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214. I have already told you, you are not going to get me to post something stupid.
Mon Mar 31, 2014, 08:59 PM
Mar 2014

You, on the other hand keep getting closer and closer... Why don't you take a clue. I probably won't alert on you, but other people are reading this thread too, and they just might. Is it really worth it to you?

Rape Culture Is Real [View all] Ohio Joe Mar 2014 OP
All in favor of a rape culture resource forum? Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #1
Aye! CFLDem Mar 2014 #2
Not in favor of banishing these issues from GD. nt redqueen Mar 2014 #4
Who said banishing? Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #8
There's already a group for survivors. LeftyMom Mar 2014 #29
Which is a separate issue from this. nt Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #32
Then you're going to need to explain to me why discussions of rape culture don't belong in GD, LeftyMom Mar 2014 #55
Please tell me where I said that? Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #61
Yes, given the total lack of hostility and overwhelming support given to the issue of rape culture redqueen Mar 2014 #71
Sorry. I won't post about anything anymore. Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #86
we often have men tell us not to discuss this on gd. they way you worded, some are thinking you seabeyond Mar 2014 #92
You didn't explicitly say it, but that would be the result. cui bono Mar 2014 #89
This message was self-deleted by its author Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #93
Post removed Post removed Mar 2014 #96
oh stop..... it is poster like you that make us have little patience, misunderstanding arise. now, seabeyond Mar 2014 #98
Oh, it doesn't need to be fed NoOneMan Mar 2014 #100
hate? anger? animosity? that would be the repug way. dems tend to not feel we need seabeyond Mar 2014 #102
And yet here you are with your little crumbs. cui bono Mar 2014 #136
ditto NoOneMan Mar 2014 #141
this is how i took it. lol. but... going whiny doesnt help, lol. you just do not realize how seabeyond Mar 2014 #97
i think he meant as a reference. where it would not sink and go away. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #94
Sorry, but I know DU. Hive off a group and there will be demands to move any discussions there. LeftyMom Mar 2014 #132
Careful, your agenda is showing. RC Mar 2014 #122
in your all knowing desire to diss redq, i guess you overlooked her gathering the numbers seabeyond Mar 2014 #124
How long is your shift on this thread, until you are relived? RC Mar 2014 #131
....... seabeyond Mar 2014 #135
What are you on about now? cui bono Mar 2014 #139
My post is self explanatory. RC Mar 2014 #144
There is already a group for that. cui bono Mar 2014 #145
My point is that the HoF does not advocate getting help for traumatic events that happen to women. RC Mar 2014 #152
That's not the purpose of HoF. cui bono Mar 2014 #161
HoF is a womans Group, is it not? RC Mar 2014 #170
you were condescending as fuck. and the woman that you were condescending to asked you to stop. seabeyond Mar 2014 #171
What are you talking about? RC Mar 2014 #181
That's not the purpose of a History of Feminism group. cui bono Mar 2014 #186
So what? People can't be emphatic and offer help when they see a problem? RC Mar 2014 #190
Careful, your agenda is showing. cui bono Mar 2014 #199
There is no answer Texasgal Mar 2014 #195
I ask. RC Mar 2014 #196
and I answered. Texasgal Mar 2014 #200
The real answer, if you don't want anyone to ask, is to keep it it the HoF RC Mar 2014 #201
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Mar 2014 #203
You sure read a lot into other people post that are not there, implied, nor even meant. RC Mar 2014 #206
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Mar 2014 #207
I have already told you, you are not going to get me to post something stupid. RC Mar 2014 #214
Lol... good riddance! demmiblue Mar 2014 #221
Well, the issue is Texasgal Mar 2014 #205
hof has a pinned Op with number for women that need help. i told him the first post he made. seabeyond Mar 2014 #208
Yeah, and apparently we Texasgal Mar 2014 #209
The problem here is, General Discussion is not the Safe Haven, History of Feminism. RC Mar 2014 #211
So what are you saying? Texasgal Mar 2014 #213
I know you are already PPR'd so this is for other people reading this thread. cui bono Apr 2014 #260
For posterity (as poster is now departed) MadrasT Apr 2014 #281
sistah...... seabeyond Apr 2014 #283
So if they "got help" then they'd stop complaining? Is that it? nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #264
Because the lives of 1/4 of the population BainsBane Mar 2014 #68
Maybe others consider the OP "important" even if you don't. n/t nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #263
lioness goes into another territory, the lion attacks rapes, biological, men cant help it. seabeyond Mar 2014 #3
"are you offended that a man tells you biologically you cannot help raping women?" Capt. Obvious Mar 2014 #7
then you have an issue with reading comprehension. seabeyond Mar 2014 #9
yep, he just wrote that hfojvt Mar 2014 #12
Cherry picking does not give comprehension Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #22
