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Douglas Carpenter

(20,226 posts)
Fri Jun 7, 2013, 12:03 PM Jun 2013

Do you support President Obama in regards to the recently disclosed NSA surveillance issue? [View all]

77 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, I support him on this matter
19 (25%)
No, I do not and cannot support him on this matter
56 (73%)
I have not yet decided whether I support President Obama on this matter
2 (3%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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He'll no I don't. Mark it a 9, dude. DisgustipatedinCA Jun 2013 #1
Without Reservation, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #2
The fact that Obama has enemies that we despise truebluegreen Jun 2013 #4
^this^ Aerows Jun 2013 #6
It Is A Zero-Sum Game, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #8
Sorry. Don't accept the premise. truebluegreen Jun 2013 #16
Whether You Accept It Or Not, Sir, Is Of No Consequence: It Is What It Is The Magistrate Jun 2013 #18
Nice words, but not useful. truebluegreen Jun 2013 #22
"Which side are you on? Tell me, which side are you on?" Romulus Quirinus Jun 2013 #33
A Plagiarizing Johnny-Come Lately, Fella The Magistrate Jun 2013 #37
I know the song. Romulus Quirinus Jun 2013 #89
Considering the aging Mr. Seeger's bacground - I have trouble imaging him singing in defense of Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #129
Qute Likely Not, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #131
What is your problem? Romulus Quirinus Jun 2013 #137
It's a song Florence Reese wrote for the '31 Harlan county coal strike: struggle4progress Jun 2013 #73
Lesser of two evils! Circle the wagons! Defend Obama! woo me with science Jun 2013 #47
"This Is The Best World Possible. Everything In It Is A Necessary Evil.' The Magistrate Jun 2013 #48
How proud you must be woo me with science Jun 2013 #52
One Apportions One's Effort, Sir, To the Value Of The Target The Magistrate Jun 2013 #54
And "cheap swill about 'lesser of two evils' and 'circle the wagons'" woo me with science Jun 2013 #57
You Really Do Think So, Sir? The Magistrate Jun 2013 #60
Bwah! I will use my handy translator woo me with science Jun 2013 #71
Well said derby378 Jun 2013 #100
"Whose side am I on? The Bill of Rights, that's who." woo me with science Jun 2013 #134
^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Melinda Jun 2013 #127
+1000 truebluegreen Jun 2013 #68
Very well said, I agree 100%, the focus should be on jobs, good paying jobs, and income inequality! DrewFlorida Jun 2013 #55
Some are just too damned stupid to realize this is exactly what is happening. MjolnirTime Jun 2013 #77
Lidsay Graham supports this policy, do you pause your despising of him? Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #92
Even A Blind Chicken Pecks Up A Little Corn, Sir.... The Magistrate Jun 2013 #94
Ah, but whose side are you on? Lindsay's today. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #98
It Does Not Bother Me To Repeat Myself, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #101
I agree with your assessment and could not express it better. mulsh Jun 2013 #113
Thank you. woo me with science Jun 2013 #38
do you not see a certain point to consistency? If something would be wrong under Bush, is it not Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #10
Not One That Is Useful At Present, Sir, No The Magistrate Jun 2013 #14
I am sorry nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #17
Yes, Ma'am: I Am Partisan To The Nth Degree In This: You Got It In One The Magistrate Jun 2013 #19
Well we part company nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #20
I Expect I Will Find Strength To Bear Up Under It Somehow, Ma'am.... The Magistrate Jun 2013 #21
I know too nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #23
if the ultimate goal is to advance progress and creating a progressive party out of the Democratic Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #28
