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Mon May 16, 2016, 03:07 PM May 2016

Have you ever used a public restroom of the gender you don't identify with? [View all]

I have when the line to the women's is too long and there is none to the men's, or there's only 1 for either and the women's is in use forever.

I figure most duers are meh about it, but was curious.

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Any port in a storm Vogon_Glory May 2016 #1
That about sums it up. Iggo May 2016 #7
Gotta Do What You Gotta Do ProfessorGAC May 2016 #10
Voted no, but I have aided and abetted, and have had to assist lagomorph777 May 2016 #12
Lol. Exactly. Hortensis May 2016 #14
If no one else can come in while I'm in there, yes. bjo59 May 2016 #26
If there is any woman who says they have not, then they must live a sheltered existence hlthe2b May 2016 #2
Those were my first thoughts and definitely my experience! n/t etherealtruth May 2016 #32
This. Never enough restroom stalls in women's bathrooms. I and other women have Nay May 2016 #36
Women overall don't freak out over this at all. Circumstance is key. Glassunion May 2016 #50
It happened in Europe several times... CTyankee May 2016 #3
I recall walking into a men's room once when I had to go, but the place reeked of urine. Vinca May 2016 #4
I often go to events that are mostly women csziggy May 2016 #5
Curious- why did they feel a "lookout" was necessary? Nye Bevan May 2016 #49
Most of the events were at venues where there were random people coming in csziggy May 2016 #58
Yes malaise May 2016 #6
I've been noticing a refreshing change in restrooms in some local venues lately. arcane1 May 2016 #8
Buc-cees in Texas has bathrooms like that, but Ilsa May 2016 #41
Back in the old days, in dive bars, approaching 2am. Iggo May 2016 #9
That's what came to my mind, too. prayin4rain May 2016 #45
I find that most dumpsters are unisex. Orrex May 2016 #11
Any port in a storm I always say Major Nikon May 2016 #19
The lights in the hallway were out I had to pee really bad tularetom May 2016 #13
I have been part of a group of women who took over the men's room mnhtnbb May 2016 #15
I have to take my handicapped mother into the womens restrooms all the time LostOne4Ever May 2016 #16
That's an aspect to these stupid laws that has not been discussed nt lostnfound May 2016 #17
Why not take her into the Men's room? Who would be offended? WinkyDink May 2016 #44
Because she insists on using the women's room. LostOne4Ever May 2016 #60
I too have helped my mother. gvstn May 2016 #47
My experience exactly. No-one really cares...except for fake outrage against transpeople nt LostOne4Ever May 2016 #61
Have needed to use women's rooms on rare occasion. Am male. Igel May 2016 #18
The first time I went to Germany the restrooms were marked H and D Major Nikon May 2016 #20
Emergencies only libodem May 2016 #21
I used to be a janitor. nt bemildred May 2016 #22
Male privilege 1939 May 2016 #23
When I was in preschool (age 4 or so) alice mauna May 2016 #24
Follow Scandinavian lead Emelina May 2016 #25
it's only an "issue" here for conservative freaks Skittles May 2016 #27
I HAVE USED A ONE-AT-A-TIME Jim Beard May 2016 #28
With a female escort or manning the door Sen. Walter Sobchak May 2016 #29
Yes. Nearly every time with a guy escort me in or standing outside if it had limited seats alphafemale May 2016 #30
no, however the female teachers at whistler162 May 2016 #31
Yes, mostly at National Parks where nobody gives a flying fig which one you find first Quantess May 2016 #33
Yes Dorian Gray May 2016 #34
I once shit in the Ladies shitting street in India. AngryAmish May 2016 #35
I have and the women's room always as better toilet paper. rug May 2016 #37
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, and that's all there is to it. meow2u3 May 2016 #38
Yes... meaculpa2011 May 2016 #39
Yes, do it all the time at work. bigwillq May 2016 #40
Why do you suppose it's labeled "Women's"? WinkyDink May 2016 #43
Because society loves labels. bigwillq May 2016 #48
For approximately the same reason many water fountains were labeled "whites only." LanternWaste May 2016 #52
Yes---when it was cleared out. And I didn't pose as the opposite gender. WinkyDink May 2016 #42
Out of desperation. It's usually women who do this. mainer May 2016 #46
Of course. Most men's rooms have stalls. haele May 2016 #51
Yeah at work and someone is in the mens room Islandurp May 2016 #53
That sounds like a good plan! etherealtruth May 2016 #55
Yup. Adrahil May 2016 #54
i've used the men's room at bars before fizzgig May 2016 #56
Yes. greatauntoftriplets May 2016 #57
Why Yes... Not actually used, but toured! Xyzse May 2016 #59
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