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Wed Aug 30, 2017, 11:53 AM Aug 2017

Do you approve or disapprove of Democrats saying nice things about Trump ? [View all]

51 votes, 6 passes | Time left: Unlimited
3 (6%)
47 (92%)
Disapprove, except in the narrowest of circumstances, such as Democratic candidates in deep red states
1 (2%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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what nice things could be said with a straight face about that human jackal? niyad Aug 2017 #1
Nice shoes, Asshole? Ohiya Aug 2017 #26
exactly Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #27
I praise his strengths all the time. He's the best con artist I've seen and can really work a room. TheBlackAdder Aug 2017 #78
What is up with Feinstein? Maybe it's time to yield her seat. brush Aug 2017 #102
that was my first thought, until I read the whole thing. niyad Aug 2017 #140
Sorry, but if we're going to have the blanket policy.... vi5 Aug 2017 #2
If something about him is worth saying something good about, then sure Orrex Aug 2017 #14
You made me literally guffaw. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #45
LOL Orrex Aug 2017 #46
A morbidly obese septuagenarian who doesn't eat or sleep well. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #48
No one said anything good about Trump. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #79
I can't truly answer sarisataka Aug 2017 #3
Disapprove. It's demoralizing at this point leftstreet Aug 2017 #4
As soon Soxfan58 Aug 2017 #5
Do we really want to be the party of no? dembotoz Aug 2017 #6
Exactly. The nation can't survive with 2 parties ruled by irrational partisanship and dishonesty Hortensis Aug 2017 #19
+1 applegrove Aug 2017 #70
He is the president of no. HubbleSN Aug 2017 #95
+ 1 DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #135
This is a loaded set of questions defacto7 Aug 2017 #7
Saying nice things about him, rusty fender Aug 2017 #8
So agree! AgadorSparticus Aug 2017 #128
But the Bible says, "Thou shalt not lie" world wide wally Aug 2017 #9
This thread is an extension of the slander on Dianne Feinstein (who did not praise Trump) Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #10
These attacks on my character are starting to become abusive. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #11
Stop with the personal attacks on Democratic leaders and on fellow members of DU. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #12
I am not attacking any Democrats including the denizens of our august board. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #13
Damn straight, DSB. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #50
My thoughts on all this DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #53
I know my Dylan- The fortune telling lady has already taken all her things inside Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #59
Positively 4th Street Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #87
Desolation Row. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #96
Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #98
Ah, but it's such a wonderful lyric, isn't it? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #99
Truth told? One of my favorites. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #100
I'm more partial to the ones that were frequently covered by the Dead, I admit. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #126
I had the pleasure of turning Mr Garcia on to some very fine Hawaiian once when he and the JGB Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #129
Heh Heh Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #131
You have been all over this thread quoting the site rules at people who have been here a long time. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #86
Amen. Couldn't have said it better. brush Aug 2017 #104
I agree with your TOS statement... defacto7 Aug 2017 #15
Why is it so difficult to say there is nothing nice to say about Trump? DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #16
There is nothing nice to say about Trump! defacto7 Aug 2017 #20
The best thing we have going for us is Trump's aberrant behavior. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #22
We shouldn't. She shouldn't. defacto7 Aug 2017 #23
His aberrant behavior inures to our benefit. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #24
I absolutely agree. defacto7 Aug 2017 #30
No, Trump's abberant behavior doesn't enure to our benefit, it hurt real people... Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #31
The more aberrant his behavior the lower his numbers. That is great for us. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #34
+1,000!!! AgadorSparticus Aug 2017 #123
The only attacks happening are from you threadstalking and unnecessarily alerting!!! HughBeaumont Aug 2017 #25
She is to the right of the electorate here. That is for sure. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #40
I suspect she'll retire after this term. The next Dem.Senator from CA will likely be more in tune Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #54
What is up with new posters warning us against DUers we have read and trusted for years? Squinch Aug 2017 #29
I think I know. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2017 #66
Thank you. My favorite thing in the world is new posters wagging their fingers at octoberlib Aug 2017 #69
The TOS does not say that we cannot criticize Democrats when warranted. Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #47
Comparing Dianne Feinstein to supporters of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #49
Where did that happen, exactly? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #52
In Someone's imagination DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #58
Do toss us a link to that. Squinch Aug 2017 #67
Buehler? Squinch Aug 2017 #73
LOL DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #77
Of course! He is doing a great job publicizing the often-overlooked sport of golf! struggle4progress Aug 2017 #17
and he's wearing clothes! defacto7 Aug 2017 #21
Give credit where credit is due. djg21 Aug 2017 #18
Saying nice things abot Donald Trump(R) is normalizing a monster. There is nothing Squinch Aug 2017 #28
No one said nice things about Donald Trump. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #32