In Order To Do That, Sir, The Reactionary Elements Must First Be Balked And Neutered The Magistrate Jun 2013 #31
if we have to wait for the Reactionary Elements to be balked and neutered - we are to be waiting a Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #41
I Agree, Sir, It Is Not A Short Campaign The Magistrate Jun 2013 #43
Affectation only highlights vapidity. Bluenorthwest Jun 2013 #86
+1000 woo me with science Jun 2013 #96
"Circle the Wagons!" "Lesser of Two Evils!" woo me with science Jun 2013 #61
Were you for it when Bush did it? dkf Jun 2013 #26
When You Have A Point, Ma'am, You Be Sure And Let Me Know The Magistrate Jun 2013 #29
Always Good To Check Dates, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #83
And this, my friends, is the Third Way schtick. woo me with science Jun 2013 #88
Still, Sir, A Man Cannot Be Indicted For Something That Is Not a Crime The Magistrate Jun 2013 #90
There is no profit when you sell your soul. TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #32
That Is A Debatable Proposition, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #35
Thank you. Please see Post 74. woo me with science Jun 2013 #75
Well, which "side" is that? The Party that wants to surveil, or the Party that wants to surveil? WinkyDink Jun 2013 #39
I Am Willing To Repeat Myself, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #42
I always love to read your posts - always well thought out and articulate. I DO kelly1mm Jun 2013 #49
Much Appreciated, Ma'am The Magistrate Jun 2013 #51
"One should certainly examine all sides of a matter." woo me with science Jun 2013 #81
Always Good To Check Dates, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #85
What disingenuous bullshit. woo me with science Jun 2013 #93
Why On Earth Would I Do That, Sir? The Magistrate Jun 2013 #95
CIRCLE THE WAGONS! NOW! woo me with science Jun 2013 #97
So You Have No Answer To The Question, Sir... The Magistrate Jun 2013 #99
Nope, I translated the question. woo me with science Jun 2013 #104
Squid's Ink, Sir: You Have No Answer For The Question, No Safe One, Anyway The Magistrate Jun 2013 #105
Psst. woo me with science Jun 2013 #106
Again, Sir: Squid's Ink --- You Cannot Answer the Question, Not Safely, Anyway The Magistrate Jun 2013 #109
...it is still wrong. truebluegreen Jun 2013 #67
Of course it is. And "The Magistrate" woo me with science Jun 2013 #76
Wow. truebluegreen Jun 2013 #103
that makes no sense whatsoever. (also please don't ma'am me in your response. La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2013 #40
I assume your reference to "his enemies" are the terrorists of the world? rhett o rick Jun 2013 #62
If By Terrorist, Sir, You Mean The Likes Of McConnell And Beohner, The Kochs, Adelson, And Such, Yes The Magistrate Jun 2013 #64
What will you do when he is out of office? dkf Jun 2013 #110
Again, Ma'am --- When You Have A Point, You Be Sure And Let Me Know The Magistrate Jun 2013 #112
I know you support Obama. I don't know if you support these programs in perpetuity. dkf Jun 2013 #114
So, Ma'am, You Are Just Fishing, As Usual The Magistrate Jun 2013 #116
Iíve always thought however, that Obamaís legacy will be setting the table busterbrown Jun 2013 #115
I Hope You Are Right, Sir The Magistrate Jun 2013 #117
How does this man handle all the personal hate directed at him and his family? busterbrown Jun 2013 #120
You seem to think this is about Obama. rug Jun 2013 #133
Well, his enemies are supporting him on this. Ari Fleischer eg, praised him the other night sabrina 1 Jun 2013 #145
How did one person vote Yes twice? DURHAM D Jun 2013 #3
Beat me to it. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jun 2013 #5
I wondered that, too n/t Aerows Jun 2013 #7
like most issues, Obama is on the wrong side..... bowens43 Jun 2013 #9
Definitely not. H2O Man Jun 2013 #11
What you are seeing are 3rd Way, DINO's, Blue Dogs and people who RC Jun 2013 #70
That's a really broad brush you are painting with. Skidmore Jun 2013 #82
I forgot to mention Right of Center. RC Jun 2013 #121
No, what you're missing is two-party politics is a zero-sum game. jeff47 Jun 2013 #128
