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85. I totally get that. Reminds me of something Jonathan Winters said.
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 04:56 PM
Dec 2014

I interviewed him once (and fell in love, of course) and he talked about how anything and everything is great as long as it isn't "the ol' dirt nap." I think, as I remember the quote, it was - "sure beats the ol' dirt nap!"

Years later, a woman I know spoke her own version: "anything above the dirt can be handled."

Can't really top that, 'eh? Sorta spells it all out at its very most basic.

Happy New Year to my DU brothers and sisters! And you're all honorary members of our "ACIDIC family," too! So THERE!

Rock on!

It's time to say goodbye... [View all] MrScorpio Dec 2014 OP
Yeah, this year sucked. neverforget Dec 2014 #1
I'm with you on that. NaturalHigh Dec 2014 #2
Agree Mr. S... but I have to admit if there was one thing this year that made me happy yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #3
YOU!!!! Major Hogwash Dec 2014 #23
Yep, she's pretty cool. MrScorpio Dec 2014 #24
Awwwww..... yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #55
Heh! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #54
I must agree. NOLALady Dec 2014 #69
omg..you guys!!! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #94
WHAT? Scarsdale Dec 2014 #81
^^^THIS^^^ panader0 Dec 2014 #37
wOOOOOT!!! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #96
And didn't the Kings win the Stanley Cup? (Asked she who knows nothing about sports.) calimary Dec 2014 #72
I normally follow hockey some times.. yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #95
Hey, YAY to the winners and Better Luck Next Year to the vanquished! calimary Dec 2014 #104
You had me going for a second there. NuclearDem Dec 2014 #4
so what are you waiting for? hfojvt Dec 2014 #5
Oh, I agree completely, my dear MrScorpio! CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #6
May 2015 be a majorly BETTER year for you, California Peggy! MrMickeysMom Dec 2014 #42
Thank you so much, my dear MrMickeysMom... CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2014 #53
So let it be written, so let it be done! calimary Dec 2014 #73
I'm so sorry Peggy Boomerproud Dec 2014 #78
Here is to BETTER years to come Peggy!! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #97
Can we do this with the last 5 years? marym625 Dec 2014 #7
Out with the old and lovemydog Dec 2014 #8
New Lang Syne proverbialwisdom Dec 2014 #9
i really NEEDED this song today....thank you irisblue Dec 2014 #31
Wow! That was originally broadcast 2001... MrMickeysMom Dec 2014 #44
Good riddance.. RandySF Dec 2014 #10
Guardians surprised me Stargazer09 Dec 2014 #33
I'd miss you. 2014, not so much. Although I really have to say... Hekate Dec 2014 #11
Every year I see to a close is a good year. cherokeeprogressive Dec 2014 #12
Amen to that, brother! Divernan Dec 2014 #21
I totally get that. Reminds me of something Jonathan Winters said. calimary Dec 2014 #85
Happy New Year cherokeeprogressive Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #92
Here here hibbing Dec 2014 #13
I was in that place this time last year. Iris Dec 2014 #25
I thought 2013 would be bad luck, ecstatic Dec 2014 #14
And we can look forward to a 2015 filled to the brim with Republicans. Kablooie Dec 2014 #15
Yup...a not so good year from my POV. Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #16
Lets hope 2015 yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #100
Thanks, and likewise. eom Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #105
Prospero Año Nuevo! (Prosperity in the New Year to all.) Jesus Malverde Dec 2014 #17
Personally this was one of the worst years of my life and I may never recover from the fallout. NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #18
I hope things get better for you. Iris Dec 2014 #26
Thank you very much. I hope they will get better; it's just very hard to truly believe they will. NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #58
hang in there MFM008 Dec 2014 #27
thank you for your kind words. i'm clinging for dear life, but often feel l'm fooling myself. NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #57
