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Tue Nov 25, 2014, 09:40 PM Nov 2014

If you take the Ferguson cops and DA side, don't ever complain about the NSA or Snowden ever again. [View all]

There are a lot of Libertarians out there screaming about government intrusion in our lives. They howled and screamed when they learned that the government has access to their emails. Yet, these same folks are awfully fucking quiet over this Ferguson murder.

An agent of the government took the life of an unarmed, innocent man, and the assailant was never charged. Never had to face trial. This means that the government can kill innocent people and never have to face the people.

So, if you take the side of the Ferguson cops and DA, then don't ever complain again about the govt intruding into your personal life. Your logic is inconsistent if you say that it's okay for that same government to kill an unarmed civilian.

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+1 Blue_Tires Nov 2014 #1
Ye shall know them by their OPs and posts. nt msanthrope Nov 2014 #2
Yes we will. sheshe2 Nov 2014 #13
you got that right- the flip tone of some OPs was telling. bettyellen Nov 2014 #39
Ain't THAT the every loving truth Number23 Nov 2014 #47
+ 1000! eom BlueCaliDem Nov 2014 #52
This same crowd of anti-government types also claimed that truedelphi Nov 2014 #3
(White) libertarians only scream about government intrusion in THEIR lives meow2u3 Nov 2014 #4
NAILED IT Number23 Nov 2014 #48
Okay, you "opened the suit" ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #5
And they support private police and the corporate takeover of our government. pnwmom Nov 2014 #12
sounds like I missed some stuff marym625 Nov 2014 #24
You haven't missed a single thing ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #28
ah! Thanks. n/t marym625 Nov 2014 #30
They have been making it all about them. And I was glad to see some folks call them out on their Number23 Nov 2014 #50
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! - K & R !!! - Or JFK CTs... WillyT Nov 2014 #6
To my mind the John Crawford killing was even more egregious than the Brown killing Fumesucker Nov 2014 #7
That was awful TexasMommaWithAHat Nov 2014 #45
They're only "jack-booted government thugs" when they're mean to white people n/t arcane1 Nov 2014 #8
By definition Libertarians logic is inconsistent. Just sayin' nm rhett o rick Nov 2014 #9
Agree ... but you make a false attribution The Traveler Nov 2014 #10
You will know the corporate Third Way by their refusal to demand real change here. woo me with science Nov 2014 #11
Well said. 20score Nov 2014 #14
my invitation is still open marym625 Nov 2014 #21
Bingo JonLP24 Nov 2014 #38
Well gee, that's interesting Bobbie Jo Nov 2014 #41
+1,000 malaise Nov 2014 #51
I've noticed that discrepancy for quite some time. ecstatic Nov 2014 #15
And to smoke all the weed they want ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #20
There is a whole bunch of shit that I care about that doesn't personally effect me JonLP24 Nov 2014 #37
To be consistent and against injustice in all its forms, 20score Nov 2014 #16
Well said marym625 Nov 2014 #22
I could add... malokvale77 Nov 2014 #17
Posted to now ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #18
I Will Be Kicking This For The Next Two Or Three Weeks... You ??? WillyT Nov 2014 #19
a go to fuck you marym625 Nov 2014 #23
Hi... I Have No Idea What That Means... WillyT Nov 2014 #25
I can smooth it out marym625 Nov 2014 #26
This is why many of us people of color here on DU go after others who slam Obama over NSA shit Liberal_Stalwart71 Nov 2014 #27
Well said. ProSense Nov 2014 #29
Glad to see you, I miss your informative post, hope to see more. Thinkingabout Nov 2014 #46
Then you have those Bobbie Jo Nov 2014 #34
Oh, they comment all right. But only so far as they can blame the Third Way/Obama/Holder etc. Number23 Nov 2014 #53
clockwork indeed.... NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #57
Hunh? It's ALL the Constitution. Hissyspit Nov 2014 #44
+bazillion BumRushDaShow Nov 2014 #31
Agreed! nt avebury Nov 2014 #32
Not any of the libertarians I've heard from. DesMoinesDem Nov 2014 #33
Good post Yavin4. K&R. nt Avalux Nov 2014 #35
How do you feel about the NSA and Snowden? JonLP24 Nov 2014 #36
FWIW JonLP24 Nov 2014 #40
Fair enough though it seems to me that at least here that it is members of the status quo caucus TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #42
Evidence, Testimony and Facts seveneyes Nov 2014 #43
What facts are those? NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #58
Good OP malaise Nov 2014 #49
Excellent OP! K & R. eom BlueCaliDem Nov 2014 #54
Please know that if I could rec this 50 times, I would. Number23 Nov 2014 #55
Nice post. BootinUp Nov 2014 #56
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