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17. Probably dressed up when Trump was on TV at one of his NAZI rallies..........
Wed Jul 1, 2020, 09:08 AM
Jul 2020

Gave him a big ole woodie............

Only in Amerikka. Freedomofspeech Jul 2020 #1
You left out a k. not_the_one Jul 2020 #33
The United States media did not cover this story? UCmeNdc Jul 2020 #2
FYI, NBC did... MuchBetterThanThis Jul 2020 #5
Local paper has the story as well irisblue Jul 2020 #8
+1. He shot her in the back as she was running across the street dalton99a Jul 2020 #11
The BBC article is based in part on an NBC News interview. sl8 Jul 2020 #9
Feaster "would occasionally dress up in (a) black uniform with a red swastika armband - an outfit sop Jul 2020 #3
Probably dressed up when Trump was on TV at one of his NAZI rallies.......... Bengus81 Jul 2020 #17
probably not that big lapfog_1 Jul 2020 #29
It's their 'heritage' RandiFan1290 Jul 2020 #4
Shot her in the back. For taking a piece of cloth. truthisfreedom Jul 2020 #6
Many Trumpers who I know keep loaded guns in their houses. gab13by13 Jul 2020 #15
I believe it. I remember arguing once with a RW who thought it was all right to shoot someone for chia Jul 2020 #20
Isn't that just the perfect synopsis of where we are as a Country right now genxlib Jul 2020 #7
She is indeed lucky to be alive irisblue Jul 2020 #13
Some people, totally ignorant of the 3000' minimum between gun shops and liquor stores law. jaxexpat Jul 2020 #16
Perfect RobinA Jul 2020 #37
Obscenely illustrates what is wrong with some in this country. The positive is those who fought back hlthe2b Jul 2020 #10
This jerk.... louzke9 Jul 2020 #12
its oklahoma, and never a smart move to trespass beachbumbob Jul 2020 #14
Not a smart move to gun people down for what they consider "trespassing" Bengus81 Jul 2020 #18
Absolutely!! Thekaspervote Jul 2020 #28
It wasn't about being in danger. not_the_one Jul 2020 #35
Yes, that's exactly what it was. n/t Igel Jul 2020 #51
do you live in Oklahoma? beachbumbob Jul 2020 #45
Nope..up the road a piece in Kansas Bengus81 Jul 2020 #48
Does what's morally and legally defensible change when you cross over the border into Oklahoma? coti Jul 2020 #75
"shot her in the back" Trumpster Nazi on duty. keithbvadu2 Jul 2020 #19
She should not have been on his property and he should not have shot her. marie999 Jul 2020 #21
She was compelled to remove an abomination from public view. Many oasis Jul 2020 #31
Even a Nazi has freedom of speech in America. marie999 Jul 2020 #32
Nazi's best keep it amongst themselves or suffer the consequences. nt oasis Jul 2020 #34
I Disagree RobinA Jul 2020 #38
Nazi symbols are an abomination. Obscenity laws should apply. nt oasis Jul 2020 #39
You'd have to change the constitution for that Polybius Jul 2020 #40
That is the hard part. marie999 Jul 2020 #42
William Brennan was never Chief Justice, but point taken Polybius Jul 2020 #43
You are right. I have cognitive dissonance where when I read sometimes my brain will add a word marie999 Jul 2020 #44
Hate speech and immediate incitement to violence are illegal. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #99
You are incorrect. Flying a Nazi flag is protected speech/expression in the US. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #100
Yes and burning the flag is protected symbolic speech. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #102
If it's YOUR Nazi flag, sure. If it's someone else's, not so much. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #104
I forgot to put the United States flag. There are cases on that one. Manifestor_of_Light Jul 2020 #105
Yes, it's well-established that burning the US flag is protected speech. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #107
The shoudln't TristanIsolde Jul 2020 #81
I'll put her on the list of those who almost won a Darwin Award. Kaleva Jul 2020 #111
"forgotten about soon"? It's 7/5 and this thread is still active. oasis Jul 2020 #113
Most here in this thread probably don't know her name. Kaleva Jul 2020 #114
"Kendal McVey" has a nice ring to it. Her act of bravery doesn't oasis Jul 2020 #115
I'll bookmark this thread and keep and eye out for other threads... Kaleva Jul 2020 #116
Who knows? "Kyndal McVey" may hitch a ride in your mind oasis Jul 2020 #118
The Atalanta jogger and Flint Mi. security guard have already been forgotten. Kaleva Jul 2020 #123
What was her ethnicity? raccoon Jul 2020 #22
Nazi flags are against the law in Germany world wide wally Jul 2020 #23
That's because in Germany, they put the smart people in charge. Aristus Jul 2020 #25
Shot in the back....Good bye gun rights AND enjoy prison Mr. Nazi!! aeromanKC Jul 2020 #24
Oklahoma, protecting the (free speech) Nazi flag. He will get a slap on his back. NCjack Jul 2020 #26
Wrong move, trying to remove a Nazi flag. eppur_se_muova Jul 2020 #27
Not worth risking your life Hip2bSquare Jul 2020 #30
I hope Mr. Feaster spends the rest of his miserable life in prison. SunSeeker Jul 2020 #36
Guess she shoulda just shot that flag instead donkeypoofed Jul 2020 #41
Both of them played stupid games and won stupid prizes. N/T Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #46
I used to pretend removing nazi paraphernalia was stupid too. LanternWaste Jul 2020 #54
When it's on someone else's property, yep, it's stupid. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #55
