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32. I'm old enough to remember Bill Clinton getting hounded by the GOP for not serving
Wed Jun 5, 2019, 03:12 PM
Jun 2019

Repubs were STILL making an issue of this shit when Bill left in 2001...

The "bone spurs" thing is simply laying the groundwork for an attack on Biden jberryhill Jun 2019 #1
I have asthma Bayard Jun 2019 #9
Yah well, it doesn't get a mention in his biography jberryhill Jun 2019 #16
I'm sure, in his piggy little mind, he sees himself strutting around with medals dhol82 Jun 2019 #2
Trump lying again. nt Progressive Jones Jun 2019 #3
Fuck him... Docreed2003 Jun 2019 #4
And yet plenty of military people voted for him and will again. llmart Jun 2019 #7
True... Docreed2003 Jun 2019 #17
What has tRump done for the military? pazzyanne Jun 2019 #18
Really! He even said he gave them a 10% bump while campaigning f/ 2018 Nov. elections... SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #31
No surgery, no medical records available... BeyondGeography Jun 2019 #5
My brother was not "Honored" ... HE WAS DRAFTED, so FU DT Dorn Jun 2019 #6
Draft-dodging is only an issue if you later support other wars... ExciteBike66 Jun 2019 #8
Glad Trump didn't say there were good people on both sides RedParrot Jun 2019 #10
Lie #11303. Firestorm49 Jun 2019 #11
I'm perfectly fine with the Dem President ordering Secret Service to arrest the trespasser. LonePirate Jun 2019 #12
trump is a coward who is too much of a chickenhawk to serve Gothmog Jun 2019 #13
I think it must be a contest Turbineguy Jun 2019 #14
And by so saying LogicFirst Jun 2019 #15
"A great and very brave soldier" keithbvadu2 Jun 2019 #19
They took volunteers. Hugin Jun 2019 #20
No only did they take volunteers sdfernando Jun 2019 #25
I'd have been honored to save you from the mugger but I was busy hiding behind the dumpster Solly Mack Jun 2019 #21
Within a week there will be claims that he actually served, watch GusBob Jun 2019 #22
No Honor in Vietnam McKim Jun 2019 #23
I'm sure that he wishes he'd had the opportunity to help Cally at My Lai. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2019 #24
HE always does this duforsure Jun 2019 #26
Oh give me a f'n break. Seriously you have to be completely mentally deranged to believe this tymorial Jun 2019 #27
What a load of crap. 3catwoman3 Jun 2019 #28
Like the one in Nugent's pants. n/t Harker Jun 2019 #37
This message was self-deleted by its author geralmar Jun 2019 #29
president Bonespurs...I don't want to hear your excuses (all lies)...the fact remains that you ... SWBTATTReg Jun 2019 #30
I'm old enough to remember Bill Clinton getting hounded by the GOP for not serving Blue_Tires Jun 2019 #32
Bullshit. Bone spurs are not a condition that can't be treated. Vinca Jun 2019 #33
However the honor of serving was over ridden by honorary bone spurs. marble falls Jun 2019 #34
Lying sack of POOO! CRK7376 Jun 2019 #35
This may be the most grotesque thing he has ever said JDC Jun 2019 #36
Tough call... Harker Jun 2019 #38
Too right. The guy had a deep bench of shitty things said JDC Jun 2019 #39
Yep. If anyone can one-up himself... n/t Harker Jun 2019 #40
There was more honor in fleeing to Canada back in those days. YOHABLO Jun 2019 #41
Two of the biggest slimes in the world in the same room. BannonsLiver Jun 2019 #42
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