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Politics is entertainment now. SticksnStones May 2017 #1
There's that, yes . . . MousePlayingDaffodil May 2017 #9
I have a little more faith in my neighbor's and my country than that. SticksnStones May 2017 #12
Please. I look around and see a country . . . MousePlayingDaffodil May 2017 #16
I said good day! SticksnStones May 2017 #24
I hear you paleotn May 2017 #42
Really? Are you suggesting we just give up and go with a dictatorship? Chemisse May 2017 #25
Yes it's like sports entertainment for the less politically enlightened . That's how much of lunasun May 2017 #14
I had the same reaction last night---there is no innocent explanation for this cally May 2017 #2
I completely forget about a trip outside the country..and forget to put it on my SF86 HipChick May 2017 #6
I worked for the government over a period of 31 years and filled out the SF86 many times. politicaljunkie41910 May 2017 #21
Well they are getting away with it, and they'll keep doing it FakeNoose May 2017 #32
I agree! UCmeNdc May 2017 #3
I shouted at the TV this morning, "Stop giving those crooks excuses!" Buckeye_Democrat May 2017 #4
I apologize for my earlier language; but I couldn't take it any longer. I too, have been shouting politicaljunkie41910 May 2017 #11
I screamed at the tv all through the buildup to the Iraq war. Cheney, rice etc bombarded notdarkyet May 2017 #37
It's a measured response. As much as I detest it, the media does not want to make false claims Mr. Ected May 2017 #5
I think they are making quadruple sure pnwest May 2017 #15
They are also considering all the right wingers and they come across a lot more credibly if Amaryllis May 2017 #45
He was a fucking conduit. Plain and simple. Baitball Blogger May 2017 #7
The only person who was straight was Malcolm Nance flamingdem May 2017 #8
Yep. dalton99a May 2017 #28
Yep not fooled May 2017 #36
+1 uponit7771 May 2017 #44
I love Malcolm Nance. Auntie Bush May 2017 #47
Who owns the so-called "liberal media"? Hint, it ain't the proletariat. - nt KingCharlemagne May 2017 #10
Bingo. dalton99a May 2017 #29
For sure, at MSNBC, we know they were told to dial it back Alice11111 May 2017 #35
Yeah I know what ya mean Kimchijeon May 2017 #40
Depends on who you ask newblewtoo May 2017 #43
I thought I was the only one screaming about this very same thing. Solomon May 2017 #13
Let's ASSUME that he had legit reasons for wanting a back channel Nevernose May 2017 #17
Don't watch the MSM. They are trying to normalize this. They HELPED this to happen. LaydeeBug May 2017 #18
Agreed c-rational May 2017 #33
Perhaps the media could bring themselves to simply REPORT the events .. & leave interpretation out MedusaX May 2017 #19
Yes,m it's driving me crazy as well. KPN May 2017 #20
Unreal Johnny2X2X May 2017 #22
They have a lot of air time to fill. nt Honeycombe8 May 2017 #23
Lets see if there are other undisclosed contacts, or if Russians are biggest part of undisclosed. nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2017 #26
Amen. maddiemom May 2017 #27
So if a cover up effort fails... Zambero May 2017 #30
Sorry, other than one or two right wing guests, I didn't hear ANYONE on news shows making excuses. George II May 2017 #31
Nor have I radical noodle May 2017 #34
K & R BadgerMom May 2017 #38
It will help if we realize it's not "the media," it's just corporate profit-propaganda Kimchijeon May 2017 #39
A more important question: When will the Greywing May 2017 #41
Preach! The orders from Corporate HQTRS must be clear and threatening. WinkyDink May 2017 #46
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