the statistics show that most women are not victims hfojvt Mar 2014 #65
So you are intentionally misunderstanding to enable your denial... I see Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #66
In one year. Over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 6 women are raped. antigone382 Mar 2014 #113
I'm on your side of the issue but hjvoyt or whatever his name is is right about "the norm". cui bono Mar 2014 #95
Just to be clear... That is from the article, not my words... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #99
Ah, yes, and seabeyond is right too, in her reply to me. n/t cui bono Mar 2014 #108
i think the norm, is the normalization of rape in society. rape as entertainment, jokes, seabeyond Mar 2014 #101
Agree. n/t cui bono Mar 2014 #107
Not based on the numbers he is using. Ms. Toad Mar 2014 #119
Bahhh. You can prove anything with facts NoOneMan Mar 2014 #74
especially if you ignore definitions and make up your own for argument sake to derail. seabeyond Mar 2014 #78
Yeah, like the whole "rape culture" helps mega rich Du Pont heirs get off for incest/pedophilia NoOneMan Mar 2014 #80
not really. but, you continue to make the point. and running in this thread, to derail seabeyond Mar 2014 #82
Why is "derail" your default fallback? NoOneMan Mar 2014 #88
that is the default of certain posters. you will see it is only for a small handful. most, i do seabeyond Mar 2014 #103
That *you* perceive to be doing such.... NoOneMan Mar 2014 #104
i didnt say otherwise. so? seabeyond Mar 2014 #106
So you aren't an authority on something we call "reality" NoOneMan Mar 2014 #114
here is a clue... do not fuggin tell me what to do. you derail. i will call it. like you have seabeyond Mar 2014 #115
Since that is an ANNUAL statistic - Ms. Toad Mar 2014 #118
Consider the ages women face rape Warpy Mar 2014 #133
most of my relationships with women hfojvt Apr 2014 #267
Not that you know of Warpy Apr 2014 #269
unlike you hfojvt Apr 2014 #271
it is very personal. and often a victim does not want to share it with family members. seabeyond Apr 2014 #272
You got that from the OP? ummmm... How? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #13
She's referencing a different thread gollygee Mar 2014 #16
actually the lion raping lioness is this gem. saying it is within all men and can never be stamped seabeyond Mar 2014 #20
You know... It really just makes me a little sad... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #19
It is the accusations of guilt by association joeglow3 Mar 2014 #28
Are you offended by this (see below), cause this is actually stating that men can't help themselves boston bean Mar 2014 #85
Honest answer joeglow3 Mar 2014 #91
You're not getting the drunk/consent thing gollygee Mar 2014 #117
Exactly. Drunk consensual sex is consensual sex, drunk rape is rape. nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #268
btw... thank you. excellent post. and clear. anyone pretends confusion otherwise, does it seabeyond Mar 2014 #5
Wait a minute... Sheldon Cooper Mar 2014 #6
I shit you not, it was said right here on DU Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #11
Wow - that one left me speechless. n/t seaglass Mar 2014 #120
Excellent OP Tsiyu Mar 2014 #10
Thank you for posting this. TDale313 Mar 2014 #14
It really is a major issue... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #24
k&r Starry Messenger Mar 2014 #15
K & R In_The_Wind Mar 2014 #17
i love your thread so much, i am gonna start another discussion, off this. another OP, some smart seabeyond Mar 2014 #18
Rape Culture is when "pretty" pictures of women bound and gagged are seen as sexy and are Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #21
My first reaction to that was... NO, would not happen... Sadly... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #25
are you kidding me? the person posting them is a Lounge Host. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #27
link please newcriminal Mar 2014 #49
go ask your husband. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #51
I'm asking you newcriminal Mar 2014 #53
and I told you how to get the info. question has been asked and answered. go away. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #56
Go away? newcriminal Mar 2014 #60
Just because bondage isn't your kink CFLDem Mar 2014 #30
boy. connect the dots. no more hard to get, tying 'em up??? just sayin'. seabeyond Mar 2014 #31
fucking disgusting. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #35
some put themselves out there, make the rest wonder. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #36
what I wonder is how it is allowed to live here among us. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #38
really? you know better. and without rules, one has chaos. none of us should be surprised by chaos. seabeyond Mar 2014 #40
not naive just fucking burnt out. crispy critter is me. I am at DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND not Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #41
ya. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #44
It's called free speech Tuesday. CFLDem Mar 2014 #43
oh please with your 1A. Thank god for 2A. capiche? and I mean it. DO NOT REPLY TO ME. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #46