I'll offer more than a straw, ND_D…. MrMickeysMom Dec 2014 #45
Thank you for your kind words. I'm actually older, had a very serious illness last year and now NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #56
2012 was that for me, and I've been banned from "moving on" or whatever the bromide is MisterP Dec 2014 #74
How can you be banned from moving on? Don't you do that on your own? NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #99
Bad Rubbish 1step Dec 2014 #19
Horrible year for me. Good riddance. Faygo Kid Dec 2014 #20
This will be considered the good old days in 30 yrs when the earth will be toast. ErikJ Dec 2014 #22
the Earth will be toast - I'm not sure in how many years ellenrr Dec 2014 #28
2014- retail movement for a living wage continues, ellenrr Dec 2014 #29
Lots of good too, my son married, grandson was born, hubby & I reconnected biking across america peacebird Dec 2014 #30
Message from Father Time (aka Col. Sherman Potter): lastlib Dec 2014 #32
thank you for that pic. niyad Dec 2014 #52
Thank you for this post Stargazer09 Dec 2014 #34
You scared me there libodem Dec 2014 #35
Thank God and Greyhound you're gone n/t sarge43 Dec 2014 #36
I was also laid off from my job and my brother developed bone cancer amb123 Dec 2014 #38
That was a good link, amb123... MrMickeysMom Dec 2014 #47
I thought: oh no not you too??? nt LiberalElite Dec 2014 #39
I had a pretty good year. Some challenges, to be sure but on balance it was kinda awesome. nt Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #40
Me, too. Ineeda Dec 2014 #67
The elections fried it. Future yrs too. maced666 Dec 2014 #41
Oh hell yeah! glinda Dec 2014 #43
An awful year for me too. bikebloke Dec 2014 #46
the last 15 years have been complete shit. PowerToThePeople Dec 2014 #48
I'm sorry things have been so bad. dawg Dec 2014 #49
Someone cares about you-please reach out to them. Boomerproud Dec 2014 #79
may 2015 be a damned sight better than this year--for all of us, and for all the world. niyad Dec 2014 #50
I want to feel this way, too. But I'm scared. dawg Dec 2014 #51
That is why I don't celebrate 20-fucking-15. TRoN33 Dec 2014 #59
Hey! Don't scare us like that! hedgehog Dec 2014 #60
happy new. year, mr. scorpio. may it be better in 2015 roguevalley Dec 2014 #61
Great cartoon Gothmog Dec 2014 #62
Couldn't agree more FlyByNight Dec 2014 #63
I'm with you on this MrScorpio! boguspotus Dec 2014 #64
2014 Could Have Been Better Leith Dec 2014 #65
Yeah, 2014 pretty much sucked, with a few exceptions. MoonRiver Dec 2014 #66
We're in the same spot BobbyBoring Dec 2014 #86
Wishing us a good year for surgeries! MoonRiver Jan 2015 #107
Awesome ismnotwasm Dec 2014 #68
Happy New Year to you! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #102
Good Fucking Riddance!!! Iggo Dec 2014 #70
Been there and done that, it's 4am in Japan on new years day. Jesus Malverde Dec 2014 #71
Akemashite omedetou! yuiyoshida Dec 2014 #101
Back at ya! Jesus Malverde Dec 2014 #103
brb. i need to get some matches. nah, fuck it mopinko Dec 2014 #75
Every year has bad and good. I wish you all a great 2015. Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2014 #76
I couldn't agree with you more. Boomerproud Dec 2014 #77
Agree! Paper Roses Dec 2014 #80
Perfect depiction of The Worst Year Ever. MBS Dec 2014 #82
AMEN to that! KaryninMiami Dec 2014 #83
Worst year of my life. hifiguy Dec 2014 #84
Personally... 2014 was a great year for me... Helen Borg Dec 2014 #87
To paraphrase The Who... Tom_Foolery Dec 2014 #88
PRAISE THE LORD. I thought that my family and I were the only ones that thought 2014 SUCKED until Number23 Dec 2014 #89
The only good things were in sports jmowreader Dec 2014 #90
Happy New Year Mr. Scorpio! treestar Dec 2014 #91
Happy 2015 All. Be good. Stay safe. Have fun! Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #93
Agreed - Time to F-off 2014. Marie Marie Dec 2014 #98
2014 not my best year but definately not my worst year. mackerel Jan 2015 #106
AMEN!!! AnnieBW Jan 2015 #108
I'm surprised the planet still exists olddots Jan 2015 #109
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