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Arctic Dave

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27. Are they working on miltary bases?
Wed Sep 4, 2013, 06:29 PM
Sep 2013

Is a contractor who works on missile systems a civilian or a military target.

Alternate headline -- Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #1
I like this one a lot more n/t sharp_stick Sep 2013 #3
Thank you get the red out Sep 2013 #4
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #6
Michael Grant Cahill was a 62 year-old civilian. nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #7
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #15
Still a civilian. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #21
Do you think missiles targeting a base care if it is a McDonalds? Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #26
Technically, the terrorist mindset is any US taxpayer is a valid target. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #35
Skinner just banned him. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #36
I guess I wasn't the only one outraged over those comments. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #43
I liked the poster but he went overboard on this. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #44
Yeah. I was surprised he got banned. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #45
Well you take your chances and he did. I wish him the best. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #56
Yeah, progressoid Sep 2013 #82
Yes I wish him well. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #84
Arctic Dave is a wonderful person whom I know personally, Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #98
It was sad. I wish him well and would not be surprised to see him again. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #99
He is a good man. Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #100
And to think, he was so-o-o anti-gun. nt Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #60
Good for him. pintobean Sep 2013 #51
He had a bad moment. Wish him the best. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #53
Not sure if it was his only bad moment Cali_Democrat Sep 2013 #58
He took his chances. I wish him well. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #59
Thank you skinner rl6214 Sep 2013 #55
took long enough, that one should have been banned long time ago JI7 Sep 2013 #68
He might. I wish him well. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #69
Huh, didn't expect that, but he was overboard here. uppityperson Sep 2013 #71
I disagreed with him on some things but I liked him. Wish he did not say these things. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #72
That was a righteous bust, and long overdue. nt MADem Sep 2013 #79
Well he had a very bad moment. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #80
He's had quite a few bad moments. MADem Sep 2013 #81
As you said he had a buch of bad moments but I wish him well. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #83
You're a good person. MADem Sep 2013 #87
Thank you for the kind words. Being on MIrt you see a lot of not so nice things. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #88
He totally deserved it (nt) LostOne4Ever Sep 2013 #92
He had a bad moment and I wish him well. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #93
I swear LostOne4Ever Sep 2013 #94
Thank you. You are nice yourself. I enjoy reading your posts in the religion room. hrmjustin Sep 2013 #95
sleep well, sweet, sweet prince... dionysus Sep 2013 #52
! Bobbie Jo Sep 2013 #57
the WTC was a military target to extremists, WTF. Still civilians. bettyellen Sep 2013 #46
did you intend to reply to me? NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #48
yes, just punctuating what you said, with a RL example! bettyellen Sep 2013 #49
That's a great example. NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #50
you were the wind beneath my post's wings, Nutmeg. bettyellen Sep 2013 #54
I've just got to say that subthreads like this one between you two Turborama Sep 2013 #64
Wow, thank you for saying that. bettyellen Sep 2013 #73
He also murdered innocent soldiers. Jenoch Sep 2013 #11
Military targets. Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #16
If you are looking at it that way you can extrapolate that to much of the civilian population. stevenleser Sep 2013 #18
The US thinks so also. Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #19
Not just the US. stevenleser Sep 2013 #20
If you work on a military bas then you are a target. Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #23
I'm confident I have shown how ridiculous your position is, particularly if you later cry about stevenleser Sep 2013 #24
Are they working on miltary bases? Arctic Dave Sep 2013 #27
Most Army dining facilities are staffed by civilians. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #42
As are the commissaries, exchanges, barber shops, day care centers, clubs, restaurants, MADem Sep 2013 #89
Target of whom? Jenoch Sep 2013 #34
You seem to have a warped sense of the U.S. military. Jenoch Sep 2013 #33
Hasan targeted and murdered unarmed soldiers Abq_Sarah Sep 2013 #96
I have to agree. Hasan should have been treated as an enemy combatant, subject to a summary scooter rider Sep 2013 #32
And we have a winner! 11 Bravo Sep 2013 #13
+72 (virgins) Throd Sep 2013 #37
What makes you think it's a charade? Donald Ian Rankin Sep 2013 #38
one more post and you hit 10,000 zappaman Sep 2013 #39
Someone replied to me today and had 6,666 posts Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #41
I've no doubt he believes what he believes but I've also no doubt he is outside God's will Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #40
Agnostic Aerows Sep 2013 #76
Much better! n/t Aerows Sep 2013 #75
More accurate, too. nt MADem Sep 2013 #78
Constitutionally-correct headline... Fawke Em Sep 2013 #85
Actually, he's been found guilty and sentenced to death n/t Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2013 #86
Tough shit leftynyc Sep 2013 #2
+1000 (n/t) spin Sep 2013 #5
Interesting that the beard became important only after he became a murderer. brooklynite Sep 2013 #8
Is it just me, or does he look a lot like George Zimmerman? Glorfindel Sep 2013 #12
The Army doesn't allow beards or side burns, only neatly trimmed mustaches. leeroysphitz Sep 2013 #30
Many male soldiers get shaving profiles because of the horrible in-grown hairs TheDebbieDee Sep 2013 #62
Never saw a single bearded soldier the entire time I JimDandy Sep 2013 #63
It's a different era... Woof_Woof Sep 2013 #65
That makes sense. I dated several AA guys (female) JimDandy Sep 2013 #66
Navy used to allow beards--they got rid of them for good in the eighties. nt MADem Sep 2013 #90
Aah...That was before my time. n/t JimDandy Sep 2013 #91
I knew an old salt who used to say (because they'd threatened to do away with the MADem Sep 2013 #97
The military does give waivers to those that have to have beards due to religion. tammywammy Sep 2013 #67
Good. nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #9
Would really enjoy this video... Woof_Woof Sep 2013 #10
I agree with every post here but this one of the best rl6214 Sep 2013 #14
Yep! TTIWWOP (or V) backscatter712 Sep 2013 #17
Dip him in Nair. MNBrewer Sep 2013 #22
Only up to the shoulders... or down as the case may be. n/t cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #70
this is horrible! zappaman Sep 2013 #25
good. Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #28
Shave the privates? Bay Boy Sep 2013 #29
lol Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #31
you want I should kick your wandering ass, Bay Boy? Skittles Sep 2013 #61
This is getting more interesting... Bay Boy Sep 2013 #74
He should have thought about that before he joined the military... JCMach1 Sep 2013 #77
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