Really? You come to a political discussion board thucythucy Mar 2014 #70
Maybe CFLDem Mar 2014 #75
That's not how you originally stated your argument. thucythucy Mar 2014 #79
Oh my god,do you honestly not know sufrommich Mar 2014 #143
Just because you don't know anything about me doesn't mean that everything should stay. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #33
What CFLDem Mar 2014 #39
I am talking about: Leave me alone. Please. Do not ever reply to me again. n/t Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #45
But is this a place for discussing one's bondage kink? mythology Mar 2014 #52
I haven't seen it either CFLDem Mar 2014 #57
Agreed Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #62
" And while I may pick on the HoF crowd, I kid, I kid." chervilant Apr 2014 #278
Well ciao to you too. CFLDem Apr 2014 #280
A link, for reference? Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #34
Not just no but HELL NO. what context do you think is justifiable? Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #37
Sorry Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author CFLDem Mar 2014 #47
I regret to inform you that I am none of your business. I am right here in this thread. Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #50
context for posting pretty pictures in the lounge of bound and gagged women? Tuesday Afternoon Mar 2014 #48
Why is it so hard? Blue_Adept Mar 2014 #58
Could you at least give a link? LittleBlue Mar 2014 #63
It could be a scene from a movie for all we know tkmorris Mar 2014 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author rug Mar 2014 #126
WTF? n/t seaglass Mar 2014 #121
K&R. (nt) Paladin Mar 2014 #23
Good list. Bookmarking. nt rrneck Mar 2014 #26
K&R! hrmjustin Mar 2014 #54
Excellent explanation ismnotwasm Mar 2014 #59
Who has authority to declare that something is or isn't part of rape culture? Orrex Mar 2014 #64
Really? Which example would they disagree with? And why would that matter? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #67
Are you serious? I would think that the disagreement is fairly central to the issue. Orrex Mar 2014 #69
oh... You are spreading the bullshit that 'RAINN denies rape culture' and deny it exists yourself Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #76
As I noted, anyone who disagrees with your assessment is an enabler or a blind victim. Orrex Mar 2014 #81
"decries an overemphasis" is not denying it exists... What you said is simply not true... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #87
I know that you want to believe that. Orrex Mar 2014 #105
yes, it would be the feminist and the supporters that say RAPISTs are responsible for rape. a duh. seabeyond Mar 2014 #109
In quotes?!? NoOneMan Mar 2014 #111
It is still not a denial it exists... You are still saying something that is not true... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #116
Find me RAINN's statement declaring that rape cuture exists as you describe it to exist. Orrex Mar 2014 #125
so, if rainn has not publicly endorsed rape culture then that means they declare it does not exist? seabeyond Mar 2014 #128
So... If they don't say exactly what I posted they deny it? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #130
You haven't disproven anything, though I know that you want to believe you have. Orrex Mar 2014 #137
why not just say you were wrong. i do not expect all this from you. seabeyond Mar 2014 #138
Post removed Post removed Mar 2014 #147
you have jumped the shark seabeyond Mar 2014 #148
Jumping the shark is claiming "rape culture" lets a Du Pont heir off the hook for child rape NoOneMan Mar 2014 #151
""rape culture" lets a Du Pont heir off the hook for child rape" that is just stupid. no one seabeyond Mar 2014 #157
"no one said anything like that." NoOneMan Mar 2014 #162
""rape culture" lets a Du Pont heir off the hook for child rape" seabeyond Mar 2014 #166
Uhhh.... NoOneMan Mar 2014 #168
btw. this would be derailing. again. another part of the thread. after playing upthread. nt seabeyond Mar 2014 #158
No, you don't want to address my example of redefining "rape culture". You are derailing NoOneMan Mar 2014 #163
i am still addressing the offensive lie, there are duers that let a rapist of a baby, off the seabeyond Mar 2014 #167
Oh God. That's a straw man extraordinaire NoOneMan Mar 2014 #172
no duer lets a rapist off the hook for raping a baby. what is the matter with you. seabeyond Mar 2014 #174
Yes, because we don't have child rape culture. NoOneMan Mar 2014 #176
This message was self-deleted by its author seabeyond Mar 2014 #178
Well then... Lets see you state Orrex's position clearly... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #142
I would be interested to hear you state clearly what you believe to be my position Orrex Mar 2014 #202
"decries an overemphasis" not denying existence. "means of preventing rape and as a cause for rape" seabeyond Mar 2014 #90
it would be nice people using rainn to counter rape culture actually read rainn. they are not sayin seabeyond Mar 2014 #77
Really? Which ones? ladyVet Mar 2014 #72
Me and thats pretty much it NoOneMan Mar 2014 #73
ahhh, thats cute... I knew the quotes would show up eventually. We even get them around misogynist Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #84
