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22. The House majority is a real worry for 2022.
Thu Dec 17, 2020, 08:53 AM
Dec 2020

Republicans will have had enough time to use the 2020 census to gerrymander their districts and ensure fewer Democrats can be elected. Her in Texas the gerrymandering from 2010 was starting to fray because of people moving into previously Republican majority districts. That will change for 2022 because Republican control the legislature and can do anything they please. The DNC needs to start working on 2022 now.

Turnout, turnout, turnout RockRaven Dec 2020 #1
Biden Will Get NOTHING Accomplished Without The Senate sfstaxprep Dec 2020 #2
I'll be surprised if multiple cabinet members do get confirmed. n/t PoliticAverse Dec 2020 #4
Or any of his judicial nominees. n/t LastLiberal in PalmSprings Dec 2020 #10
Yes, OP says "Democrats cannot frame the race as a referendum on whether Biden takes office" thesquanderer Dec 2020 #21
The House majority is a real worry for 2022. Lonestarblue Dec 2020 #22
People still believe those "poll" things? n/t PoliticAverse Dec 2020 #3
I hope you're right mdbl Dec 2020 #16
Polls will always be off by at least the amount the Republicans cheat by. thesquanderer Dec 2020 #20
I'm actually encouraged Bayard Dec 2020 #5
Emerson College turbinetree Dec 2020 #6
A- rating Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #7
That's what 538 says, and then this turbinetree Dec 2020 #8
Both races are tighter than a frogs 🐸 butt. As they say in Georgia. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #9
LOL you watered that phrase down a bit mdbl Dec 2020 #17
Southern Gentleman. Lol. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #18
We know that's water-tight! NotANeocon Dec 2020 #30
A poll is but a snapshot in time....... secondwind Dec 2020 #11
Sounds Like Democrats Need To DallasNE Dec 2020 #12
So the billionaires using their office corruptly to make money gets the rural Georgia vote? Midnight Writer Dec 2020 #13
One word. Abortion. Funtatlaguy Dec 2020 #19
Trafalgar polling Etherealoc1 Dec 2020 #14
I have and am donating to Warnock and Ossoff, but I am under no illusion about Georgia still_one Dec 2020 #15
The Hill ReRe Dec 2020 #23
Waiting to see the next A rated SurveyUSA results. They had our Dems ahead on Dec 3. JudyM Dec 2020 #24
K&R. nt Wednesdays Dec 2020 #25
Given the numbers are the same in both races, it's now purely partisan andym Dec 2020 #26
The Economist poll aggregator will not use Emerson due to poor polling methods Thekaspervote Dec 2020 #27
On the fourth day of advanced in person voting in Gwinnett GA ga_girl Dec 2020 #28
Interpretation is everything!1 NotANeocon Dec 2020 #29
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