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41. Yeah. I tried a little of that yesterday at the March for Science. Among friendlies.
Sun Apr 23, 2017, 12:01 PM
Apr 2017

We were discussing EXACTLY this.

And I posed the question: has ANY ONE of them, even ONE, EVER quoted to you the story of Jesus and the rich young man?

Resoundingly, everybody in our little group shook his/her head in the negative. Of course we hadn't. Because these so-called "Christians" don't do it. They haven't, EVER. They're the ones behind the "prosperity 'gospel'", "GAWD wants YOU to be RICH!!!!!"

Well, there's no such legitimate thing as the "prosperity gospel." Jesus was a POOR GUY. Jesus didn't own a home. He didn't even rent one. Everything we're taught about Him says He was homeless. Surviving on friends, cousins, followers, and fans. He was nomadic - walking His way from one end of Biblical-era Israel to another. Staying with friends, preaching in town squares - not some fancy offices or edifice. We're taught He wore a garment hand-woven by His mother - nothing he bought or had made or fitted. He didn't have much - except, literally, for the clothes on His back.

AND "worse," He hung out with the riffraff. Those people the "better" classes walked by without even looking at them. The sick, the outcast, people with leprosy, men with "bad" reputations, women with "bad" reputations, guys who collected taxes - whom we were taught were reviled by others in "polite society".

When the rich young man asked how he could join up, as you've pointed out, paleotn, indeed Jesus told him to sell everything he owned, give the proceeds to the poor, and come follow Him. How the story ended: the rich young ma went away. With sadness. Sad.

Any of these apostates
a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.
synonyms: dissenter, defector, deserter, traitor, backslider, turncoat;
rarerecusant, recreant, tergiversator
"after 50 years as an apostate, he returned to the faith"

abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

... who REALLY believed in Jesus and followed HIS teachings (or tried to follow His teachings, or revered HIS teachings as they all claim they do) would not hesitate to bring up that story at multiple opportunities. When they're interviewed, when they do their pass-the-plate TV "evangelism", or when they pontificate in the media - spoken or written, make their speeches and/or write their books.

They'd also repeatedly remind about the message of Matthew 25: 35-45 - the one about "whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to Me."

They'd also quote widely, loudly, and enthusiastically from The Beatitudes - wherein you will NOT find anything about "blessed are the greedy," or "blessed are the bullies," or "blessed are the warmakers."

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If we can't get rid of this idiot, we're doomed. n/t TreasonousBastard Apr 2017 #1
It must be a brain defect that causes a person to become a Republican. Vinca Apr 2017 #2
Republicans don't care about the general public's health, safety and welfare. CottonBear Apr 2017 #3
They don't care at all Afromania Apr 2017 #4
Ain't that the sad truth. CottonBear Apr 2017 #13
Until and/or unless it hits home - and hits home HARD. calimary Apr 2017 #25
I use that on libertarian "christians" all the time... paleotn Apr 2017 #35
Yeah. I tried a little of that yesterday at the March for Science. Among friendlies. calimary Apr 2017 #41
It's just legalized campaign bribery sharedvalues Apr 2017 #44
Did she vote for him? n/t malaise Apr 2017 #5
That is The Question of the Year. calimary Apr 2017 #26
Member of the Freedom Caucus aka Republicans who seriously want to kill 24 million Americans dalton99a Apr 2017 #6
Do Congressfolk pay for their health insurance? - Think of the word 'subsidies' keithbvadu2 Apr 2017 #7
We do have the same insurance as congress critters do... usedtobedemgurl Apr 2017 #10
HOWEVER, they get a subsidy which covers 72% of the premiums. groundloop Apr 2017 #14
Then they would not need the exceptions keithbvadu2 Apr 2017 #16
Ouch -- Looks like OH8 is gonna be an easily flippable seat -- no problem. ATL Ebony Apr 2017 #8
I wouldn't bet on it. PdxSean Apr 2017 #11
You'd like to think that but I live in this district. It is gerrymandered in such a way to ensure airmid Apr 2017 #17
Gerrymandering takes place when the bad guys own most of it at the state level. calimary Apr 2017 #45
Ohio is a cesspool of Tea Party members, wingnuts, and White Nationalists. When Boehner left I just airmid Apr 2017 #46
Welcome to DU, airmid! calimary Apr 2017 #47
Obviously, her son should run for Congress, then. Buns_of_Fire Apr 2017 #9
Sadly, this is how most of them think. dawg Apr 2017 #12
How about the son taking THIS Scarsdale Apr 2017 #15
first off . can yoou give me a better job, what if i am disabled you moran AllaN01Bear Apr 2017 #18
the rest of his interview was as equally shameful samnsara Apr 2017 #19
So who is supposed to work in those jobs? greymattermom Apr 2017 #20
Every time this asshole sits down in a restaurant for a meal Mr. Ected Apr 2017 #21
Or sneeze and cough constantly while serving him csziggy Apr 2017 #22
Hey Asshole Warren Davidson .......................reread this again, what you said in quotes turbinetree Apr 2017 #23
How on earth do people of such exceptional cruelty and indifference get smirkymonkey Apr 2017 #24
Time for Warren to get a job in the private sector! bronxiteforever Apr 2017 #27
If they don't care if fellow Americans die, maybe they don't mind killing a few as well. Doodley Apr 2017 #28
This is a common response. MY response to that is that SOMEONE is going to work in that job. Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #29
This message was self-deleted by its author Mz Pip Apr 2017 #30
screw 'em! paleotn Apr 2017 #31
Mom should have countered DeminPennswoods Apr 2017 #32
They don't believe in minimum wages either... paleotn Apr 2017 #37
And that attitude is what will get the Republicans ousted leftyladyfrommo Apr 2017 #33
What a tightwad uncaring jerk! Left-over Apr 2017 #34
"..his skills are focused in an industry that doesn't have the kind of options..." A man who speaks WinkyDink Apr 2017 #36
This message was self-deleted by its author irisblue Apr 2017 #38
According to some here tazkcmo Apr 2017 #39
They would love to abolish unions and minimum wages BSdetect Apr 2017 #40
Another fine example of Republican Jesus. sarcasmo Apr 2017 #42
Anal Randian mentality from GOP Speaker Ryan on down. oasis Apr 2017 #43
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