Who has the authority to declare who is and who is not a misogynist? Orrex Mar 2014 #112
Again with 'Who has the authority'... It's like we are getting into 'teach the controversy'.. Sheesh Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #123
Who in this thread has pretended that it doesn't exist? Orrex Mar 2014 #129
You have made a vague reference to someone I have no idea who you are talking about... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #134
Fortunately, you've disproven nothing. You've only insisted on your own interpretation. Orrex Mar 2014 #140
"Fortunately, you've disproven nothing."... 'But I'll change my claim'.. Too funny :) Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #146
Those claims are not at all incompatible Orrex Mar 2014 #175
Ok. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #110
Well... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #127
How do I perpetuate it or encourage it? Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #159
So you think only rapists do the examples in the OP? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #164
I don't do any of what you pointed out in the OP. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #165
Do you tolerate that it does happen... Just shrug and say 'I don't do it"? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #173
Yep. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #177
It was rhetorical... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #182
I didn't read any of the replies. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #183
ahhh... You don't see them... They are hidden so well... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #185
If I cared to look for them, I would. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #187
So... You will just tolerate them... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #188
I'm trying to finish my Master's thesis. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #189
Yet you have time to hit up a bunch of these threads with the same question... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #191
I'm sure you're a shining beacon of virtue. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #192
Not everyone makes jokes about rape culture... You seem to be ok with it Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #193
It was a response to how absurd it is to attempt to ban something Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #194
That is not true and anyone can look and see that plainly Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #197
*cough* Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #210
I don't see what your claims of getting a masters has to do with your jokes about rape culture... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #215
Do you agree that jokes about sexual assault and domestic violence should be avoided? Orrex Mar 2014 #216
Yes... I also find them in extra poor taste when put in threads about it... Do you? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #217
I'm glad that we're on the same page. Orrex Mar 2014 #218
Sure, not a problem... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #220
Honestly, I don't seek them out. Orrex Mar 2014 #222
I already posted some in this sub-thread you came into but... Here they are again Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #225
Um. I'm not sure that either of those is a joke about rape culture Orrex Mar 2014 #227
Of course... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #228
Perhaps that's because your first instinct is to assume rape culture wherever you look. Orrex Mar 2014 #229
Archae admits those threads are about rape culture... Perhaps you refuse to see it Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #230
Archae's admission applies to his post, not to its replies Orrex Mar 2014 #231
wiggle wiggle wiggle Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #232
I asked you to point me to jokes about rape culture Orrex Mar 2014 #234
wiggle wiggle wiggle Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #235
So... You've got nothing. Orrex Mar 2014 #236
For somone who denies everything that is put in front of them? No... You would just deny it Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #239
Documented facts? Go on with your bad self. Orrex Mar 2014 #240
I have always admitted when I was wrong... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #242
If you had proven me wrong, I would admit it. Orrex Mar 2014 #246
No, it is not a lie, your words are still there... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #248
To answer your last question, first, *you* are lying. Orrex Apr 2014 #249
wiggle wiggle wiggle and denial again... What a shock... Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #251
I'm not allowed a break once in a while? Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #219
Your idea of taking a break is making jokes about rape culture... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #223
Juries have no problems with what I posted. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #224
Juries do not always get it right... What can one do... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #226
