013 #3
Woodward exposed himself for the liar that he is. What else has he told us in the past.... OldDem2012 Feb 2013 #4
Based on Woodward's response... Jeff In Milwaukee Feb 2013 #5
It sells books. That is all. russspeakeasy Feb 2013 #6
Publicity gimmick ... eom Kolesar Feb 2013 #15
Give Bob a break: He's used to interviewing dudes who are in comas. n/t UTUSN Feb 2013 #7
I stopped taking Woodward seriously after he betrayed Belushi's widow deutsey Feb 2013 #8
The menace from Sperling's email left me shivering! Demo_Chris Feb 2013 #9
I can see Hannity now..."Obama got to him, they "fixed" the emails!" rustydog Feb 2013 #10
I tuned in on the conservanazi nut jobs on AM radio this morning in Houston. TxVietVet Feb 2013 #11
I'm sure MJ and Mica have seen this but it still shd be sent to them...n/t monmouth3 Feb 2013 #12
Such a threat! So scary. Gene Sperling is enough to give anyone nightmares. Jennicut Feb 2013 #13
"Bob Woodward is moving the goalposts on what constitutes a threat." onestepforward Feb 2013 #14
Right..thanks for the Ari Melber Tweet, onestepforward Cha Feb 2013 #18
Woodward's Problem Is Revealed By Woodward DallasNE Feb 2013 #16
What a wimp Wooward has turned into, he's a joke! Wonder what Bernstein thinks.... mountain grammy Feb 2013 #19
A threat? My left toe! MrModerate Feb 2013 #20
I caught on to Woodward, John2 Feb 2013 #21
Shite! Woodward's as good as droned. MannyGoldstein Feb 2013 #22
Pat Robertson may be right. timdog44 Mar 2013 #23
Can we all agree... ReRe Mar 2013 #25
The first signs of dementia; greiner3 Mar 2013 #26
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