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26. It is impossible to discuss the current economic situation...
Tue Dec 27, 2011, 02:07 PM
Dec 2011

...without making some general observations. To take it personally is just silly IMO. We all know there are many good people who are wealthy, and we also all know there are many rich people who live up to all the negative stereotypes.

Possibly Taibbi should have limited his discussion to the top .1% or even the top .01%. Because those who buy islands, and who buy politicians, and who have direct influence on public policy, tend to be not the rich but the super-rich.

Would you mind terribly much putting your neck in this cradle? Please lie still. Here comes choochoo WingDinger Dec 2011 #1
How Nice...Matt Taibi and George H W Bush agree... brooklynite Dec 2011 #2
+1 Wait Wut Dec 2011 #4
yeah.. poor poor wealthy who think this is all about them fascisthunter Dec 2011 #31
Hum a few bars and I'll fake it. Zorra Dec 2011 #5
Missed it by that much |.| gtar100 Dec 2011 #6
Matt Taibbi never said that. The title of the OP is a blogger's Luminous Animal Dec 2011 #9
Oh, don't get in the way of someone's poutrage! ret5hd Dec 2011 #13
Ooooo I'm rich and no one likes me. MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #19
The rich can be good citizens -those who pay taxes, and give it back to the community leveymg Dec 2011 #15
It is impossible to discuss the current economic situation... ljm2002 Dec 2011 #26
are you part of the 1%? fascisthunter Dec 2011 #30
holy shit. I didn't know it was so bad for you. DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2011 #32
I object to stereotypes and cliches... brooklynite Dec 2011 #33
I thought we were talking about your citizenship, and not your morality DisgustipatedinCA Dec 2011 #35
...and that's precisely my point... brooklynite Dec 2011 #36
It is so weird hearing the rich bitch about the poor. Major Hogwash Dec 2011 #3
You would think that history would give 'em a clue Mopar151 Dec 2011 #7
Showing there true colors. sarcasmo Dec 2011 #11
"They'll get more out of me if they show dotymed Dec 2011 #17
This is DUzy worthy. MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #20
Hence my favorite expression: Ship of Fools Dec 2011 #12
He who dies with the most toys... Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #14
The key here is to make sure they die early... MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #21
Minus the rip cord, of course ... :) Ship of Fools Dec 2011 #27
Oooooooo. Nice touch. MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #28
because they need a scape goat.... something to point at fascisthunter Dec 2011 #29
Some may be, some may not be... But I'm pretty sure NO Corporations, people thought they may be, annabanana Dec 2011 #8
Too many extremes prepperdad Dec 2011 #10
Aren't pretty much ALL of members of Congress 1%? Romulox Dec 2011 #16
I believe the percentage is 47%... n/t. MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #23
Here's a link to Taibbi's original hifiguy Dec 2011 #18
This is what I have been saying for years!! felix_numinous Dec 2011 #22
They have NOT declared independence. MedicalAdmin Dec 2011 #24
Confiscate all of their assets and deport them. roamer65 Dec 2011 #25
Well I would say that anybody who threatens to take their money socialist_n_TN Dec 2011 #34
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