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15. Your inlaws will require 25% unemployment and general economic collapse (see
Fri Jul 21, 2017, 09:18 AM
Jul 2017

January 1933) to shake them out of their stupor. Before we get to that point, Trump will dismantle the BLS (keeper of unbiased unemployment statistics), so they may never even realize how bad it really is.

Considering how 'right' skewed Razzie is... WePurrsevere Jul 2017 #1
Rasmussen.. Scoopster Jul 2017 #2
Yes, they have but they can only tweak so much & remain relevant... WePurrsevere Jul 2017 #11
When the dirty money laundering comes out Chasstev365 Jul 2017 #3
I think they won't care as long as it has nothing to do with Ilsa Jul 2017 #4
Think it raises a very interesting point - what would it take? My inlaws are all Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #6
Businessmen like trump were part of the problem Ilsa Jul 2017 #10
Oh I agree - and for Trump, we have only seen what's public information now and it already Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #16
"Low information" and bad information. thucythucy Jul 2017 #13
And their "handlers" know that they won't actually research anything. That they will read their Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #17
Your inlaws will require 25% unemployment and general economic collapse (see KingCharlemagne Jul 2017 #15
That is probably true - it would have to hit people they know work hard and want Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #18
I've Read Somewhere SDJay Jul 2017 #19
That's a good one ! But, unless they had a tape of him telling them to, can't see them believing? Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #20
True. SDJay Jul 2017 #24
I've read that it's even worse than that BlueStateBlue Jul 2017 #21
A big portion of those fundies don't mind abortion at all in Ilsa Jul 2017 #27
These things are nonlinear, and what sets off the rush for the exits is unpredictable alcibiades_mystery Jul 2017 #8
As long as Red Don doesn't hug a brown skinned person the deplorable wont give a damn uponit7771 Jul 2017 #28
I'm sticking with 22% as the bottom for Trump JustAnotherGen Jul 2017 #5
How'd you come up with 22? Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #7
February 2016 - Poll of his supporters JustAnotherGen Jul 2017 #25
Close, Nixon was 24% after he basically admitted to a crime. Trumps 12% away from that uponit7771 Jul 2017 #29
Public opinion is slow to move but quick to finish bucolic_frolic Jul 2017 #9
the support of trump is getting to the hardcore base support numbers now beachbum bob Jul 2017 #12
The bottom is low Johnny2X2X Jul 2017 #14
Maybe the hard core ones have shifted to another category we haven't seen Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #22
Glad trump's numbers are sinking. gademocrat7 Jul 2017 #23
Could it be because they think he hasn't done enough awesomerwb1 Jul 2017 #26
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