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Nicolle Wallace just said that all the witnesses went cold. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #1
LOL. What kind of standard is that? servermsh Feb 2021 #5
You want to call witnesses who won't testify? TwilightZone Feb 2021 #19
actually if the DA doesn't think you will be a good witness and aren't needed dsc Feb 2021 #31
Wrong on several counts servermsh Feb 2021 #2
You could say that about anyone StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #9
"You don't know what else she would have testified to. " TwilightZone Feb 2021 #10
It wouldn't have made a difference BainsBane Feb 2021 #35
If they knew he'd be acquitted, why even impeach? leftstreet Feb 2021 #3
They didn't have any choice. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #6
Why didn't they have to impeach Trump on emoluments? leftstreet Feb 2021 #13
With this Senate? I don't think so. The construct of the Senate no longer serves to KPN Feb 2021 #14
Would have had the same result. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #15
We weren't going to get a conviction, but we did a great job Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #4
IMO, Trumps problems ARE over. blueinredohio Feb 2021 #18
Letitia James may disagree n/t Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #21
I'm not holding my breath. blueinredohio Feb 2021 #24
I'm old enough to remember StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #20
I think your last sentence sums it up for many Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #25
Thanks StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #26
My pleasure! n/t Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2021 #28
Was just thinking the same thing betsuni Feb 2021 #32
I suspect some folk were frustrated this week StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #34
Question regarding the witnesses testimony, was it a sworn testimony? KPN Feb 2021 #7
There was no chance in hell 17 pukes would convict with two weeks of testimony fearnobush Feb 2021 #8
Sociopaths always like to get the victims fighting amongst themselves. Irish_Dem Feb 2021 #11
the entire proceeding did not gain us the exact outcome we wanted yellowdogintexas Feb 2021 #12
Isn't that what always happens? The Velveteen Ocelot Feb 2021 #16
There will be plenty timms139 Feb 2021 #17
But but but a congresswoman we never heard of until yesterday isn't going to testify StarfishSaver Feb 2021 #22
She won't have timms139 Feb 2021 #30
Yeah, everyone has really been taking it easy... SergeStorms Feb 2021 #23
Weakness and foolish lack of conviction in too many is why we lose elections. Hortensis Feb 2021 #27
They fought as hard as any army ever did Generic Other Feb 2021 #29
Witness testimony rules take 60 votes crimycarny Feb 2021 #33
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