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Sat Aug 12, 2017, 02:03 PM Aug 2017

If I hear one more fucking pundit on MSNBC say [View all]

"both sides" one more fucking time I'll scream.

Here's something for our clueless media...one side is full of fucking hatred because of racism... the "other" side is opposed to that hatred.

Talking about "both sides" is how you have fucking normalized racist hatred.

In other words... your normalizing coverage over the past fucking decade have brought us here

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Exactly right Egnever Aug 2017 #1
There is an informative article in "Mother Jones" concerning this problem. olegramps Aug 2017 #67
Media false equivalency is what has warpped so many American minds! Chasstev365 Aug 2017 #2
Yes, and a thousand times more, YES!!!! jrthin Aug 2017 #5
bingo - this is the thread win. NRaleighLiberal Aug 2017 #7
100000000 bingos! iluvtennis Aug 2017 #20
Precisely. dalton99a Aug 2017 #23
You are spot on! nt brer cat Aug 2017 #33
Turn it off ??? pwb Aug 2017 #3
I cut mine too MountainFool Aug 2017 #13
Sadly though there are fewer and fewer outlets out there to trust zz-la Aug 2017 #56
Yep. potone Aug 2017 #4
Democrats have played too nice BeyondGeography Aug 2017 #6
They go low MFM008 Aug 2017 #10
They go low superpatriotman Aug 2017 #11
Exactly MFM008 Aug 2017 #15
No shit BeyondGeography Aug 2017 #37
Heh, dark Lokilooney Aug 2017 #51
Isn't this country "of the people, by the people"? When the party in power undermines the government Boomerproud Aug 2017 #21
Democrats have miscalculated the hatred wrong and for too long zz-la Aug 2017 #57
The problem is that so many of them are not really that sharp at challenging crap BSdetect Aug 2017 #8
My message to them is Mr.Bill Aug 2017 #9
Also known as the Chuck Todd Syndrome. Paladin Aug 2017 #12
EXACTLY! Those standing up for justice and equality cannot in any way be lumped with those unitedwethrive Aug 2017 #14
Also, one party is sane Doug the Dem Aug 2017 #16
It doesn't bother me because when I go to MSNBC for an update I mute the sound. grantcart Aug 2017 #17
People can equivocate all they want about it vicman Aug 2017 #18
Herr tRUMP said it. He used those exact words in his "speech." japple Aug 2017 #19
Anna Navarro is the only one calling a spade a spade. HurricaneWarning Aug 2017 #22
The images I saw NobodyHere Aug 2017 #24
Sure maxrandb Aug 2017 #25
Yup. Sick and tired of the fake balance and the stupid moral equivalence. Nitram Aug 2017 #26
Both sides did not Scarsdale Aug 2017 #60
The same false equivalency we heard the entire election cycle Danmel Aug 2017 #27
My Pet Peeve Media Treating Republicans Like They Aren't Simply Lying Scum OutaHere Aug 2017 #28
Exactly! Duppers Aug 2017 #31
Heard on msnbc the AG of Virginia said... Duppers Aug 2017 #29
I never hear that. Scruffy1 Aug 2017 #30
They lack courage to speak the truth eleny Aug 2017 #32
They don't mention that "one side" showed up with clubs, shields, and helmets, the "other side".... George II Aug 2017 #34
The truth is often one-sided or lop-sided. Giving equal time to "both sides" is not real journalism. Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2017 #35
a needed organized response to the media moonseller66 Aug 2017 #36
And I keep saying that a few dozen protesting outside their maxrandb Aug 2017 #40
Yes in person protests at local affiliates against these media enablers of Trump,McConnell, Ryan etc stuffmatters Aug 2017 #43
We need to ALL call them (national and local) Every Time they let Repugs hijack the truth. stuffmatters Aug 2017 #42
The reason the opposite side was there thegoose Aug 2017 #38
Treating them with kidd gloves in the name of balance and fairness bucolic_frolic Aug 2017 #39
"Both sides" were violent in WW2. Coventina Aug 2017 #41
Ha - yes! I could see the modern MSM saying, "Let's offer both sides of the debate Rabrrrrrr Aug 2017 #45
And the same with their "both sides" of the "climate debate" and "Evolution" debate Rabrrrrrr Aug 2017 #44
But it's true, both sides have hate in them many a good man Aug 2017 #46
Racists are cowards and always afraid to claim Bladewire Aug 2017 #47
I'm seeing it all over social media Orrex Aug 2017 #48
Proud to be the 160th Rec. HughBeaumont Aug 2017 #49
The abolitionist Yankees and secessionist, slave-holding Rebs both need to chill the f*** out. VOX Aug 2017 #50
Looking for the sarcasm thingie. hay rick Aug 2017 #52
some migrations have occured bora13 Aug 2017 #54
Did you tell this to MSNBC? lillypaddle Aug 2017 #53
++10000 zentrum Aug 2017 #55
That is how they created the Trump monster Generic Other Aug 2017 #58
Hear F...... Hear. eom Smickey Aug 2017 #59
And the media's attitude is exactly what helped get dumb Don elected! MojoWrkn Aug 2017 #61
CNN seems to be doing a good job get the red out Aug 2017 #62
Thank you saidsimplesimon Aug 2017 #65
they have been doing that for a while max still_one Aug 2017 #63
The other thing I hear them saying that enrages me Sucha NastyWoman Aug 2017 #64
"If blacks would just stop HATING white supremacists... Beartracks Aug 2017 #66
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