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41. VERY? Maybe not so much
Sun Jun 15, 2014, 05:34 PM
Jun 2014

I read that only 65,000 voted in the primary. It seemed to me at the time that the early analysis was that Cantor may have simply gone down to voter apathy. There are a lot of anecdotal explanations floating around and maybe some of them are insightful and even illuminating, but 65,000 voters do not make a movement. I would not read TOO much into this joyous event.

That's what we were saying.. thanks Krugman.. "Big Deal" Cha Jun 2014 #1
+1 Hekate Jun 2014 #6
Imv, the best way to push them back is show them for what they are.. Cha Jun 2014 #8
I really think people are looking too much into this yeoman6987 Jun 2014 #26
In the NC primary, Dr. Teabagger lost to Mr. Establishment... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #42
K&R.... daleanime Jun 2014 #2
The rejection of Cantor was a rejection of the "status quo". It was a rejection of the rhett o rick Jun 2014 #3
I think you are seeing this through a very tailored lense ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #12
There are a number of possible things that affected the vote including those that openly stated rhett o rick Jun 2014 #27
You know for tea-partiers ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #32
You know that Brat.. sendero Jun 2014 #45
No one knows much about Brat ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #46
Open Primary OLDMDDEM Jun 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author amandabeech Jun 2014 #25
This is the correct answer. nt woo me with science Jun 2014 #24
but it is also the embrace or more oligarchy Johonny Jun 2014 #29
I hope we both agree that Cantor was big time oligarch-run status quo. Cantor and his ilk rhett o rick Jun 2014 #30
Here is the long game: cheyanne Jun 2014 #4
The oligarchs that are funding both parties dont have a problem with rhett o rick Jun 2014 #31
What's the difference between the Taliban and the Tea Party? blkmusclmachine Jun 2014 #5
You disparage the Taliban with that remark LordGlenconner Jun 2014 #19
It's got to be a bit more about Cantor's arrogance with his own consituents. SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2014 #7
This is a fight between the money JoeyT Jun 2014 #9
The turf war has already begun ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #13
Our current crop of GOP/Tea Party shows what happens when crazy zealots get money SoCalDem Jun 2014 #15
This Is One Of The Final Fred Gilmore Jun 2014 #10
That Fred Gilmore kpete Jun 2014 #16
Excellent assessment, Fred! Plus, this picture makes me want to turn around & check MY back! NBachers Jun 2014 #28
Agreed, and one more thing... elzenmahn Jun 2014 #33
...and another thing.... elzenmahn Jun 2014 #34
great article! that analysis makes sense to me, BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2014 #11
"Republicans mobilize voters with social issues, but invariably turn postelection to serving the 1%. pampango Jun 2014 #14
From a file I keep on governing... Grins Jun 2014 #17
I hope he's right that it's bad news for the GOP...I really believe he's correct joeybee12 Jun 2014 #20
Remember this scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark? rocktivity Jun 2014 #21
LOVE it!!! calimary Jun 2014 #36
All I know is that if I were the swordsman, I would have wondered why Jones was just standing there. rocktivity Jun 2014 #40
For whatever reasons.... AlbertCat Jun 2014 #22
The Average Voter Already Has an Abysmally Low Opinion of Congress AndyTiedye Jun 2014 #37
I've met a few Right Wingers that claim being pro gay marriage is one of THEIR issues.... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2014 #23
Good riddance to the Movment Conservative. This cult has zonkers Jun 2014 #35
"Think about how quickly the ground has shifted on gay marriage." Bluenorthwest Jun 2014 #38
The Republican Party is dying. This is merely Custer's Last Stand johnlucas Jun 2014 #39
VERY? Maybe not so much kg4jxt Jun 2014 #41
Yup, 65,022. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #43
repukes win by gerrymandering, suppressing votes and stealing elections Skittles Jun 2014 #44
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