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69. A condition of entry into any secular country should be
Mon Oct 19, 2020, 08:49 AM
Oct 2020

that the entrant must accept the conditions of secularism and freedom of expression, where any/all religions and beliefs are open to being critiqued and even mocked. Fragility is not compatible with democracy.

I'm sure Bill Maher will have some insightful comments about this. NurseJackie Oct 2020 #1
I think they should plaster the city with depictions of Mohammed. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #2
I wish the attacker wasn't killed. cwydro Oct 2020 #3
Kid's 18 years old. Most likely would neither have the depth nor intellect to think of advancing his onetexan Oct 2020 #8
i wish the teacher wasn't killed samsingh Oct 2020 #11
Yes, I wish that even more. cwydro Oct 2020 #21
I agree 100% ChazII Oct 2020 #70
Religion rarely involves much thought. Codeine Oct 2020 #52
Right-wing religious violence from a country with a "strongman" leader Dopers_Greed Oct 2020 #4
what does this have to do with the leader ? samsingh Oct 2020 #12
I think he's referring to Trump here jmowreader Oct 2020 #14
i hate trump obviously but what does he have to do with this beheading? samsingh Oct 2020 #15
Nothing... jmowreader Oct 2020 #16
I think you're missing the point the poster was making. cwydro Oct 2020 #22
I think most of us missed it. Maybe he can explain it. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #63
The perpetrator was from Chechnya Dopers_Greed Oct 2020 #45
I think he might be referring to Chechnya .. reACTIONary Oct 2020 #48
France doesnt have whats considered a "strongman" leader. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #18
Macron is not a "strongman" Polybius Oct 2020 #36
They need to add a commandment Blues Heron Oct 2020 #5
no shit! mdbl Oct 2020 #49
no shit! mdbl Oct 2020 #51
This is really awful, but seriously, what was he thinking? Chemisse Oct 2020 #6
It's France - a secular state Blues Heron Oct 2020 #7
Agree they need to stop killing people for this. It's insane! Chemisse Oct 2020 #9
They were advised they could choose to leave. cwydro Oct 2020 #23
Anybody should be able to say anything - I believe in freedom of speech - but not in a classroom. Chemisse Oct 2020 #28
Lacite - Secularism - is the official policy of the French state. GoneOffShore Oct 2020 #38
Thank you. cwydro Oct 2020 #54
How many American teachers were beheaded recently for teaching evolution or the Big Bang theory? Jose Garcia Oct 2020 #26
There is a limit on everything. MicaelS Oct 2020 #65
exactly. Either the learn to live with others freedoms or leave and find an island somewhere. mdbl Oct 2020 #50
Most do not want to assimilate. Which results in massive troubles. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #64
No, Islamic Fragility is the problem here, not the teacher. Devil Child Oct 2020 #10
Precisely Sherman A1 Oct 2020 #29
someone should be terrified of free speech to the point of death? samsingh Oct 2020 #13
Worst hot take ever. Codeine Oct 2020 #17
Wow. Should women stop dressing as they please two? Should they EllieBC Oct 2020 #20
So your takeaway is that teachers who offend fundamentalists should be fired? Really? Dial H For Hero Oct 2020 #24
Actually yes. I can't talk about what a POS Trump is in my classroom, so basically the same thing. Chemisse Oct 2020 #33
So teaching separatiion of church and state in a civics class should get a teacher fired? Dial H For Hero Oct 2020 #35
So you think teachers should pander to students who have sexist or homophobic beliefs? Withywindle Oct 2020 #61
Post removed Post removed Oct 2020 #71
This is veering awfully close to blaming rape victims because of the way they were dressed Jose Garcia Oct 2020 #25
I see your point. I just have strong beliefs that teachers should respect student feelings. Chemisse Oct 2020 #32
Where do you teach? I'm guessing not in France. GoneOffShore Oct 2020 #40
And if the student believes in flat earth or 6,000 year old earth u skip science? nt EX500rider Oct 2020 #56
"Mr. Garvey said finches evolved different beaks Codeine Oct 2020 #58
What if the student believes that women shouldn't be teaching and shouldn't show their faces? Withywindle Oct 2020 #60
If they're that extreme, then France should think about kicking them the hell out. rockfordfile Oct 2020 #31
At some point Islam needs to figure some shit out. Codeine Oct 2020 #57
He just talked about the cartoon controversy Polybius Oct 2020 #37
Actually the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack was just 5 years ago robbob Oct 2020 #42
I'm calling respectful bullshit here! GulfCoast66 Oct 2020 #43
Fired from his job? Codeine Oct 2020 #53
Hmm... electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #67
If he's not supposed to be depicted, how the fuck would they know what he looks like? snort Oct 2020 #19
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Your screen name just happened. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #27
:D C Moon Oct 2020 #44
Good they put the pos terrorist down. rockfordfile Oct 2020 #30
I'm speechless. May Samuel Paty Rest in Peace. iluvtennis Oct 2020 #34
Religion kills..... again. the_sly_pig Oct 2020 #39
Time to break out the Terry Pratchett quote - GoneOffShore Oct 2020 #41
I do understand I'm shifting the goalpost a little here ... but ... KentuckyWoman Oct 2020 #46
Kinda funny you mention Kudzu. Kudzu is an invasive species. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #62
religion llashram Oct 2020 #47
The attacker's sister was part of the Islamic State in Syria. Codeine Oct 2020 #55
Proper vetting of these people would have likely found that out long ago too. oldsoftie Oct 2020 #68
More barbaric religious extremism pfitz59 Oct 2020 #59
So heinious! :shudders: electric_blue68 Oct 2020 #66
A condition of entry into any secular country should be radius777 Oct 2020 #69
Agree, they should never go to these countries. France especially is very strongly secular JI7 Oct 2020 #72
France teacher attack: Seven charged over Samuel Paty's killing muriel_volestrangler Oct 2020 #73
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