Nazis have no personal property rights. TristanIsolde Jul 2020 #80
Sarcasm, I love it. N/T Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #82
No sarcasm, dead serious. TristanIsolde Jul 2020 #83
Oh, okay. You're dead serious. You're also wrong. But whatevs, you do you. N/T Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #84
Which is not giving rights to fucking Nazis, you know those people who gassed six million Jews. TristanIsolde Jul 2020 #86
They have the same rights that we do, as much as you might wish otherwise. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #87
Out of morbid curiosity, I have a question. I suspect I know the answer, but I'll ask anyway. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #94
Yeah , follow the law. I would not sit on that Jury though TristanIsolde Jul 2020 #98
Gadzooks. DavidDvorkin Jul 2020 #91
What a handsome looking orc Mr Feaster is! iscooterliberally Jul 2020 #47
Oh yeah, attempted murder is perfectly legal to justify petty larceny. sakabatou Jul 2020 #49
Feaster definitely trumped these two of a kind. Marcuse Jul 2020 #50
Found his ugly photo: Judi Lynn Jul 2020 #52
If only there were some way this could have been prevented. Say....... NT mahatmakanejeeves Jul 2020 #53
Don't be ridiculous. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #56
It's depressing how common that view is on DU. DavidDvorkin Jul 2020 #57
Isn't it though? Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #58
It's "depressing" to read about people getting shot in the back. I'd oasis Jul 2020 #59
It's not either/or DavidDvorkin Jul 2020 #60
And yet the fact remains... Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #62
I wouldn't have risked life and limb doing what she did. oasis Jul 2020 #64
She stood up against freedom of expression, a founding principal of the Republic. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #65
"freedom of expression? Try yelling "fire" in a crowded auditorium oasis Jul 2020 #67
You do realize that the fire in a crowded theater thing is nonsense, right? Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #68
Prior to the 13th Amendment, abolitionists stole people's property. nt oasis Jul 2020 #69
That's nice. Unfortunately, it also has nothing to do with what we're discussing. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #71
If standing up against nazism is "wrong" I don't want to be right. oasis Jul 2020 #72
I never said standing up against Nazi ideology was wrong, and you know it. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #73
Congrats to you. Behind the Aegis Jul 2020 #74
Yes, you and Jedi are right. This is the very foundation of the 1st Amendment. coti Jul 2020 #77
I can't speak for Jedi, but I never compared the two crimes. Behind the Aegis Jul 2020 #78
As I said upthread, he had no right to shoot her because she took his Nazi flag. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #85
Apologies for the belated response, I didn't get or didn't see the notification for your reply. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #89
You are often in this forum telling us we're wrong JonLP24 Jul 2020 #110
If you've got something you want to say, have the courage to come right out and say it. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #119
That's not at all the same thing and a dishonest argument. nt coti Jul 2020 #76
Inciting to riot is wrong. Promotion of hate is wrong. Period. oasis Jul 2020 #79
My Hillary sign was stolen in 2016 Polybius Jul 2020 #90
Was the nazi flying his flag to support a candidate for office? oasis Jul 2020 #92
And what if it was a sign for one of David Duke's run for office? Polybius Jul 2020 #93
Just mark me down as one who "won't tolerate intolerance" and oasis Jul 2020 #95
You too! Polybius Jul 2020 #96
Most campaign signs are displayed to garner votes oasis Jul 2020 #97
Good luck with doing away with the First Amendment. Shouldn't be hard at all. N/T Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #101
Those who would rid society of evil nazi trash will continue oasis Jul 2020 #103
What you're saying basically boils down to "They have no rights because I say so." Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #106
"no rights"? I don't recall stating that in any of my posts. oasis Jul 2020 #108
Apologies, I got you confused with TristanIsolde upthread. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #120
Supreme Court's 1969 decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio made it legal Kaleva Jul 2020 #112
It's always been legal to yell "Fire!" on your own property even if there isn't a fire. Kaleva Jul 2020 #117
She broke the law by stealing something from some's property Polybius Jul 2020 #88
Some are opposed to removing statues Democratically JonLP24 Jul 2020 #109
I think anyone who attempts to forcefully take down a statue in the US belongs in prison Polybius Jul 2020 #121
lolz obamanut2012 Jul 2020 #122
How do you feel about the people who took down this one? Polybius Jul 2020 #124
My Antifa grandfathers bombed and shot people like him. nt BrightKnight Jul 2020 #61
So did one of mine. Jedi Guy Jul 2020 #63
Why didn't he just record her and then report it to the police ? JI7 Jul 2020 #66
Because he's a Nazi. muriel_volestrangler Jul 2020 #70
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