I do not. nt DLevine Jun 2013 #12
k/r limpyhobbler Jun 2013 #13
Raises hand CakeGrrl Jun 2013 #24
I'm not sure how it is possible other than saying you support Obama doing something you are actually TheKentuckian Jun 2013 #44
i do believe she is admitting to cognitive dissonance. nt boilerbabe Jun 2013 #72
Did not like I when bush did it nadinbrzezinski Jun 2013 #15
Perfect answer! I agree! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #107
The problem moondust Jun 2013 #25
This is what we get Politicalboi Jun 2013 #27
You bet your ass I do. Tarheel_Dem Jun 2013 #30
Wow, scary! n-t Logical Jun 2013 #108
If you support Obama you support Lindsey Graham. ForgoTheConsequence Jun 2013 #34
No. And I take DEEP OFFENSE at his "We as a society have to decide," WHEN HE TRIED TO HIDE ALL OF WinkyDink Jun 2013 #36
We made the Patriot Act possible by not preventing it. randome Jun 2013 #46
+100000000000 woo me with science Jun 2013 #119
Obama administration threatens criminal probe over disclosure of NSA surveillance of Americans. woo me with science Jun 2013 #132
Not only do I not support him on this I think that this and extrajudicial killing of US citizens.... 1-Old-Man Jun 2013 #45
Ladies and gentlemen... I give you the inevitable (now weekly) DU call for impeachment!!!11 tridim Jun 2013 #56
To Tell You the Truth, On the Road Jun 2013 #50
I wonder how many perpetually poutraged DU'ers will datamine this poll for their ignore list? tridim Jun 2013 #53
Approximately a shit-ton of 'em... Iggo Jun 2013 #66
Frankly, all pre-processed instant hysteria aside, it's very difficult struggle4progress Jun 2013 #58
"pre-processed instant hysteria"? FU. WinkyDink Jun 2013 #69
The FISA courts have been around since 1978; and it's been settled law since the 1979 SCOTUS ruling struggle4progress Jun 2013 #79
Thanks for the history lesson and the perspective! randome Jun 2013 #87
Thank you... busterbrown Jun 2013 #122
What an educational post. I didn't expect much from this thread so it's appreciated. Number23 Jun 2013 #125
+100000 Only pre-processed for those who are able woo me with science Jun 2013 #80
"Facts first, analysis second" is a useful slogan for serious activists struggle4progress Jun 2013 #102
I always support the President PsychoBunny Jun 2013 #59
My support for the President is not an all or nothing deal. Savannahmann Jun 2013 #63
Define "support." Iggo Jun 2013 #65
There is nothing "recent" about this story. Nt deathrind Jun 2013 #78
I do not and can not support spying on this kind of mammoth scale quinnox Jun 2013 #84
Yeah, this one is being heavily astroturfed and propagandized woo me with science Jun 2013 #91
I'm not sure. I'm upset about it, but he did get a Court Order, unlike Bush. Honeycombe8 Jun 2013 #111
No, I don't. I generally support Obama, but not on this. closeupready Jun 2013 #118
No, can't on this one. Left2Tackle Jun 2013 #123
the 50 people who support this shit must ALL be online posting tonight. boilerbabe Jun 2013 #124
you noticed that too quinnox Jun 2013 #126
This one is important to them. woo me with science Jun 2013 #130
It's major 'shout down, spin-control' mode today........ marmar Jun 2013 #135
I think people are tired of arguing with them Marrah_G Jun 2013 #138
not really. seems pretty creepy. nt limpyhobbler Jun 2013 #136
What does "support President Obama" mean? Recursion Jun 2013 #139
support his policy in regards to the recent revelations about NSA surveillance program? Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #140
What is "his policy in regards to the recent revelations about NSA surveillance program"? Recursion Jun 2013 #141
my question is if people support the surveillance program that his administration is currently Douglas Carpenter Jun 2013 #143
I don't know what the surveillance program actually is (and neither do you or anybody else here) Recursion Jun 2013 #144
After doing the research for my show this week, changing my answer to 'Yes' stevenleser Jun 2013 #142
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