If it were you wouldn't need a dozen threads trying to redefine the word "CULTURE"... Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #149
Fascinating... you openly deny rape culture... Do you deny the examples given? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #150
I reject the silly term. nt Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #153
So you accept that the examples given occur far to regularly and that they are a problem? Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #154
Any occurrence of a victimizing crime beyond zero is "far too regularly" NoOneMan Mar 2014 #156
The topic is culture. CULTURE. Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #179
Thats because you've been brainwashed by "rejection culture" NoOneMan Mar 2014 #155
LOL! Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #160
So... No answer... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #169
Having some computer issues and making dinner... Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #180
Fascinating that you keep avoiding what I am asking... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #184
I don't see any avoidance here at all. Silent3 Mar 2014 #233
^^That Orrex Mar 2014 #237
I'm sorry for your reading comprehension problem... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #238
All I see is that you're angry that he isn't accepting the conversation on exactly your terms... Silent3 Mar 2014 #241
so it exists. we just are not to have a word that allows us to define the existence of it? seabeyond Mar 2014 #243
You're "allowed" to call it anything you like. Silent3 Mar 2014 #247
well. that is beyond silliness to recognize this "stuff" yet refuse to acknowledge this "stuff" seabeyond Apr 2014 #252
And where do you see any refusal to acknowledge that the various crimes, discriminatory treatment... Silent3 Apr 2014 #254
you mean the "stuff"? lmfao.... whatever. nt seabeyond Apr 2014 #255
Wow... That is a real bad comprehension problem you got there... Ohio Joe Mar 2014 #245
In a new post, that poster just used terms like "crime" and "horror"... Silent3 Apr 2014 #250
So... Tell me if I'm understanding you correctly... Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #253
it is "stuff". now it will be so totally comprehensible millions will get it. rollin eyes. nt seabeyond Apr 2014 #256
You have the right to ask the question, but no right to expect an answer, however. Silent3 Apr 2014 #258
You need a 'rapist with a heart of gold story' before you think there is a rape culture... Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #259
A lot of the rest of the world can't believe what they read on DU either. Silent3 Apr 2014 #262
That you do not like the terminology is not what I can't believe... Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #265
There's a difference between "not accepting" something and vehemently arguing against it. nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #270
I'd have a problem with someone calling a teapot a lampshade. Silent3 Apr 2014 #284
So if "rape culture" is as inaccurate as calling a teapot a lampshade, then what in your opinion nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #288
I don't know that there is a good blanket term Silent3 Apr 2014 #289
Maybe. I can't claim to have definitive solutions either, other than perhaps teaching people nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #290
We're a long way away from when a few AM radio stations were where most people... Silent3 Apr 2014 #285
The way you try to rationalize it away is sick... Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #286
And now you're perfectly demonstrating just what I've said is the problem... Silent3 Apr 2014 #287
Nice try but you know it has nothing to do with 'framing' and everything to do with what you said Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #292
ah, if only i had the thread of all the rapist that were just "seducin'" in the movies. i do not seabeyond Apr 2014 #261
Like everyone else, I would describe them as a crime and a horror. nt Demo_Chris Mar 2014 #244
My issue is that I am just hearing of this "rape culture" which seems to being applied to everyone. madinmaryland Mar 2014 #198
Very nicely stated. Orrex Mar 2014 #204
It is indeed a symptom of a greater problem, i.e. ingrained hatred of women. n/t nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #273
THIS "Rape culture is when we teach women how to not get raped, instead of teaching men not to rape" Hekate Mar 2014 #212
So we shouldnt teach people how to defend themselves? davidn3600 Apr 2014 #275
Where did the OP say lack of self defense classes would stop rape? Read the OP and argue with him... Hekate Apr 2014 #277
Who ever said such a thing? Do you really have that much trouble reading? Ohio Joe Apr 2014 #282
Rape culture is when... Zenlitened Apr 2014 #257
They can decline to use the term if they so choose. I don't think anyone would really have a problem nomorenomore08 Apr 2014 #274
When one "declines to use the term," one is accused of enabling rape culture. Orrex Apr 2014 #291
Absolutely true. William769 Apr 2014 #266
Thanks, Ohio Joe. Jamastiene Apr 2014 #276
Thank you for this OP. chervilant Apr 2014 #279
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