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56. Is anyone here judging actually Palestinian?
Sun Dec 3, 2023, 04:57 PM
Dec 2023

Are you actually going through the same exact pain American Palestinians are going through watching the destruction of the homes of innocent relatives in Gaza? Because if not, maybe you should back off and let them process their pain without your condescending suggestions that they have no idea what they're saying or doing. Some of the responses here are just as knee-jerk emotional as the pledge not to support Biden.

I DEFINITELY WANT TRUMP IN PRISON AND NOT THE OVAL, but I also can sympathize with feeling unheard in a time of extreme crisis. There is time for healing this rift and I hope it does happen. I also hope that these people change their position, but I can do that and remain sympathetic without insulting their intelligence.

Sorry to be so strident, but really. Let's let them process. Please. You've seen the pictures by now.

I can't help but wonder if this is an astroturf movement Fiendish Thingy Dec 2023 #1
Absolutely Ponietz Dec 2023 #4
Exactly. trump has already promised round-ups. Biden/Blinken are at least trying to end the war. brush Dec 2023 #51
I'm guessing Russian and or GOP money behind this IbogaProject Dec 2023 #52
If they don't like Biden, wait to the see what Trump has in store for them RAB910 Dec 2023 #2
Exactly. milestogo Dec 2023 #15
What are all these non-Biden options that are available? quaint Dec 2023 #3
I don't. They're childish. SoFlaBro Dec 2023 #54
Jill Stein and others will be courting them Kennah Dec 2023 #63
Some times you feel like a nut; some times you don't - SMH Backseat Driver Dec 2023 #5
Right now.......................... Lovie777 Dec 2023 #6
Biden hasn't called for a ceasefire? ColinC Dec 2023 #7
Voting for anyone else or not voting elects Trump. Have they examined what Trump's plans are for them? CousinIT Dec 2023 #8
Apparently not! Rebl2 Dec 2023 #38
The stupid is burning us all. onecaliberal Dec 2023 #9
They're accelerationists. The possibility of a Trump win is baked into their calculus. lapucelle Dec 2023 #10
Time to recalibrate... reACTIONary Dec 2023 #16
Funny how Republicans don't need to consider whether they want Muslim votes or not William Seger Dec 2023 #22
Wonder if their calculus includes the probability of TeamTrump canceling future elections? Midnight Writer Dec 2023 #27
Don't want them don't need them, people who threaten fascism don't deserve the Democrats attention MistakenLamb Dec 2023 #49
Bold of them to assume EllieBC Dec 2023 #62
Fuck Around and Find Out! mymomwasright Dec 2023 #11
They probably like Trumps plan Historic NY Dec 2023 #12
I think they are badly mistaken if they think tRump will do better for them Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2023 #13
This was reported back in October. It really isn't LBN JohnSJ Dec 2023 #14
If this is based on octobers reporting.. ColinC Dec 2023 #17
The conference noted in the article was held yesterday. TwilightZone Dec 2023 #18
This is a variation on the same theme that has been going on since October. JohnSJ Dec 2023 #19
They want to be ruled by Christian nationalists. dalton99a Dec 2023 #20
While Biden was an important part of the humanitarian cease fire, the administration also agreed to send Chainfire Dec 2023 #21
Why would some Muslims be drawn to a person who is anti gay, comradebillyboy Dec 2023 #23
All you have to do is look at Hamtramck, MI EllieBC Dec 2023 #24
You're right. sop Dec 2023 #37
A truly self-destructive urge. marble falls Dec 2023 #25
o they'd rather have Trump as president. Good luck with that. He tried to ban Muslim immigration. Martin68 Dec 2023 #26
They will be stunned at the alternative. Must not be paying attention. n/t RKP5637 Dec 2023 #28
Most Muslims are conservative, but Trump is going to ruin their lives IronLionZion Dec 2023 #29
Progressives/Democrats have always stood up for Muslims, for decades now, in a bid Wingus Dingus Dec 2023 #30
They will be unhappy with the result Marthe48 Dec 2023 #31
Obviously they're following Susan Sarandon's lead... agingdem Dec 2023 #32
Their following Omar's lead as well... this is so wrong PortTack Dec 2023 #42
When some people call for a ceasefire they mean Israel should stop defending itself mathematic Dec 2023 #33
Do they have any idea what Trump has in mind for Muslims? Ritabert Dec 2023 #34
Just show them Trump's social media post promising to reinstate his Muslim ban. pecosbob Dec 2023 #35
Oh, so they prefer an outright Muslim ban. no_hypocrisy Dec 2023 #36
So By Not Voting Deep State Witch Dec 2023 #39
Somebody in the cultist camp is paying them!! PortTack Dec 2023 #40
Their group name might as well be "Jews for Hitler" CanonRay Dec 2023 #41
Practical, thinking people know that Biden is the only option. So, what are they? nt TeamProg Dec 2023 #43
Boy are they stupid. SouthernDem4ever Dec 2023 #44
It doesn't mean they would vote for trump Bayard Dec 2023 #45
Go for it. Do they not get that they could be MOMFUDSKI Dec 2023 #46
Empowering Trump only makes things worse, folks. Have some discipline, pls. jvill Dec 2023 #47
Good riddance to them MistakenLamb Dec 2023 #48
Dems pander to the RW MiamiCubano "exiles" with git-tough collective punishment on Cuba policy, then they vote GOP. Marcus IM Dec 2023 #53
Yes, because Donald Trump will be so much better for the Muslim community... dlk Dec 2023 #50
That's nice. They'll put Trump in office and he'll deport them whether they're Americans or not. Vinca Dec 2023 #55
Is anyone here judging actually Palestinian? BaronChocula Dec 2023 #56
American Jews don't suffer. OilemFirchen Dec 2023 #60
Play devil's advocate for a bit ... Novara Dec 2023 #57
They think they'll get a better deal from TFG? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Warpy Dec 2023 #58
They'll have to learn to say President-For-Life Trump if they have their way n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Dec 2023 #59
This what stupid looks like Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 2023 #61
Be careful what you wish for Mz Pip Dec 2023 #64
Then enjoy Trump from your concentration camp. hadEnuf Dec 2023 #65
Pray for deportation Kennah Dec 2023 #66
Idiocracy in real time. n/t aggiesal Dec 2023 #67
Never underestimate the ability of people to vote against their own best interests. jgmiller Dec 2023 #68
What is their position on Hamas? LiberalFighter Dec 2023 #69
Please proceed orangecrush Dec 2023 #70
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