No, it isn't, and you need to stop running around saying that, and insulting the OP writer. Squinch Aug 2017 #33
It is a false charge against Dianne Feinstein Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #36
Give it up. Squinch Aug 2017 #38
I don't shrink from attacks on good Democrats. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #39
Does that mean you'll stop insulting DemSinceBirth. Squinch Aug 2017 #41
It is not. I implore you to stop impugning my character. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #82
I haven't impunged your character... Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #84
I would literally rather die than to not speak truth to power. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #85
You personally insulted me and slandered Dianne Feinstein Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #107
I never insulted you or the senior senator from California. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #133
You need to back off on this. Feinstein committed a faux pas. We can criticize that. brush Aug 2017 #106
Sounds like a threat. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #108
Pls stop with the exaggeration. There was no threat, and Feinstein screwed up. brush Aug 2017 #109
We are not going to have a meeting of the minds here... Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #112
Intimidation? You are new here and thin-skinned if you think that's intimidation. brush Aug 2017 #113
Graduate from your Jr High School tactics Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #115
Get real. You're the one attacking long-time members and you just got here. brush Aug 2017 #116
People who attack major Democratic figures with lies and twisted words Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #117
You don't quite get it. You're taking the TOS too strickly. Dem figures can be... brush Aug 2017 #118
First you tell me we don't march in lockstep conformity around here... Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #119
You have the right to your opinion. No need to make rookie mistakes attacking long-time DUers though brush Aug 2017 #120
So I have "the right to my opinion" as long as I keep it to myself? LOL. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #122
Things are not going well for you in this thread! n/t USALiberal Aug 2017 #90
On the contrary. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #91
Nice try! n/t USALiberal Aug 2017 #93
+1,000!!! AgadorSparticus Aug 2017 #127
Class among the haters. Scoopster Aug 2017 #35
Remember when Hillary Clinton had nothing nice to say about Trump when asked to say something nice JonLP24 Aug 2017 #37
Barron and Tiffany seem okay. Maybe that is why Chump has all but disowned the latter. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #51
I could come up with nice things to say about Dubya. Dave Starsky Aug 2017 #42
I concur DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #44
Fighting AIDS in Africa n/t moonscape Aug 2017 #103
This message was self-deleted by its author trueblue2007 Aug 2017 #43
At this point, no. liberalmuse Aug 2017 #55
This is what we are relegated to? HopeAgain Aug 2017 #56
" She didn't vote to repeal the ACA." DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #60
Who said that was the bar? HopeAgain Aug 2017 #62
I don't see how anybody can normalize an abnormal person like Trump, much less a Democrat. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #64
No one did that. Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #68
I did no such thing DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #71
Baaaaahahahahahahaha!!!! Squinch Aug 2017 #72
I will try to be as precise as possible. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #74
I get it, but my sick mind goes here: we know she said it, and it's a very odd thing for Squinch Aug 2017 #75
I have no problem with them saying anything that is TRUE TexasBushwhacker Aug 2017 #57
Exactly. What has he done to earn anything except condemnation? Warren DeMontague Aug 2017 #61
Is that a rhetorical question ? DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #81
We shouldn't become liars just to appease 45 -- absolutely nothing nice to say about him. ATL Ebony Aug 2017 #63
K&R. n/t rzemanfl Aug 2017 #65
If I were ever able to think of anything nice to say about Trump, guillaumeb Aug 2017 #76
They can say all the nice things they want if there was anything nice to say about that guy. Afromania Aug 2017 #80
Of course... Mike Nelson Aug 2017 #83
Thanks for this poll! Very telling. n/t USALiberal Aug 2017 #88
I really feel Option 3 is a logical and defensible choice. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #89
I chose Pass, for lack of a better option. Caliman73 Aug 2017 #92
No matter what we're supposed to hate ALL on the right. ileus Aug 2017 #94
Only if he's supporting progressive causes mvd Aug 2017 #97
Say nice things like what? democratisphere Aug 2017 #101
Disapprove. smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #105
JUST TELL THE TRUTH! yuiyoshida Aug 2017 #110
Well, for Democrats it's Demned if they do, Demned if they don't. betsuni Aug 2017 #111
I vote for her, but not with the same joy I voted for Senator Harris. Starry Messenger Aug 2017 #114
If it's nice and it's true, then say it. qwlauren35 Aug 2017 #121
GACK. tavernier Aug 2017 #124
I am an ardent supporter of democrats but completely disagree with ANYONE who thinks AgadorSparticus Aug 2017 #125
There is NOTHING MFM008 Aug 2017 #130
Fuck Trump. And nobody should be normalizing this crap. Nobody. Voltaire2 Aug 2017 #132
What an odd poll. He hasn't done a thing worthy of having nice things said about him. Vinca Aug 2017 #134
There are already prominent Democrats saying nice things about him... DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #136
Amazing. I haven't heard any of them yet and I can't imagine what they're praising. Vinca Aug 2017 #137
Google Diane Feinstein. DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #138
Trying to get one more day out of your slander of a good Democrat? Expecting Rain Aug 2017 #141
Take it up with California Senate leader Kevin de Leon DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2017 #142
I don't really "approve" per se Proud Liberal Dem Aug 2017 #139
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